Cox Internet Outage Issue: Here’s What To Do RIGHT NOW!

Cox internet outage is a terrible thing and here are your options when that happens. So, the internet outage is something very rare but lately, we have been experiencing such things. It sucks when you are watching a show or gaming or watching a movie

Firstly, the Cox Customer service is very responsible for such issues and they will help you through it. If there is a small issue, you can talk to them and they will help you with it. Soon the issue will be resolved. Let’s look at your options of Cox Customer service when there’s a Cox Internet Outage.

Cox Internet Outage Customer Service

There are two types of customer services that Cox offers and you will learn about each of them here. When there’s a Cox Internet Outage, you have the option to call them and have their support. You will have two types of services.

  1. Online Tech Support: the online tech support will have people on the other end ready to pick up your call at the Cox customer care. A representative of Cox will have you on the call to resolve the internet outage issue you have or any other issue you might have. Right now, we will be talking about Cox Internet Outage.
  2. In-Home Tech Support: the in-home tech support from Cox might cost you something but it will have your issue resolved. The representatives or tech experts from Cox will come over to check up on your equipment and they tell you if the issue is on your end or their end.
cox internet outage map
cox internet outage map

Cox Internet Outage Support At Your Corporate

I have a corporate office to take care of and there is an issue with the internet there. We have got you covered. The Cox Internet Outage issue will be resolved with three of the options you have in your hand.

  1. Live Chat Support: you have the option to chat with the Cox technicians and they will be guiding you with the process of checking your equipment. If you encounter the issue do report it so it makes them aware of a possible failure.
  2. SMS Support: Since the internet is down and you can’t chat with them (Assuming you have no internet on your phone too). You can talk to them on your phone through text messages. The text messaging service is available at all times and you can solve the issue with their help if you encounter it.
  3. The Technician: the technicians will come over to help you with the issue and figure out the issue of your internet outage. If the issue is on their end, they’ll figure that out too.

Download Cox Business MyAccount App

Downloading the Cox Business MyAccount app will help you keep track of mot of scheduling, status, and support from Cox. This is made for your convenience to find everything that might cause you to reach out to them. Let’s see the services they have for you.

  • Pay your bill
  • View your service subscription
  • Reset your Cox equipment
  • Check your account balance
  • Chat with Cox customer service anytime

Reach Out For Cox Internet Outage

If you want to reach out to them from wherever you are in the United States. You can look at what states they are offering their services and where you can reach them. This will help you directly get their help, either you have a power outage or want to register new.

However, you mustn’t reset the router or tweak the cables. That would cause further issues and make it time-consuming for the professionals to figure out the main issue for the internet outage. Hold onto your horses till the Cox Saviors come over at your place.


  1. Where to contact Cox for a power outage?

You can reach out to Cox Communication through their phone number 1-855-814-6044.

  1. Is Cox Internet Outage Support always available?

Cox support is always available for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Though their office opens at 10 AM and closes at 6 PM and you can head over there before 6 PM.

  1. Can I cancel my Cox service?

You can cancel your Cox service anytime you want. Simply call their customer support or head over to their location and you will have to return all the leased equipment.

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