9 Tips & Tricks On How To Edit Videos Like A Professional

Making a video is fun and interesting, but it becomes too frustrating when it comes to editing. Video editing may be time-consuming, but when you have some secret tips and skills, it becomes so much easier.

If you have made up your mind to become a video editor or have the curiosity to unlock the secret, then his blog is the solution, or you can say ‘The Secret Key’. There are many types of video editing styles that you can do. But they all have got some things in common to make a video perfect, some basic but effective tips that never change.

Let’s jump into those ideas.

  • Keep it basic and organized

First, delete those unwanted short clips and clean some extra space. This makes the work easier. While editing, we often get confused and choose the wrong clips, which is annoying.

The next mission is to organize all those materials in a particular place. Make a folder and name them with each of the materials you have. Like pictures, videos, songs, voices, etc., by doing this thing, you will save a lot of time rather than find them one by one.

  • Create a story

Before starting the edit, make a mindmap or story. Try to give a social message. In this way, your video will create an impact on the audience on the different social media platforms. Your videos will be more creative and unique than others.

Edit the videos according to your ideas, the beginning, the middle, and the ending.

Only a video maker can’t do the magic; you must have a good content idea or story to create a good video. 

  • Choose a video editing tool

As mentioned earlier, a good video maker with editing features can change your entire editing game in a minute. But always choose it according to your ability to handle them. Though most video-making platforms are almost the same, there are some differences in options and maintenance, that make the difference. 

One thing always keeps in my, not all the hyped software will be good for you. Try all of them once and then choose the perfect one for you.

  • Learn from Youtube

Youtube is one of the best teachers for anyone, anything. Youtube and google can teach us from how to pass the semester to how to crack the interview and many more things. Video editing is one of them.

No matter in which style you are editing, your video always tries to detect your competitor. If you are editing an interview clip, go to youtube and search for interview videos and observe the editing pattern, learn them, and apply them in your style. Learn the trimming and cut effects, song choice, color correcting, volume level, and transition style. Always try to stay on-trend. Follow what type of editing your audience likes.

  • Smooth transition

A video without transitions and full of jump cuts is always dull. That’s why using transitions is very important. It will enhance the beauty of a video.

Select transition effects wisely in your videos. Transitions make a lot of difference in a video.

Adding smooth transitions makes your video interesting and makes the people stay. While editing transitions, don’t overdo them or don’t make them too flashy; otherwise, it will look cheap and distract the viewers. First, try using the basic and simple ones. Avoid having harsh or too many transitions in a single video. Keep it simple basic, and smooth.

  • Color correcting

No matter how good quality camera you are using or how much good light you are using, you will always need to color correct your video for that classy, high-quality output.

Maintaining the consistency of editing tools like exposure, brightness, saturation, and black and white balance is about color correction. Pro video editors focus on color correcting and color grading. Though both are different, you can’t learn color grading before color correction. So first, focus on color correction.

Use true colors which will enhance the natural color of the video. This step will help your video to look more realistic and juicier.

  • Titles and texts

Using texts and titles in a video is very important. A title defines the complete summary of a video in short form. So that’s why choosing a title wisely is necessary. You need to edit texts and titles in a basic and simple way. . overly edited fonts can look mediocre. So keep it clean.

Input texts in a meaningful way so that the audience can easily catch up with the scene’s meaning.

  • Audio

The feeling or vibe of a video depends on its melody. So adding a piece of good background music matched with the video is one of the important things. Try to use high-quality music. Adjust music with scenes and try to edit this part at the last of your editing.

If you are adding voices, try a second resource because in-build camera recorders can be good but not professional. Always cut out extra useless sounds, make it clear, and make it as perfect as possible. Remember, some problems cant be edited, so while recording, maintain quietness.

  • Export

Now you are done editing, it’s time to export the video. Export video in every possible resolution you can because all platforms do not support high resolution. Export 4k, 1080p, and 720p according to the platforms you will upload. Mainly youtube supports up to 4k, and Facebook supports up to 1080p. That’s the basic requirement of these platforms.

Concluding thoughts

Hope this blog was helpful for you. If you’ve made it this far, you’re either a newbie editor seeking tips on how to edit films better or just want a few video production tips. Follow the tips mentioned and edit a video like a pro. 

Apply these basic steps for every video you are going to edit. And always stay in practice. Because blogs and tutorials alone can’t add magic to your skill, you have to add consistency to everything you are trying to do better.

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