8 Exciting Tech Majors For Students

Students often wonder if their chosen profession will be relevant in the future. In case you like IT and other technology-related fields, you don’t have to worry about that at all! Today, progress is moving forward very quickly, so new fields and jobs emerge every year. Luckily for you, you can be at the front lines with a tech major of your choosing!

It’s not like technologies are going away any time soon. There are many paths for you to explore, even if you get a basic IT degree. Learners usually start their journey without a strong understanding of what they like or dislike. You can find out more about the context of your future profession, decide that you don’t like it, and switch something up.

There are several IT occupations that are on the rise. Students use their first year to get to know their new environment and then choose a major that fits their interests the most. Of course, sometimes you just want to write code instead of doing boring assignments. Don’t hesitate to order an essay online from an expert writer! This way, you will have more free time for yourself.

So, are you still not sure what IT occupation to choose? Here are eight tech majors that are gaining popularity right now!

Data Scientist

  • Average salary: $100,000
  • Skills: math, programming, data visualization, machine learning, statistics.

This is one of the hottest jobs right now. Data science is not new because it has been around for decades. At the same time, with the new developments in the technological world, you can now apply problem-solving and statistical analysis in new areas. You will be working closely with numbers, algorithms, and data modeling to fuel the progress of your company or your team.

Internet of Things Specialist

  • Average salary: $84,000
  • Skills: UI/UX, cloud computing, information security, automation, and testing.

This is a relatively new field, so you can be sure that it won’t be going away anytime soon. In case you are not familiar with the IoT, it’s a way of connecting with your everyday objects with the help of sensors and processors. One of the best examples is smart thermostats, self-regulated lighting, and smart clothes. This will be a challenging but interesting major!

Digital Transformation Specialist

  • Average salary: $105,000
  • Skills: blockchain, AI, cloud computing, cybersecurity.

You might see that this field requires a lot of technical knowledge. Students with other majors definitely will need outside help with their assignments, like from a history essay writing service, to keep up with other more important classes. You will be responsible for helping companies in upgrading their processes and services to modern standards.

FinTech Engineer

  • Average salary: $105,000
  • Skills: programming, automation, data science, cyber security, financial data management.

You might not think about it, but the last decade has been transformative for e-commerce and online financial services. You can become a part of this progress because there are still some ways of improving consumer purchasing experiences! Your job will be creating, developing, and supporting entire systems along with the rest of your team. The pay is pretty great too!

Robotics Engineer

  • Average salary:
  • Skills: math, science, problem-solving, programming, software engineering, computer systems.


It’s getting more and more exciting in the robotics field! New technologies have made it possible to incorporate different robotic prototypes in many areas, including education, healthcare, business, and many more. You can become a part of this market and create, construct, and test such machines by yourself. This can be both revolutionary and fun at the same time!

Information Security Expert

  • Average salary: $75,000
  • Skills: threat assessment, programming, network security, hack detection.

This particular field has been growing for quite some time. With every new development being released to the public, there is a new threat that corresponds to it. As you can see, security specialists are pretty important! Cybercrimes are no longer something that cannot be traced and punished. You can become a reason for cybersecurity to become even stronger!

Artificial Intelligence Expert

  • Average salary: $121,000
  • Skills: programming, signal processing, algebra, statistics.

AI is not new either, similar to some other fields on this list. At the same time, only with technological progress has it become possible to use artificial intelligence on a wider scale. You might not even think about it, but even a simple chatbot uses AI as part of its functions. In case you decide to choose AI as your major, you will need to master machine learning as well.

Machine Learning Specialist

  • Average salary: $99,000
  • Skills: applied math, programming, data modeling, neural networks, computer science.

So, as was mentioned before, this is a field that works very closely with AI. In case you are looking for an emerging tech major, this is it! You will see more exciting applications of machine learning in the future. As for now, it is widely used in internet searches, filters, personalized advertisements, voice recognition, and many more spheres.

To Sum Up

Now you know about eight tech majors that are gaining popularity right now! All students have to face the difficult task of choosing their future profession while they are still in school. Well, luckily for you, any IT major can be translated into another connecting area. You just need to know what you like and keep moving in this direction!

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