Can you connect AirPods to the PS4?

You are free to use your favorite headphones with your indulgent gaming system. Can you connect Airpods to PS4? That’s the question I would like to articulate in detail. Airpods are a nifty little widget that allows you the comfort and quality sound experience thanks to Apple. However, game lovers feel curious to connect it to their gaming console.

We are here to undo all the knots of your curiosity in the following section with a detailed guide.

Let’s get started to know how to connect Airpods

Let’s delve with your curiosity, and the short response could be definitely yes, you can reasonably connect your Airpods to the PS4 gaming console. But remember that you will always need a third-party adapter to connect your PS4 with Airpods. You can find it difficult owing to the Sony console’s strict policy on third-party headphones that restrict the PS4. The PlayStation 4 does not support Bluetooth audio or headphone integration by default. You can’t connect Airpods or Bluetooth headphones without any accessories. When you connect your Bluetooth headphones or Airpods to your PS4, you will not be able to chat with other players.

can you connect airpods to ps4 controller
can you connect airpods to ps4 controller

Can you connect AirPods to PS4?” is a perplexing question for first-time gamers

Whether you like it or not, the PS4 does not support Bluetooth audio for your gaming system, especially the PS4. You need to purchase compatible accessories, without which you can’t connect your PS4 or any other Bluetooth headphones to it. If you make every effort to connect your AirPods without any adapters, the PS4 will detect your connection. Yet, after going through the painstaking effort of pairing the Bluetooth headphones, it fails to connect to the headphones at the last stage. That seems quite frustrating!

can you connect airpods to a ps4
can you connect airpods to a ps4

To get through the step of connecting your wireless headphones, you’ve got to do it through a Bluetooth adapter. You can easily plug it into the gaming console. However, you can connect any Bluetooth adapter that supports audio. Use it to plug into the PS4 via USB or the headphone jack to listen to the gaming audio sound.

Steps to connect Airpods to PS4

Here are the following steps to connect your Airpods Bluetooth adapter to your PS4 for using Airpods headphones.

  • You can charge your wireless Airpods before using them. The same goes for Bluetooth if it uses a charged battery. The Bluetooth adapters that connect Airpods directly to the PS4 do not require a battery recharge. You can charge it if any Bluetooth adapter attaches to the headphone jack on the PS4 Controller, so it needs battery power.
can you connect apple airpods to ps4
  • Make sure the Bluetooth adapters connect Airpods to your PS4 accurately.
  • Pairing it up is the next step that goes precisely the way of your device’s instructions. As a result, you should review the instructions that are accessible for your device.
  • Now, take out the AirPods case. Hold down the “synchronize” button to connect your AirPods kept in the charging case.
  • Keep holding the button until the Bluetooth adapter stops blinking and connect Airpods to PS4. It indicates the accomplished pairing up of your AirPods with the adapter.
  • You can now check the confirmation of your PS4 given to the Airpods after going through the settings on the PS4. Look for Audio Devices from the Setting menu in the devices tab.
can you connect your airpods to your ps4
can you connect your airpods to your ps4

Consideration to Modify Audio Devices Settings

  • Two primary considerations for modifying the screens of the Audio devices will appear as:
    1. Output Devices: It allows your headphone to get connected to the Controller or appears in the menu that suits the requirements of the Bluetooth adapter.
    2. Output to Headphones: All your audio devices get connected to the Controller. You can avail yourself of the option of adjusting the Audio volume sent to your Airpods from the PS4. For that, You can go through the Volume Control menu for Headphones.
can you connect ps4 controller to airpods
can you connect ps4 controller to airpods

Your audio devices now successfully connect Airpods to PS4 after you have completed all of the necessary steps. You may now listen to audio from the PS4 using your AirPods.

Limitation of Chatting with other gamers

You should be aware of the PS4’s restriction on conversing with other players. The AirPods do not support it. The Airpods headphones help deliver audio signals from the PS4 using the Bluetooth adapter while going through the steps to get started with Airpods on the PS4. However, it does not support the reverse. As a result, you’ll need headphones developed expressly for the PlayStation 4 or any other game console.

So, if you’re still seeking Bluetooth headphones that won’t irritate people around you, a Bluetooth adapter is a perfect solution.

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