Airpods MicrophoneNot Working: 10 Hasty Solutions

It’s a Monday morning, and you are not feeling well, so you have decided to work from home. You log in to a zoom call and certainly initiate that your Airpods Microphone is not working. It is actually frustrating because many of us use Airpods to deport business calls.

While AirPods are the most popular headset eternally produced, it does not mean they come without glitches. Though, there are many ways to fix your issues. However, if you have no idea of troubleshooting, this ultimately lighted a complete debate thread, sharing numerous reasons.

This guide will tell you why your Airpod Microphone is not working and how you can fix this problem.

10 Speedy Solutions to Start Working on your Airpods Microphone

airpods pro microphone not working
airpods pro microphone not working

Suppose you have trouble working your Airpods mic or they cannot use the mic, then read and follow the guide below. We have provided some of the main fixes that can confront the working issue of the mic of Airpods.

1.       Try to Disconnect and Connected to your iPhone

Disconnecting your Airpods to the iOS devices can solve the trouble. As it recognizes a new connection can help you to solve the problems. Here are the steps you must follow to reconnect the Airpods from your device.

  • At first, open your iPhone and navigate to the settings
  • In the settings menu, knock on the Bluetooth
  • Here you will see the connected device and Airpods.
  • On the right side, you see the (i). Click on that.
  • Then tap on the forget the device.After that, your Airpods are disconnected.
  • Now manually reconnect the Airpod to your device. Keep in mind that it would not reconnect automatically.

2.       Clean your Airpods to Fix the Problem

Cleaning the dirt in your Airpods is a simple idea when the Microphone stops working—the most probable reason to clean it is because maybe they are unfortunately contracted with water and dust. To maintain the hygiene of your Airpods, follow these simple hacks.

  • Place your device in the UV lights or sunlight.
  • Put your AirPods in the container of the dried rice for 2 hours.
  • You can also put the device in Silicon oxide gel for at least an hour.
  • Wash your device with a cotton cloth.
  • Clean the Airpods microphone with a cotton bar.

3.       Did Your Airpods Microphone Stop Working? Try Charging your Airpods

Every electronic device needs to be charged, even though Airpods also suggest a standard battery life of 4-5 hours, depending on usage. If you are using it for a long without charging them, it might cause the Microphone in trouble working accurately.

To charge your Airpods put them in the charging case and connect it to the power outlet via a USB cable. To check the charging status, you can see the light that gives the idea of the Case.

Note: the newer generation of Airpods can charge with a charging mat without a USB cable.

4.       Put your Airpods in the Case and Re-join

It is the most straightforward hack that can solve many troubles with your Airpods. If the Airpods are not functioning appropriately, put them in the charging case for at least 20 seconds. After that, pick them from the case and try whether they work. This hack will reorganize the Bluetooth link with your iPhone or iPad, and everything will return regularly.

5.       Have you Checked the Microphone Setting?

Assume you encounter some glitches in your Airpods, so you have another solution if the automatic option does not resolve your issue. You can set it in the microphone setting with your iPhone device. Here are the steps you have to follow to solve the matter.

  • Open your phone and tap on the Bluetooth icon from the homepage.
  • Go to the Bluetooth settings. Here you see the (i)
  • Click on that and then tap on the Microphone
  • Then click on the always left Airpods and the always right option.

6.       Your Airpods Microphone not Working Correctly – (Restart your iPhone)

Another option for your problem is that you can try to restart your iPhone. Restarting your device can help clear the bugs and positively support your dealing with your issue. It can sort out the accidental connectivity matters and avoiding the device from exactly noticing the input audio from your Airpods. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Press the side button and hold unless the slider appears on your screen.
  • Drag the slider. Then your iPhone will restart automatically.

7.       Possibly your iPhone is not Updated,That’s why the Microphone isn’t Working

Maybe you get some issues with your Airpods because the operating system of your iPhone device is not performing accurately. Always keep your system up to date for the reason that these updates address glitches that affect Airpods. Do follow the steps to update iPhone to progress the Bluetooth and audio connections

  • Open your phone and hover over the settings
  • In the settings menu, you will see the general management. Select it.
  • Here click on the software update.
  • If you see an update is existing, then install.

8.      Your Airpods have Microphone Issues. Let’s Reset it to Start Working

An additional option for you is you have to rest your Airpods. When you reset this device, all functions will operate accurately because all the caches remove from the device. To reset it, track the below steps.

  • Place both of the earpieces in the charging case.
  • Right now, keep open the cover of your Airpods.
  • Now press and hold the system button for 30 seconds.
  • You will see the status light will start blinking.
  • Now close the case cover. Your AirPods are now reset.

9.       Possibly, there is a New Firmware Update Available

Apple server proclamation the update firmware (3A283) in September 2020 for its latest Airpods. Generally, the second generation of Airpods and later series will update its firmware automatically whenever connected to the iPhone and iPad devices. Here are the steps for how to do the update.

  • First of all, connect your Airpods to your iPhone device.
  • Then navigate to the settings
  • In the settings menu, tap on the general
  • Then tap on the about
  • Now click on the Airpods and look at the number of firmware versions.

10.   Contacting Apple Support If None of these Solutions is not Working

If your AirPodsMicrophone is obstinately junk to working, let’s try to contact the apple support application. You can contact the Apple team via message or phone call. If you have Airpod pro or max, you can have free service for your Airpods on a website (Apple authorized service provider).

Regrettably, all of the above Solutions did not Pointedly Work – What should I do?

If none of these hacks and tricks have failed for your Airpods, you must bite the bitter bullet and get new Airpods. Retain an eye on the apple website and other platforms to see if you can take advantage of a jumble sale to buy a new one.

Why does My Airpods Microphone Not Working Properly? – Motives

airpods microphone not working windows 10
airpods microphone not working windows  

You are in a zoom meeting with your office colleague, and your Airpods disturb and interrupt the voice. So, you might be in trouble. Here we have shared some reasons why your Airpods are not working.

So let hover know the probable reasons for that.

·         Clean Airpods

when the air wax and dust build on your Airpods, and if you do not clean them, this dirt will be coated on your mic and spoil it entirely. However, this is the most communal reason Airpods mics do not work fine.

·         Battery not charged

They struggle to execute if your Airpods battery is not charged or almost dead. The dead battery of Airpods might fail to connect with your iOS and can drop volume. So, if they are not charged, this is the probable reason the mic isn’t working correctly.

·         Trouble in Bluetooth linking

Occasionally like any other radiocommunication device, Bluetooth becomes wobbly and needs a reset fix. If you are on call and your Airpods mic stop working, a depraved Bluetooth connection might be a cause.

·         Device settings Problem

The settings app on your iOS and MacBook allows you to do various things, altering your device’s function for multiple tasks. Uncertainty, your Airpods mike is not occupied. You might need to hover into your settings to sort out the problem.

·         Motor Damage

It is probably possible that your Airpods are basically broken because the electronic devices can be injured or damaged. Unfortunately, the damaged motor of the Airpod could be a reason for not properly functioning.

·         Software Glitches

When your Airpod device connects with iPhone, iPod, or MacBook, if these paired devices require a software update. It could be a reason for your Airpods Microphone not working suitably.

Why is my Airpods Microphone Muffled?

Suppose you grasp that it is difficult to hear a call or song coming from your Airpods or your Airpods mic muffles. Remember that the Airpods are the in-ear headset and can gather earwax, dust, and water, substantially blocking the sound from your Airpods microphones. In that case, the most probable cause is that they must be clean to work correctly. If you want to clean your Airpods, we have already shared the cleaning instructions in this guide above.

Wrapped Up

Airpods are primarily used for listening and talking. However, the Microphone of Airpods may not work as long as they have been sustained well. In this article, we share why your Airpods Microphone is not working to inform you the main reasons and fixes for that. So, share your thoughts in the comment box about what you adore about using your airpods.

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