Dead Exos Locations (How to Discover the Locations)

Dead Exos is one of the dreadful collectibles in Destiny 2. Contrasting Entropic Shards, all dead Exos are obtainable to find during debut. Therefore, players will get the reward of salvage the Past Triumph for Beyond Light by finding all the nine areas of dead Exos. So they must complete the past quest instantaneously. Therefore, for that purpose, you need to trek all over Europa by putting their spelunking to find Dead Exos locations.

Thus, searching for the first three dead Exos is required to move forward for the beginning of the Lament Quest and is easily accessible to find them. Moreover, it would help you to find the other locations to complete the mission. Let’s explore the areas to uncover the dead Exos in the following section.

Find Dead Exos Locations in Destiny 2

dead exos found locations
dead exos found locations

As mentioned above, it is described all the nine dead Exos spotted in several areas, including the Lost Sectors around Europa’s destination-which appeared after the community’s last part of the Deep Stone Crypt Raid. So move towards the next section for your acknowledgment about dead Exos.

1. Cadmus Ridge

Initially, go in the middle of the location on a plateau to explore the dead Exo, then move towards Cadmus Ridge. Once you enter the Cadmus Ridge from Charon’s Crossing, turn left onto a large snow pile and jump over it by overlooking the main pathway. You can find the dead Exo in Cadmus Ridge on a snow block along the left-hand side. Now, the Exo is on the floor by the edge.

2. Eventide Ruins

You may also find the dead Exo in the eventide ruins close to the Deep Stone Crypt raid doorway. Eventide Ruins is situated in the northwest, where you will mostly create public events, and the main room is covered in red light. Once you enter Eventide Ruins from Cadmus Ridge, cut across the area, keep the gravity lift to the Riis-Reborn Approach on your left. At the top-right of the map, go into the smashed building. Now, you can see the dead Exo is on the ground nearby the three exhausts.

3. Asterion Abyss: Dead Exos Locations

Asterion Abyss
Asterion Abyss

While exploring the dead Exo, you may find it near the Nexus path in Asterion Abyss on the east side of the area. In front of the structure on the outer edge. Where snow meets with the frozen lake, you will see its grave in the snow underneath the ridge wall.

4. Perdition Lost Sector

Head inside the boss room, in the corner behind some boxes of the Perdition Lost Sector, you can uncover the dead Exo. Perdition Lost Sector is located along the northwest wall before the tunnel, which usually has a handful to fall in it. You will see a Lost sector symbol over there and move towards the left side of the entrance. Additionally, if you want to loot the boss’s chest, you have to move too far.

5. Dead Exo-Bray Exoscience

In the west of the main building of Cadmus Ridge, Bray Exoscience is situated there; where above dead Exo is located. Go into the Bray Exoscience and move towards the bright room. Take the right route as you are moving towards the Creation area, but you stop in the first room. Now, look for the corner to find the Exo.

6. Creation: Dead Exos Locations


To search this dead Exo, you just need to make your path into Creation, the area from beginning to end Bray Exoscience in Cadmus Ridge. So, make your way during this extended area to the spot where you must drop down to the bridge and down again to the walkway. At the back, drop all the way down and head toward the door, stick close to the left-hand side. You can find the dead Exo on a platform inclination against a block.

7. Concealed Void Lost Sector

You can get the dead Exo in the Concealed Void Lost Sector. The Concealed Void Lost sector situated is in the center of the Asterion abyss region on Europa. If you ride your sparrow from Charon’s crossing, keep on the main path until one path goes into a cavern. Then, move into the cavern, and the entry will be directly ahead to the Lost Sector and clear out the Lost Sector. Now you can uncover this Exo at the back of the boss loot chest.

8. Well of Infinitude

The dead Exo is in the Well of Infinitude, and an area accessed passing through Asterion Abyss. Move into the Nexus (the area to the right of Asterion Abyss) and take the right-hand path at the fork. Keep going through Vex tunnels until you arrive at a larger room with a drone flying around alongside the wall near the drones, and this room contains the dead Exo.

9. Bunker E15 Lost Sector: Dead Exos Locations

Bunker E15 Lost Sector
Bunker E15 Lost Sector

Before the boss fight, the last dead Exo is in the Bunker E15 Lost Sector in the area. It is located in the Eventide Ruins on Europa. Use the way to teleport to this region, drop down and go around to head inside the building. After releasing the first few frames and entering the more extensive open site; where the Cyclops spawns, chase under the stairs to find the Exo.

Final Words

Hopefully, the above knowledge is helpful for you to determine the dead Exos location. Finding the areas of dead Exos are essential to get the reward and unlock more levels in Destiny 2. However, it is not difficult to find, and you can easily access it if you clear out the beginning levels. Share your experience with ease in the comment box about the article.

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