“Cannot verify server identity” – How can you fix it?

Have you encountered the issue of your server identity verification on your iOS devices? “Cannot verify server identity” errors might appear as one of the most commonly occurring issues while managing technical web hosting and digital marketing aspects. It suggests the mail server cannot identify the certificate or sometimes considers it fake, which causes such an issue on your mail servers.

ipad cannot verify server identity
ipad cannot verify server identity

What Do You Mean By “Cannot Verify Server Identity” Error?

Now preciselydefining what this error is all about, whenever your iPhone tries to connect to your mail servers, it brings the Server Security “SSLCertificate” to verify the authenticity of the mail server.

Reasons for Server Identity issue

Not verifying the server certificate lies either in its expiration date or un matching the domain that helps identify the mail server. Unregistered certificates from any renowned company can also cause non-verification of the mail server certificate. It considers being unreliable due to unverified security.

It is the point where any iPhone user gets the notification saying “cannot verify server identity” as the secure connection somehow fails to establish a connection with the mail server.

When do you get a Server Identity Verification error?

Let’s analyze when you are going to get such error notifications.

  1. It can occur when new issuers modify your mail server certificate.
  2. Another reason could be the new account setup on your iPhone that always requires the verified SSL certificate.
  3. The last reason could be account migration, which causes verification after migrating from your account.

Such an error notification can appear on any mail server. Even the popular mail servers can pop up error messages to restrict your identity verification.

cannot verify server identity iphone
cannot verify server identity iphone

How Can You Resolve Server Identity Verification Error?

Gett0ing into our core discussion on how to resolve your issue of “Cannot verify server identity” in your mail servers will appear due to bad certificates that have expired or carry the wrong domain. Sometimes valid and verified certificates fall into the fake certificate category and are thus misclassified on iOS devices. For clarification, some of the primary reasons are in the section below for your consideration.

  1. Doman’s name does not match the server’s name.
  2. If there was an error when adding the server’s name, try adding the server certificate to a trusted SSL list.
  3. Disable SSL settings to fix server identity errors.
cannot verify server identity iphone 11
cannot verify server identity iphone 11

1.    Domain Name does not correspond to Server Name

Hosting companies generally accustom themselves to using mail servers as “mail.website-name.com.” At the same time, the mail server certificates display the “mail.server-name.com” format. While configuring iPhone settings on your mail server, you might get unmatched mail server certificates whenever iPhone retrieves its credentials. While unable to determine its reliability, the iPhone marks it as unidentifiable.

Fix it using one of these three methods

  • Try changing the mail server setting. Sometimes hosting customers have VPN accounts that require an update in mail server name to verify the identity. Therefore, they must have identical certificate names.
  • Fixing mail configuration can be another alternative. In the case of shared hosting customers, you can modify the certification settings in your iOS device from the domain “mail.website-name.com” to server names like “mail.server-name.com.”
  • The last option can be free SSL certificates. As a VPS user, you can opt for free SSL “Let’s Encrypt” Valid CA Certificates in the absence of any valid certificate.
iphone cannot verify server identity
iphone cannot verify server identity

2.    Errors in SLL certification in iOS software

With the stringent policy of Apple on server identity verification and certificate security, you can face issues. Even modifying the names of SSL certificates or mail MX names will not make any difference in resolving your issue. In that case, you can add the SSL certificate to the trusted list, which is quite helpful in the certification of server identity.

  • You can get into the “Details” tabwhenthe “cannot verify server identity” message appears on your iPhone screen.
  • Then click on the “Trust” tab to fix your verification issue.

How to fix it 10X Plus or the latest iOS devices

Different iPhone version follows other options to fix their settings. As for iOS 10x Plus and later versions, no such option is available to add certificates to the trusted list.

cannot verify server identity on iphone
cannot verify server identity on iphone

It is possible to delete your mail account that concerns your mail server as another option.

  1. Navigate through your AccountSettings. Then Account & Passwords => (Mention Account name) =>Delete account.
  2. Next, delete all settings in outgoing mail servers.
  3. Finally, add your mail account again. That will display the “Trust” certificateoption. You can then add it to the trusted list.

3.    Disable SSL Certificate to fix Server Identity Error

Follow the given steps to disable SSL certificates that help restore the trusted list for the mail server’s security.

  1. Open Settings, then go through “Password &Accounts.
  2. Select the mail account that is causing the issue.
  3. Then select the “Registered Account.” Then go to “AdvancedSettings”and disable the “Use SSL feature” certificate option.
  4. Be careful using an unsecured method of sending your email as it may cause you to lose your data.

Reinstall yourMail Account Server

It is incumbent upon you to apply your experience and intuition if no way works in resolving your issue. As a result, we provide a repair tip based on a large amount of feedback and previous experience.

You can even opt to reinstall your mail account certificate that can be worthy of fixing the issue of Server Identity error. To reinstall, it will display three options like “View certificate” or confirm reinstallation by clicking “Yes” or “No” for not reinstalling it.

Selecting the option of “View Certificate”will open up the opportunity to install the certificate.

  • Click on the install certificate.
  • Then appear the Import Wizard.Keep CurrentUserselected, then click Next.
  • Then select the option of Automatic Certificateselection based on the certificate type
  • Then complete the process by clicking the “Finish”

That’s all about our discussion on ways to resolve our “cannot verify server identity” error. Despite the stringent iOS policy on mail server certificate verification, I hope it is helpful.

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