5 Fast-Growing Careers for the Future

Designer of 3D printing

3D printing is the future that has become the present. 3D printers today print not only models and souvenirs, but also some parts for machines and machines, parts of clothing, and many other important components.

Futurists predict that 3D printers will produce a very wide list of products: food, prostheses, and entire artificial implants, including those made of real cells.

A 3D-printing specialist works at the intersection of the competencies of the following professions:

  • Engineer (even if it is not prostheses that are to be printed, but car parts, it is necessary to understand their structure).
  • Printmaker.
  • Architect and designer (the ability to read drawings, according to which the machine prints the desired object, is required).

For all its apparent complexity, this highly paid profession is quite possible to master.

Urban Environmentalist

Even if in the future space tourism becomes popular, not all population of the Earth will fly away. This means that people will continue to live on this planet and make a comfortable and aesthetic environment: take care of clean water and air, beautiful landscapes. And that’s where the urban ecologist comes into the picture, professionally able:

  • Design cities as huge as they can be in a way that makes living in comfortable and safe for health.
  • To design the landscape in such a way that animals and plants continue to live their lives.
  • To develop solutions for fitting human settlements and people into the ecological system so as not to destroy the “green environment.

To succeed in this high-paying profession, you need an in-depth knowledge of ecology, engineering and design, architecture, and design skills. All of this is quite realistic to learn.

Specialist in AI

Artificial intelligence and neural networks have become a real challenge for IT. In contrast to programming, this is a more “humanitarian” area: you need to be able to express philosophical ideas and systems in the language of numbers, have skills in linguistic analysis. By the way, you can use programming help if you want to understand this profession more. 

Neural networks are so advanced that they are already seriously going to be taught ethics and the ability to understand people. The “machine revolt” is turning from a fiction portrayed in Hollywood blockbusters into a real threat, so the competencies of artificial intelligence specialists and linguists are becoming more and more in demand.

Online doctor

The remote provision of medical services is called telemedicine. This includes, for example, consulting and monitoring of the patient’s condition, as well as online consultations among doctors.

In addition to a basic medical education, diagnostic and disease prevention skills, an online therapist should also:

  • Be proficient in programs that allow remote diagnosis and online conferencing.
  • Be able to communicate and have developed emotional intelligence, and know foreign languages to exchange experiences with foreign colleagues and consult not only with compatriots.

Patients will have much more opportunities for diagnosis and will make the process more convenient (no more need to take a number and stand in line at the polyclinic). It is not yet known exactly how much such specialists will be paid (but it is expected that a lot).

Manager of space tourism

Flying into space promises to become available not only to some rich people but also to the general population. This means there will be a need for employees who organize such tours.

It will be necessary to understand physics, medicine, and astronomy. The most optimistic prognosis for technology is that the elderly will also be able to travel off the planet, so they will need insurance.

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