Beats Studio Buds vs AirPods Pro (Which Will You Opt for)

If you are just thinking of buying earbuds to enjoy the music while working. In that case, it is better to choose best by knowing the comparison of Beats Studio Buds vs Airpods Pro. As they both come with the best noise-canceling earbuds. It helps you decide the feasible pair according to your needs.

Moreover, Apple continues to launch its audio product after taking over Beats in 2014 and refining the Beats brand. It means Apple is competing against well- AirPods Pro and Beats Studio Buds wrestle in the same true wireless earbuds. These earbuds are much more expensive than regular earphones but nearly close in price. Both sets of true wireless earbuds offer ear tips and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC).

Before going into detail here, let’s move to the next section to compare AirPods Pro and Beats Studio Buds with different features.

Difference Between Beats Studio Buds & Airpods Pro

airpods pro vs beats studio buds
airpods pro vs beats studio buds

There is not much difference between Studio buds and earbuds, but you can see the slight difference in their design, battery life, sound quality, etc., in the next section.

·         Beats studio buds vs AirPods Pro: Design

Compared to Airpods Pro, beats studio buds are compact and smaller with a similar design because they present silicone tips. During the activity, you can easily wear Studio Buds due to the size of the earbuds. Beats Studio buds have matte and glossy sections, while Airpods Pro are shiny overall. Beats are available in different colors, while Airpods Pro is only available in white.

Both the Beats Studio Buds and Airpods Pro have the feature of IPX4, which means the Ingress Protection of dust and water-resistant rating. Even though you can also get the sizes in (small, medium, large) of earbuds according to your choice. So there is no need to worry about using them either in the gym or at the workplace.

·         Comparison of  Controls

Airpods Pro control by the little indentation on the earbud stem. Various advanced options are available to adjust music playback, Siri, and noise cancellation. You can control more access from the earbuds with a simple “Hey Siri”. It has a special feature that it can also do ear detection means automatically pausing and playback when you take them out or picking up where you left off to play after reinserting in-ear. But here is a gadget’s demand to operate that you have an iOS device to customize the AirPods Pro control.

The Beats Studio Buds controls by the clickable button on the side of each earbud, but you don’t adjust the volume through buttons. In contrast to AirPods Pro, beat studio buds do not have the feature like Hey Siri, where it automatically does ear detection. But you can edit the onboard controls on Studio buds.

·         Beats studio buds vs AirPods Pro: Battery life

The Beats Studio Buds and Apple AirPods Pro almost have the same battery life. According to the test of continuous playback at 75dB with sound pressure level and the active noise cancellation turned on, the Airpods Pro battery ends up with 5 hours and 6 minutes while Studio buds last 4 hours and 24 minutes.

Beats Studio Bud’s power through USB-C and is stuck charging like the old school way. The charging case of both functions similarly; but the only difference is that the beats studio buds case is slightly larger and oval. Additionally, AirPods Pro charges through a Lightning connector and supports wireless charging. The Studio Buds case offers additional battery life as the ‌AirPods Pro‌ case. Depending on how often you use ANC, you can get between 15 and 24 hours of battery.

·         Comparison in Active Noise Cancellation

In AirPods Pro, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is slightly better than in beats Studio Buds. AirPods Pro quiets all low-frequency sounds to half of the sound without the earbuds. And ANC from a car, train, or plane lives with a frequency of 100-1000Hz.

While  Beats Studio buds can ease only ambient frequencies below 1000Hz and quiet the sound by about one-quarter. It is better than those earbuds on which there is no noise cancellation. It provides slightly better isolation through silicone ear tips than Airpods Pro by blocking out high frequencies from incidental noise. You will see a significant difference in toggling ANC on/Off with AirPods Pro than with Studio Buds.

·         Beats Studio Buds vs AirPods Pro: Sound Quality

Compared to Airpods Pro, Studio buds amplify more sub-bass and treble notes. Usually, people prefer louder sub-bass and treble notes than the bass and low mids (200-500Hz) frequency- making it difficult to hear the vocals through studio buds. Because of less opportunity for auditory masking, many vocals performances will sound much more precise than Studio Buds.

Apple’s adjustable equalization (EQ) boosts the sound quality of Airpods. It enhances both bass and clarity and leans towards the warm end of the audio spectrum. Where low frequency gives more speed of sound that is 00mph (miles per hour), vocals are crisp. In some cases, it is barely audible on recordings with complex arrangements because of the high speed of sound.

The above-described earbuds are not perfect for lifting on imperfection or out-of-sight surroundings details on track. Spatial audio is available for Apple music in both models and is equally significant. These buds are not perfect for lifting on imperfection or out-of-sight surroundings details on track. Spatial audio is available For Apple music in both models and is equally significant. The sound quality on playing songs, you will barely notice any difference that supports the feature-which proceeds the surround sound to the next level of 3D audio.

Comparison in Better Integration (Android or iOS)

Apple built AirPods to blend seamlessly into an ecosystem. That’s why it has better integration with Apple devices. Thus, integration of the H1 chip inside the AirPods Pro means that it can automatically be paired with any other Apple device. Which is login into the same iCloud account.

It can also work on Android or windows, the same as Bluetooth headphones, where you have to access them manually to connect them to your device. While Studio buds are compatible with all Android devices and iOS, you can get the connection with one-touch pairing; but have to register with a Google account and pop up with a card. When using studio buds, you have to log in to your account. You may also find headphones from Bluetooth settings.


Both Beats Studio Buds and Airpods Pro have similar operating features, and the quality is not bad to use. Hopefully, you can easily decide which pair is more feasible for you according to the features and price. So share your view and also let us know which pair you will buy in the comment section.

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