5 Interesting Facts about Gaming that You Need to Know

Interesting Facts about Gaming: Video games have been around for as long as our grandparents can remember. In fact, the first-ever recorded video game came alive at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in October 1958. It was a simple tennis-inspired game, similar to the infamous 70’s game called “Pong”.

The gaming industry has evolved as incredibly as the tech industry. Most games these days are internet-based, but that wasn’t always the case. Some of the best games we’ve known had no business online. However, these days you can’t even think about serious games without considering reliable internet like get Spectrum internet. Let’s take a look at how games have changed over the past 60 years and go over 5 interesting facts you probably didn’t know about games.

  1. The Million Dollar Tetris

Remember the old Sega Cartridges we had scattered around the house? Well, a limited edition of the TETRIS game made for the Sega Platform recently sold at an auction for $1 Million. This collectible game truly is the Holy Grail for a collector. It has all the makings of a true artifact.

This game comes from a great franchise (Tetris), it’s got great history (Sega vs. Nintendo), scarcity, and exclusivity. There are at least three other known copies of this game. But this is the only one known to carry the iconic signature of the creator of the game Alekséi Pázhitnov.

Among the other copies, one is not up for sale and currently remains in the possession of a Japanese collector. One is in a private collection, and the third just sold for a million dollars.

  1. The First Game with a Cereal

A first-person shooting game called Doom was one of the most iconic releases in 1996. It was perhaps was the first game to have a cereal brand based on it. The cereal Chex Quest was launched with the game, and as a promotional giveaway, Doom was the first video game included as part of a Cereal Box Prize.

Since then a number of cereals have had gamer influences, like Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and Minecraft to name a few.


We suppose surprise cameos aren’t reserved for Marvel movies. Solid Snake, a popular character from one of the most immersive games Metal Gear Solid has made a guest appearance in Super Smash Bros.

Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid, and its main character Solid Snake is reported to have pleaded to the creator of Super Smash Bros. to include the character alongside Yoshi and Kirby. When asked about his reasoning, Kojima simply said he pleaded for a favor from a close personal friend Masahiro Sakurai (Creator of SSB) to indulge his son’s fandom for the game.

  1. Sony PlayStation

PlayStation might be one of the most iconic gaming consoles to be developed by humankind. An absolute benchmark of innovation since the day it was created, the user interface and industry-shaking immersive graphics, have always been the USP for every generation of the Sony PlayStation.

It is unparalleled in every aspect of a gaming station can be. Well, due respect to the team of hardware and software developers at Sony. Ken Kutaragi, the lead developer of the PlayStation, and his team at Sony have repeatedly outdone the industry standards which they set in the first place. Did you know that back in 1991, three years before Sony released its gaming console, Nintendo actually approached them first? Nintendo wanted to collaborate with Sony to develop a CD-based console add-on so that their SNES gaming console could play games with CDs.


One of Sega’s most notable games was Sonic the Hedgehog. This little blue devil converted waves of unsuspecting masses to the joys of gaming. Some of the best games developed by Sega featured Sonic and his band of menaces.

Sega’s sole purpose for developing this game was just to compete against the Super Mario Bros developed by Nintendo. This gaming rivalry has given us some of the most enjoyable moments of our childhood. What a wonderful attribute competition is!

Initially, the main character was not the blue hedgehog, instead, reports have shown that the early renderings of the game had an Armadillo as the main character. It was probably the same one they later introduced to the game as Mighty the Armadillo.

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