Crewmate Among Us [Everything You Need To Know]

Crewmate among us and everything you need to know? Among us is the most popular game after the initial outbreak of the global pandemic Covid 19. However, many companies and stock markets crashed after the corona instead of the gaming industry. According to the Washington Post and other giants, the gaming industry continues to see an inspiring jump in revenue and concentration to esports from major media companies.

According to rough surveys, Among-us was also on the list of the most played games during the outbreak of corona. However, a regular player plays it for 3 hours a day, and sometimes even a server can’t handle it.

Among-us is a detective sort of game circling around the story of crewmates and imposters where the crewmates are regular taskers though the imposter is the one whose mission is to kill the crewmate without being caught.

We’ve seen people talking only about imposter stuff, but nobody talks about crewmates, like how can you survive as a crewmate and whatsoever. In this article, we’ll gonna tell you everything about the crewmate among us, so be with us till the end.

Among Us crewmate strategies that will make you identify who the imposter is

Your first duty as a crewmate is to protect yourself from the imposter though the second is to perform tasks perfectly. However, there are many strategies where you can identify who the imposter actually is. As we all know, everyone wants to be an imposter in Among Us.

But the harsh reality is you can’t be an imposter consistently. Instead of being an imposter being a crewmate is more fun sometimes if you have some straight guidance and strategies. In essence, there are some strategies you probably need to follow as a crewmate.

1.     Perform tasks

Yeah, it’s short and simple everyone knows it, but not everyone does it. This is the easiest way to be safe from imposters because when you perform your task at the given time before an imposter finds and kills you. This was the basic and easiest pattern that you could follow easily.

2.     How to talk in the chat

This place is where you need to make yourself perfect. Because sometimes, it’s hard to detect an imposter while chatting because the chat is so manipulated that you can’t even detect a single spot of a suspect.

However, the best trick to detect imposters on chat is to ask them to give proof if they blame others without any proof. If they didn’t do so or their evidence doesn’t sound appealing, go and vote them out because there is a 90% chance that they will be the imposter.

3.     Teamup secretly

The best hack for crewmates to dump imposters is teaming up secretly. What it does is that when you team up secretly and the imposter is unaware of that. However, if any of you got killed by the imposter, then the person who got killed alerts another person who killed him.

Are among us crewmates human or aliens?

crewmates human or aliens
crewmates human or aliens

Among us, crewmates look like a cartoonish depiction of humans in a space suits. We didn’t know what was beyond the picture. Some used to say them aliens and some humans, but what was the actual truth? Let’s check out who among us crewmates actually are.

Maybe you have ever noticed or not that crewmates of among-us have some traits that are probably not found in modern humans. The lack of arms is only visible at certain times though we can only see their hands instead of arms.

However, in the submit scan task, players stand on the scanner on a MedBay. Where you’ll see the height of cremate is just 3 6, and its weight is 92lb which hasn’t any comparison with the original human, which might suggest crewmates are indeed aliens.

Living for so long in space might decrease the among-us crewmate’s body size. Additionally, the vending machine seen in the buy beverage task has human drinks like almond milk, mountain dew, and the gatoroid like NRG.

But everything got clear regarding the imposter when you see their killing style, which totally makes them different from humans. In my opinion, crewmates among us are not humans but aliens.

Which Among Us Crewmate Are You: Select Your Category

Which Among Us Crewmate
Which Among Us Crewmate

Do you want to know which sort of crewmate you are? There are several categories you can put yourself into. Those categories make you realize your trait in the game. We will define them individually, so it’s up to you to select which one you’re into.

1.     Task finisher

You might have at least one kind of a like person in a team who always finishes his/her task quicker. And are more into task-finishing stuff rather than finding imposters. Task finishers always apply a single-finishing tasktechnique to win the game.

2.     One that gets vote kicked for no actual reason

It often happens that there is one who is unlucky and gets kicked out every time for no reason. When I did a survey, I realized this isn’t just me who acknowledges it, but people also have the same judgments. So we feel sad for the poor crewmate.

3.     Crewmate who follows others

One of the most awkward moments in among-us is when someones keep following you. And you think for sure either he is the imposter or not. Though when you are an imposter, and a particular one keeps following you, it means it’s hard for you to kill because one is continuously watching you.

4.     The one that got the imposter right but got voted out

Did this ever happen to you that you got a clue about the imposter and had to tell this in the chart and got voted out? Because every among-us player might go through this pain where you know who the imposter is but can’t do anything because people voted you out.

Crewmate Among Us Wrapping

Sometimes apart from being an imposter being a crewmate is more fun if you know the exact strategies as a crewmate. Just like we define the best strategies which you can apply to become a pro as a crewmate. However, we also explain which sort of among us crewmates you are so you can Identify your trait in the game.

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