7 Ingenious Things you didn’t Know your iPad Could do

iPads are great devices with smart features. If you are not using these clever features, you are missing out on what your iPad can do beyond helping you watch movies or listen to music. Continue reading to know what you didn’t know your device could do.

Scroll Faster

The lack of a mouse is one of the biggest differences between a traditional laptop and a tablet. Compared to a trackpad, your fingers are clumsy, and that’s why editing text might be a challenging task on your iPad. Thankfully, the trackpad mode has been enabled on iOS 12 by Apple, and with this mode, you can scroll quickly through the text you have typed. You can also jump from the bottom to the top of the page and vice versa.

You can switch on the trackpad mode by holding the space bar down and waiting until all the keys go gray. Don’t remove your finger, and quickly scroll through the entirety of the content on your screen.


Use your iPad as an extension of your workspace. The device can be used to print documents using AirPrint. The process of how to add printer to iPad is quite straightforward. If you have AirPrint, you have to connect your printer and your iPad to the same Wi-Fi network. But if you are using a non-AirPrint printer, you have to download a few third-party software and get the work done.

Snap Pictures using the Volume Button

It can be slightly difficult to click pictures on your iPad because you might find it hard to reach the shutter button. To reach the shutter button, you might ruin the camera’s focus. A great alternative is to use the volume button as the camera shutter. Press the volume button and take pictures when the camera application is open.

Hide Private Photos

Whether you have a habit of leaving your iPad anywhere in the house or getting prepared to trade photos with loved ones, you need to ensure your private pictures are hidden. You would not want others to see your personal pictures. You can hide such photos and keep them separate from the current camera roll.

Open the Photos application > tap Select found in the upper right-hand corner > tap the pictures you wish to hide > tap the Share button on the bottom left of your screen > tap Hide from the menu. Your personal pictures are now hidden and kept in a separate folder. You can see them whenever you want.

Pair with Mac

Pair your iPad with your Mac to use it as a second display. It can be done with the help of the Sidecar application. You can use your iPad to mirror your Mac system’s screen, or the second display can be used to have more space.

The Sidecar application is compatible with 2016 Macs and newer ones. It would be best if you had an iPad running on iPadOS 13. You can connect your devices by clicking on the AirPlay icon on your Mac’s menu bar and selecting your iPad device. Then, you can drag the windows back and forth between your iPad and Mac.

Launch Applications with Siri

You are already using Siri to ask about your upcoming appointments or the weather. But have you wondered if there are other functionalities of your voice assistant that you are not using?

For instance, you can use Siri to launch applications, so you don’t have to browse your list of apps and waste your time. If you have too many apps on your device, it is better to let Siri handle the task of launching apps, so it is quicker and much more efficient. You have to say, ‘Hey Siri, open < app’s name>, and the app will be opened quickly. Siri will make you aware if you don’t have a specific app installed on your device but are looking for it.

Scan Documents

iPads can scan documents like a pro, and you don’t need anything else than the Notes application. If you have anything that needs to be scanned, use your device’s camera, and the scanned document or photo will be directly added to the Notes application. You do not have to download any separate scanning app.

Open the Notes app to scan documents > tap the plus button in the bottom center > tap Scan Documents. There are options for making the scanned document black and white, or you can fill it in color.

The Bottom Line

How many of these features were you already aware of and using?

Most people are only using the basic features of their iPad and missing out on making the most use of their devices. So, keep in mind the features mentioned above to enhance your experience of using an iPad. The device can make your life easier, from scanning documents to quickly scrolling through content.

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