How to Create/Find & Retrieve Bitlocker Key in Windows

Making a backup is like the protection wall of the system. The Bitlocker Recovery Key is built-in encryption for authorized access by Microsoft to protect the data from unauthorized access. Sometimes it shows errors while making hardware changes to the device. It requires a key recovery option at the time of activation of Bitlocker. It can recover through different methods. If you cannot retrieve the backup key for the system, you have to reinstall Windows. Unfortunately, you will lose all saved data on reinstalling.

Bitlocker is enabled by default, sometimes by the manufacturer. But not to worry, as it has a backup in its Microsoft account. Suppose it is activated on yourself or someone else’s behalf. Whether an administrator or an organization, access the system to manage your device. It is better to be in charge of your device. Moreover, in this article, you will learn all about the different methods of recovering the Bitlocker recovery key and how to make a backup and use it.

What is the Bitlocker Recovery Key?

Bitlocker or Microsoft key is the 48-numerical digit password to unlock your system, making it authorized or secure from unauthorized access. It is used to open or decrypt the encrypted drive if you forget the password. Also, you can enable it for your needs.

Why Do you Need the Bitlocker Recovery key?

It is as essential as water to plant to secure your device data. When Windows detects the signing of unauthorized attempts, it unsecured your device and asks for a Bitlocker recovery key to examine the issue. Sometimes it happens when hardware or software changes occur in the device. Even when the user is an authorized owner, it asks for the recovery key. Make a backup of the Bitlocker recovery key for later convenience.

Create & Find Bitlocker Recovery Keys

Make a backup of the recovery key to decrypt the Bitlocker. You can use the usual methods to keep your system authorized. Otherwise, you will lose all the data on resetting the windows. So try these methods below.

Recover Key Via Windows Explorer

  1. Right, click on the Windows File Explorer ⇒ Choose Manage Bitlocker
  2. Next step, click the Backup your recovery key option at the bottom right on the new screen.
  3. Now you have options to choose where you want to save the recovery key.
  • Microsoft Account.
  • USB flash drive.
  • In the Device.
  • Print the recovery key.
  • Recovery Software.

To save the recovery key, click one of the above options. On selecting Microsoft Account, a new list of keys will be displayed. Match the key with your device name. It may show many keys. Save it by screenshot or image for safety.

Recover Key Via Command prompt

  1. You are beyond a few steps to unlock the Bitlocker key except the correct password after forgetting within the system.
  2. Open Command Prompt; Hold the Shift tab and Press Power ⇒, then Restart
  3. In the new window, choose an option; select TroubleshootAdvanced options and then Command Prompt.
  4. Tap Windows+X from the Power User menu and click Command Prompt (Admin).
  5. Now save and unlock the Bitlocker Recovery Key (48-digit Numerical Password), showing (manage-bde –unlock).

Recover Key Via Search key

Alternatively, you can search through file extensions as well. Likewise Bitlocker Recovery key has a file extension of the (*.BEK ) file. You can easily search it on the computer on the Windows Taskbar one. Apply these steps to recover your key within the system.

Backup Bitlocker Activation Key

During activation of Bitlocker, some of the options Microsoft suggests securing or saving the recovery key. Choose one of them for your later convenience.

Microsoft Account

As stated earlier, to find the recovery key of Bitlocker, sign in to your Microsoft account on other devices as modern devices support automatic device encryption and have saved recovery in your Microsoft account. If the device administrator is someone else, your Bitlocker is available on his Microsoft account.

Printout or Image

While activating Bitlocker, maybe you have saved it through printout and kept it with yourself. Or take a snapshot. Check those papers and images to decrypt your device.

USB Drive

If you have saved the key in the USB drive, connect it with another device to read the text file and follow the instructions.

Azure Active Directory account

Suppose you are using a workplace email account. In that case, your recovery key is saved in that organization’s Azure AD Account connected with your device. You have to contact the organization’s administration to access the device to get the recovery key on signing in.

Contact System Administrator

If your device is connected with another domain, contact the admin to recover the Bitlocker key.

Recovery Software

Furthermore, if the above options do not work, use these tools for a password or recovery key to open the Bitlocker drive; if necessary data is encrypted, and you want to open the drive without a password or recovery key.

  • BitCracker
  • Thegrideon BitLocker Password
  • Elcomsoft Distributed Password Recovery
  • Passware Kit


1.    How do I enable Bitlocker on startup?

  • After starting Windows Operating System, press the “Turn off auto-unlock” option for the C drive.
  • Then, restart your computer.

2.    Can I disable my Bitlocker for the recovery key?

Yes, in the Control Panel. Choose “BitLocker Drive Encryption” from System and Security> then click “Turn off BitLocker”.


I think the above-detailed explanation is worthwhile for the users. Accessing unauthorized information on your system distracts your mind. Whether it is hacked or your windows have another issue. It is better to secure your data with protection like a guard on the gate. The Bitlocker recovery key is a precaution to save your data. If the above methods do not work, you need to reset your Windows using the Windows Recovery Options. But unfortunately, this erases all the data. So it is better to make a backup of the data and passwords for future ease.

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