How to Add Checkbox in Word Document

Students and professionals use the Checkbox in Word to make documents and surveys easier for everyone to put a mark on the Checkbox instead of writing. In addition, Checkboxes play a critical role in making the data collection process more accessible, and they are the handiest and most used when creating surveys. You need to add a checkbox in a document to make it easy for the respondent to select the specific box.

Moreover, you can easily create survey forms and professional documents by adding the Checkbox through Microsoft Word. It has many motives, such as making your document with different symbols of checkboxes and many more. Similarly, You can also change the Color and format of the Checkbox or a checklist in a document. Microsoft Word has two different checkboxes, the decorative ones for printed and functional ones for digital marking purposes. So, the blog will quickly guide you through interactively inserting the checkboxes in surveys, lists, and forms.

How To Insert a Checkbox in Word Document

There are two different kinds of checkboxes used for two different purposes: to insert Checkbox in a digital marking word document itself and the other used for printed documents and marked off the to-do list.

how to insert a checkbox in word
how to insert a checkbox in word

·         Inserting Checkbox for Digital Marking in A Document

When you want to make a document for digital marking so individuals can fill it out digitally, to insert checkboxes for soft copies, you must use the developer tab. Here are the steps to add the checkboxes.

  • Go to the File menu, click on options, see the “customize Ribbon,” and enter it.
  • In the main tabs, search the developer option. When you find it click Ok.
  • Firstly, you have to set the cursor and then insert the Checkbox.
  • After that, choose the developer tab, and you will see the different options such as Add-ins, XML, and others. You cant see their names until you drift on them.
  • Then, select any one checkmark box.
  • Next, your Checkbox will be selected and appear on the documents.

·         Inserting Checkbox in Word for Printing A Document

When you want to insert the Checkbox for visual Use, you can follow these steps to insert the Checkbox.

  • Place a cursor where you want to put the Checkbox in the document.
  • Choose the home tab. Then, check the list by scrolling and going with the option of Bullets.
  • Next, when the bullet appears, choose the new bullet.
  • It will display the newly defined bullet, then select the symbol.
  • Drop down the symbols list until you find the suitable one to use as a checkbox mark. Select the Checkbox when you see your desired symbol.
  • Finally, the Checkbox will be inserted into your documents file.

How to Check the Symbols of Check-box in Word

When you select the Checkbox, it will show the default checkbox, and if you want to change its checkmark symbol and color size, follow the steps below.

how to insert checkbox in word
how to insert checkbox in word

·         To Change the Symbol of the Check-Box in Word

If you want to change the checkbox symbol and add the desired Checkbox, follow the steps.

  • Go to the developer tab menu, then select the Checkbox.
  • Then, open the properties option from the developer tab menu.
  • Select next to the Checked symbol in the Content Control Properties dialog box.
  • Check the other checkbox symbols from the symbol box, and then select a font you want from the font list.
  • Choose the desired symbol, then press ok.
  • If you want to change the symbol checkbox again, repeat the same steps.

·         To Make Other Changes in Checkbox in Word

You want to bring more changes in Checkbox like format, Font, Color, and size. Here are the steps to change the structures.

  • Go to the tab of developer and then on properties. Select the content control properties to select multiple features for a checkbox.
  • Please enter text in the Title box to display explanatory text above the check box when the mouse is over it.
  • Please choose the Color to have Color when you put the cursor.
  • When you don’t want to display the content control properties, choose the none in the Show as a box. After this, the title box text will not beot shown.
  • To change the check box’s size, Color, or border style, select the Use a style to format text typed into the empty control box and click New Style.
  • Go to the Formatting, where you can choose the font size for the Checkbox.
  • Then, open the Color list to choose the Color for a checkbox.
  • Go to format, then border to change the border.
  • Next, choose Ok. If you want to change the content of the Checkbox, repeat the above steps.

lock the Checklist Changes in Microsoft Word Document

When you make changes in the Checkbox, use the content control properties in MS word. After that, when you complete the file, you want to stop the changes in the content control. You might worry that you or others may inadvertently change the text associated with each element during checking the list. Microsoft has the feature to protect the list. It didn’t affect the text when you marked or unmarked the checkboxes.

how to add a checkbox in word
how to add a checkbox in word
  • Choose the checklist which you want to save from changes. From the drop-down options, select Group. Then, open the developer tab and in content control.
  • After that, the checklist will be saved from any changes, and if anyone attempts to alter the checklist, they will receive a warning that they are not allowed to make any changes because it is secured. And the notification will appear on the status bar of MS word.


In conclusion, it is noted that the Microsft Word has given lots of features, and in my opinion, the Checkbox in the Word is essential as it provides the specific thought to the respondent further. You can also make suitable changes. Moreover, the Checkbox plays a vital role in data collection. The blog helps you understand the Checkbox and their work in a document.

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