14 Most Interesting – And Entertaining – Innovations The Internet Has Brought Us

The internet has completely changed how we live our lives, from work to socialising to entertainment. The connectivity of the internet has been a significant factor in the changing face of entertainment and the sheer number of options we have at our fingertips nowadays. Whether you’re looking for something new to keep you entertained or want to learn more about how the internet has changed the face of entertainment, there are many things to explore.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) has become hugely popular over the last few years. VR allows users to enjoy new experiences using a headset. These are most popular for games when used in combination with controllers to allow the player to experience immersive gameplay. VR headsets can also be used to view 360-degree images or videos, such as a rollercoaster simulator.

We have only started to see the potential for VR, and the technology is improving day by day. You could consider investing in a gaming set with controllers to give you a fun escape or look for multifunctional headsets that you can use to view photos or videos.

Streaming Platforms

Streaming platforms have revolutionised the way we consume media. Fewer and fewer people are watching traditional TV or DVDs, or listening to music on CD. Instead, people enjoy the greater choice and easier access to streaming platforms to get their music, film and TV. Spotify and Netflix are probably what first cross peoples’ minds when they think of streaming, but a raft of new streaming options have been launched in recent years.

Web Browsers

Web browsers were one of the first entertainment inventions linked to the use of the internet. There are hundreds of web browsers to choose from nowadays, and they can be used for all manner of entertainment options, from surfing the web to streaming to creating content or browsing social media.

Search Engines

Search engines have been an excellent tool for anyone who uses the internet, from casual fact-checking to academic research. The use of search engines gives us instant access to levels of information at our fingertips that would have boggled the minds of our ancestors even 100 years ago.

Open Sourcing

Collaboration is significantly easier when using the internet, and there are many open-sourced options available. This can range from open-sourced software to educational materials and manuals. Anything and everything you might want to learn can be found on the internet, opening up huge opportunities to people across the globe.

Online Casinos

You no longer need to visit a casino in person to enjoy the thrill of gambling and casino games – you can now do so from the comfort of your own home. Online casinos have been around almost as long as the internet itself, and they have improved leaps and bounds in recent years. The gaming experience and range of options out there make online casinos a great entertainment choice.

Always find a reputable online casino with good reviews and secure payment methods to ensure you’re safe while enjoying casino games. Online Casinos has a great list of the most trustworthy and high-quality online casinos available to help you get started.


There’s nothing like a bit of retail therapy, and thanks to the internet, this is easier than ever before. All the major brands have mobile-friendly websites or apps that make shopping online more accessible than ever before. In addition, secure online payment methods like PayPal make shopping online safer than ever.


Blogs are another popular new form of media that have been around almost as long as the internet itself. There are blogs on all conceivable topics, from parenthood to technology to sports. Blogs are a great form of free entertainment and an excellent moneymaker for successful bloggers.


Thanks to the internet, social gaming is easier than ever before. There are platforms dedicated to connecting gamers with one another, adding a new layer of competition and entertainment to gaming itself. You no longer need a console to play your favourite games and can access an incredible range from your laptop, desktop or smartphone.


Podcasts are a newer media form where a host talks about a particular topic over a series of episodes. The topics available range from comedic to serious, with almost all areas of interest covered in some form. Formerly a labour of love by podcasters, the medium has now become so popular that the big names are catapulted into stardom.

Live Streaming

Live streaming gives viewers a way to interact with their favourite celebrities or social media personalities in a way that has never been possible before. Where previously fans would only be able to write to celebrities in the slim hopes of receiving a reply, now people can interact with actors, rock stars and socialites through live streaming broadcasts.


Another early internet invention that has gone from strength to strength, email allows us to send free, direct correspondence to contacts across the globe. It is one of the earlier ways of keeping in touch with friends that you might have lost contact with in earlier decades. Nowadays, email is a crucial part of work, social and private lives, and it looks set to stay that way.

Social Media

Social media allows us to be more connected than ever, helping us stay in contact and in the loop of our friends’ lives with minimal effort. So many social media platforms cater to all tastes and interests. The use of social media is incredibly prevalent, with as many as 77% of the adult UK population using social media regularly.

The shift to the use of social media hasn’t necessarily been entirely positive. Many people experience lowered mood and poorer mental health, particularly those who use social media very frequently. As with many things, it is best to use social media in moderation to get the best out of the experience.


Smartphones allow us to carry the internet with us wherever we go. This means that long journeys on public transport can be easily filled with games, books, TV or online shopping. There are few opportunities for boredom when you have a smartphone, and most businesses and organisations have apps or mobile-ready sites that make the internet on the go simple and useable.

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