Animal Crossing Update 2.0 5 & It’s Secret Features

Animal crossing puts a step on its last update of 2.0 5. According to our knowledge, we’ll not be able to see any further events or up-to-dates onward in the game. However, we have recently seen many minor updates, but the latest one comes with the patch of 2.0 5.

This update sounds like the major update of all time, where they came up with extra features and some additional mechanisms. Over the last few years, the team of animal crossing keeps adding additional minor updates to prevent any sort of previous issues regarding the update. However, the same situation is with “animal crossing new horizon 2.0 5 happy home paradise DLC,” too.

So, we’ll start from the beginning till the end and cover everything from downloading the update to additional information related to the new horizon 2.0 5.

How Can You Download The Animal Crossing 2.0 5 Update?

Download The Animal Crossing 2.0 5 Update
Download The Animal Crossing 2.0 5 Update

Downloading update 2.0 5 of animal crossing is not so tricky. However, it’s as simple as we used to update other Nintendo Switch games. To update your new horizon, ensure either the automatic update option is on or off However, if the option is switched on, then you don’t need to put yourself in a panic situation.

Your device automatically downloads the update even though the device is in sleep mode. Moreover, ensure that the internet is connected during the process. And other games should be switched off till the update ends.

Including one thing, extra space must be available on your device while downloading the update. In case your automatic update option is turned off. All you need to do is go to your animal crossing new horizons main menu, select the automatic update option, and open it fettspielen 

Now it will redirect you to the option where the system asks you to update first, then follow the on-screen instructions. Again, check the internet connection, and switch off games on Nintendo. And confirm there must be much space available for the download.

Patch Notes of Animal Crossing New Horizon 2.0 5

Animal Crossing New Horizon 2.0 5
Animal Crossing New Horizon 2.0 5

The main perspective of this update is highly focused on fixing issues related to previous updates. However, you have something special in the face of happy home paradise DCL, launched a few months ago. Hence, here are patch notes taken from the Nintendo official website.

Fixed Issues After the Update

This update is the fifth update that occurs in ACNH. The reason to bring it forward is to fix all the previous problems regarding glitches and bugs. This update is focused on solving both happy home paradise DLC and the new horizon. However, the points are as follows:

  1. Fixed an issue where the player could not progress through the explanation about Photopia under specific conditions after moving to another island.
  2. Fixed an issue where the game would not progress after a message was displayed when a conversation had started and a lot of furniture items had been placed on the island.
  3. Fixed an issue where Luna would repeat the explanation related to the “Search by island name.” option over again.
  4. Fixed an issue where island residents would wear custom designs as a different pattern type than how the custom design was displayed in the tailor shop.
  5. Fixed an issue where an island resident visiting a player’s home would remain in the player’s home after the player used the Room Sketch app, the Happy Home Network app, or the Custom Designs Gateway during the visit.
  6. Fixed an issue where a player would use a door decoration when remodeling the home of an island resident. But the door decoration would sometimes be removed when a new day started.
  7. Other adjustments and corrections were made to improve the gameplay experience.

Fix Glitch & Bug Issues Related to DLC Happy Home Paradise

The issues related to the paid DLC Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise have been fixed.

  1. Fixed an issue where the player could not progress past the loading screen when trying to revisit a vacation home if the player previously released an ant or fly in the yard of that vacation home while the circumstances for ants or flies to appear were not met.
  2. Fixed an issue where subsequent events would not progress properly if the player closed the software during a specific point while working on a facility.
  3. Other adjustments and corrections were made to improve the gameplay experience.

Features Nintendo Secretly Added on Animal Crossing 2.0 5 Update

Secretly Added on Animal Crossing 2.0 5 Update
Secretly Added on Animal Crossing 2.0 5 Update

You know some hidden aspects of those updates we wouldn’t know of. As an old player of ACNH, we discover some cool features that Nintendo comes with. Here, we’ll describe these points in simple steps. Moreover, it was like a dream come true when we found those features in ACNH that we thought of.

1.     Move Building with Decreased Price

The awesome initiative this update takes is that they decrease the price of moving buildings around the island. And you wouldn’t imagine from Tom nook now you can move your buildings with just 10000 bells instead of 50000, which was merely the big play of this update. The reason might be to bring the exciters back into the game again. Or for new players who just downloaded the game to give them a warm welcome.

2.     Old Character’s Entrance

If take my words, this was the massive one so far because if you are familiar with the old characters like chip & Blanca. Many old players definitely miss their old characters. However, now you will see them again with the update 2.0 5. You can now build them a house or talk to them to gain past knowledge of the old version new leaf. Maybe many peoples know nothing of these cartoons but the step taken should be appreciated. But this was what Nintendo didn’t announce but let people discover on their own.

3.      Materialistic items in Animal Crossing 2.0 5 Update

There are many things Nintendo doesn’t introduce to us unless we need to figure it out on our own, like the sets of cool furniture and castles. However, you can find the furniture series by name on Wikipedia. Moreover, they added 22 new sets of furniture without announcing it. We have modern varieties of castles items too. A cluster of other items also needs to be explored as time passes.


We briefly discussed the animal crossing new horizon 2.0 5 updates. And revealed some hidden features that took place after the update and can only be found when you inspect it yourself. We’ve shared the Nintendo official patch notes apropos the 2.0 5 updates. According to officials, this was the last update, and we wouldn’t see any further action afterward. I hope you’ll find this guide helpful. Please let us know about further queries by commenting below.

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