8 Essential Apps for Students

When you are in college and looking to maximize your academic potential, there is no way you can do without the right apps. These days, students of all academic levels rely on the Internet and different technologies to study better, smarter, and easier. And, with the rise of mobile technology, all the available handy tools are right at your fingertips.

If you are looking for some applications that will make a real difference in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about the top must-have apps for a modern student’s success!


According to numerous surveys, over 50% of students find schoolwork the biggest source of stress. Being tasked with dozens of academic papers every semester, young people barely have any time for rest, extracurricular activities, work, and other things. So a professional paper writing service is a must-have tool for everyone in college. Such services help you reduce the tension and perform at the top of your abilities, and PaperWriter is one of the best options out there.

PaperWriter has been around for a while. It’s a time-tested and reliable academic help hub for everyone who needs quick and high-quality assistance with their college assignments. It also employs the best writers and gives a guarantee of satisfaction. So, if you still don’t have it in your toolkit, be sure to change this ASAP!

Oxford Dictionary

When reading textbooks, writing academic papers, or doing any other kind of schoolwork, you can always face unknown terms and words or have a hard time picking the right word to express your ideas. For all these cases, it’s always good to have a good dictionary at hand. So Oxford Dictionary is another essential app that each of you should try.

Although there are plenty of other dictionary apps out there, this one is the best. First of all, the Oxford Dictionary is the primary historical dictionary of the English language. It features over 600,000 words with definitions, 3.5 million illustrative quotations, and much more. And, thanks to a convenient mobile application, you can have it all right on your smartphone. It will definitely come in handy during your studies.


If you want to succeed academically, you need to get on the schedule first, and this is what this app is all about. Todoist is one of the most practical scheduling and task management applications for learners who want to keep up with everything easily.

Using Todoist, you can keep track of all your classes, assignments, deadlines, exams, and other important things. You can also prioritize your tasks and build handy to-do lists to ensure that you stay on the right track in any situation.


MLA, APA, Chicago, and other citation styles are something that students have to deal with a lot in college. You need to make a well-organized page of references for literally every paper or project you make for school. Many students will agree that doing this on their own is too much work and stress. Thus, the next must-have app is RefMe.

You can use it free of charge on the web, iOS, and Android. The application will let you scan the barcodes of your printed resources or search for other types of sources in a database and create proper citations in different styles within seconds.

Google Drive

According to research, over 70% of teachers assign digital tasks to their students. This means that a big part of your assignments is being done using technology, and, respectively, you have lots of files that need to be stored. That’s where Google Drive comes in handy.

This cloud storage app provides you with a safe and reliable space for keeping all your papers, projects, photos, and other files. This app allows you to share any of your files with anyone in a few quick clicks. And it also helps you rest assured that all your documents will remain safe even if your computer crashes.


These days, there are plenty of different-purpose study apps. Some help you learn by using quizzes, others leverage flashcards and mind maps, etc. GoConqr is a tool that brings it all together in a single app.

Available for the Web, iOS, and Android, GoConqr gives you access to all types of academic resources, including flashcards, mind maps, slides, quizzes, and notes. With its help, you can learn pretty much any subject or topic on your own and even create study groups with your classmates.


The next app on our list doesn’t give you access to study materials or academic help. But it’s no less handy for modern students. Evernote introduces a new, smarter way to take notes during your classes. Unlike the old-fashioned note-taking technique that uses paper and pen, Evernote lets you take notes right on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It allows you to make notes in text, audio, or photo formats.

Best part? Evernote unlocks additional features that make it even more convenient to use your notes in the future. Firstly, you can organize your notes by subjects, importance, and other characteristics. Also, you can instantly share them with other users for collaborative learning. And most importantly, if you install this app on all your gadgets, the notes you take will synchronize, and you will have access to them from any gadget at any time.

Dragon Dictation

The last one on our list, this app is only available to iOS users, but it’s still worth your attention. Dragon dictation can have multiple uses. Basically, the app converts voice into digital text. Therefore, it enables you to take notes, record lectures, or even write emails with its help.

The biggest benefit of this application is that it saves you lots of time. So if you are not a fan of writing and typing, be sure to give it a try!

These are some of the most essential apps that students can make use of in 2022. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for students. So, if you don’t have some of these apps yet, be sure to give them a shot.

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