Apple Pencil 3 Coming with Additional Features

Do you know that the upcoming Apple Pencil 3 will be more operative? Yes, Apple Pencil took almost 4 years in its upgradation process. Now, the wait for its long-awaited follow-up is about to end. Therefore, people are curious to know everything related to Apple Pencil 3, which offers new functionality to every current generation iPad or iPad Pro.

The Apple pencil was revealed after the first iPad Pro launch. Then the second-generation Pencil came, which swapped the original gloss finish look to a matte design. A flat side houses magnets and an inductive surface that lets it snap to the side of the newly redesigned iPad pro for charging and pairing.

First, let’s carefully read the basic information about First and Second Generation Apple Pencil models.

First Generation- Apple Pencil

First Generation- Apple Pencil
First Generation- Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil was first introduced along with the iPad Pro in 2015 to enhance the iPad’s functioning capabilities. It is an elegant stylus for detailed writing and drawing work. The overall design looks easy to use for the tablet line. It allows professional digital artists to draw and create graphic designs. It offers you the entire computing tablet at the same price as other PC-based drawing tablets.

You can still find it in the market for $99 and start using it with any recent iPad housing lightning connector. The first model has a big footprint and a removable cap. It can stick out from the bottom of the iPad so delicately. As far as its physical appearance is concerned, it has a perfectly cylindrical body and a glossy case. It’s a bit thicker than the second-generation model and can feel a bit hard on your fingers after long hours of usage.

Second Generation- Apple Pencil

Second Generation- Apple Pencil
Second Generation- Apple Pencil

 The second-gen model was announced three years after the first version, in which Apple improved and corrected all the issues of the first-generation Pencil. The second-generation Pencil has a matte finish, looks handy, and has an excellent feel for personal engraving at purchase. Whereas you can see the flat side houses magnets and an inductive charging surface for connecting and charging on the IPad Pro or iPad Air. Moreover, the second-generation Pencil sells at the price of $129.

Apple Pencil’s second model can also detect the pressure and angle of the stroke to show it in-app. You may move from heavy to thick shading lines by altering your grip. Also, mid-cycle software presented to the iPad Pros enhanced the second-generation apple pencil by keeping the latency short from about 20ms. It supports new updates and gives the user a natural flow while drawing on the screen in native apps, with the line following the Pencil’s tip with near-zero lag.

You can only use this model with modern iPad Pro and iPad airlines. Because it pairs through the inductive charging connection, only the latest model has a flat surface to hold them. The Pencil gets quickly charged and shifts to sleep mode when it’s not being used continuously.

It has a motion coprocessor that allows for a double–tap on the tip of the Pencil, through which you can change tools. Generally, the drawing segments can enjoy benefits such as toggling between drawing and erasing options, changing colors in a palette, or trying different tools.

Interestingly, Apple pencils also greatly help IPad users with their study purpose. It is mainly designed to set the standard for drawing, note-taking, and marking important documents. It’s a precise, intuitive, and magical tool for performing digital artwork.

Specifically, the new patents suggest that future Pencils could work more efficiently than the current models. Let’s dive into some amazing additional features that Apple Pencil 3 could offer.

Top-Notch Features of Apple Pencil 3

Top-Notch Features of Apple Pencil 3
Top-Notch Features of Apple Pencil 3

Apple Company upgraded Apple Pencils by adding features that will improve their functionality. Such as, previously, you could connect apple pencils to iPads, but for now, apple has limited the second generation apple pencil access to the latest iPad Pro and iPad Air. Ultimately, the upcoming third-generation model could be more unique than previous versions.


The overall design offers lower latency and a shorter body made from a glossy material with a different tip design and user grip region on an outer surface. The purpose behind different tip designs is still unknown. A recent patent also explained that a sensor could be added to the Pencil to detect colors and cut them to your iPad, which is probably the most impressive.


The previous two first and second-generation pencils were released only in white color. Thus, Mr. White, who shared or leaked the images, told the public that we could finally expect new apple pencils to come in black. Indeed with all the new features and black color on top of this future Pencil will be a great success.

Zooming Feature

There have been a few possibilities that the next apple pencil would contain detecting motions and orientations, which let you draw anything in the air. It detects orientations in hands and movements like turning or twisting, which is quite handy for carrying out a particular function. And it’s truly a bluff that Apple creating it for a certain motion could enable the new Pencil to zoom in or out, making it even more appropriate for drawing flawlessly and casually.   


All rumors roaming around that apple have a plan to add a small display to the next apple pencil, which can be one main reason this model is different. Also, apple might add force touch capabilities to make the next Apple Pencil more dynamic.

Gesture Control Feature

The gesture support feature is not confirmed yet, but patents hint that you can have a ‘Haptic Feedback feature,’ which means the Pencil can vibrate during writing or drawing. The user could easily have a palpable, tactile grip that is beneficial for graphic art and coloring apps to make the user experience phenomenal and responsive.

Battery Life

In the latest future pencil 3, we can anticipate a long battery life, improved charging intelligence, more gesture feature, and faster device operation in the latest model.

Wrap Up

Consequently, it’s not sure enough that these features will be added to the next generation of Apple Pencil. Even people do not consider it as mind-blowing or overwhelming. It’s just a pencil that should be simpler to use. However, the patents confess a button could be fitted at the side of the future—Apple Pencil. Therefore, the new stylus is expected to sell at $159 as it comprises additional features. It’s still in progress. Hopefully, this guide helped you understand every new feature coming up in Apple Pencil 3. Stay in touch with us for more updates.

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