Best Destiny 2 Exotics: All Golden Weapons & Armour

Destiny 2 Exotics is presently in its third year, so it’s built up dozens upon dozens of different and powerful Exotics. The problem is, getting most of them comes down to blind luck each gambling on random drops or closing your dreams on Xur.

We’ve rounded up 10 great Exotics that come from specific quests and activities with that in mind. These Exotics aren’t significantly easy to get although some of them are – there’s no guesswork involved, making them much more available than, say, Anarchy. Here are the most beneficial Destiny 2 Exotics you can use to increase up your arsenal.

This is not wholly unexpected, as anyone who has always used a console or PC or phone including a hard drive knows that an amazing part of it is saved for the OS or apps or what should you, but that’s getting a big bite out of the Series S’s place here, especially with the size of current games.

The additional complicating factor is that unlike last-gen consoles, which also had correspondingly sized hard drives, there is no disc energy. Part of capturing the Series S price down was liquidating that feature, including its digital-only console. That expects downloading competitions in their entirety is the only way to play, although to be pleasant, most disc-based tournaments also come with massive install quantities.

Ace of Spades suggests to me of those old Play Station commercials that it particularly does everything. This hand cannon originates with Outlaw for fast reloads, Third Eye for permanent radar, Firefly for dangerous precision kills, and Memento Mori performances that add yet more bonus damage when you reload after a kill. It also has unbelievable range and stability, a 13-round magazine, and it’s gorgeous.

The Best Destiny 2 Exotics

Destiny 2 Exotics are the common needed-after items in the entertainment and its expansions. They’re harder to get, people look sexier, and they have different perks that will change your complete playstyle (or are really good fun). Here is every exotic weaponry and armor item in Destiny 2 and all its developments so far, along with information on how to get them and our thoughts about whether they’re any excellent.

Exotic weapons and armor have unique properties, but the player can possess only one Exotic weapon and one Exotic armor theme equipped on their appearance. Exotic Appearance Shells, Ships, Sparrows, Emotes, and additional cosmetic details do not have that restriction.

Exotic gear is obtained mostly from Exotic Engrams and Xûr, who violates Exotic weaponry and armor for a symbolic substance. Luminous Engrams have a modest chance to drop Exotic equipment. Some items are purchased from quests or challenges; these containers be found in Engrams or obtained from Xûr.

Cosmetic Exotic items can be obtained in Bright Engrams or purchased from Eververse. Using Gleaming Boon of the Vanguard or Gleaming Boon of the Crucible from Eververse inappropriate activities may also result in an Exotic cosmetic.

Catalysts are Unusual items that provide additional bonuses to certain Exotic influences. Each is obtained in its own way. If a Catalyst’s source is an opponent, it is dropped by them on kill, and it would look like a golden pyramid while on the earth.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Exotics
Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Exotics

Exotic Weapons and Armor Coming with Destiny 2

We all know that many destinations and loot are going away this fall, but while many things are being sunset or shoved in the Destiny Content Vault, a class of gear will have to be moved rather than disappear completely.

That would be exotics, and probably, their catalysts, which Bungie has announced, will move to new locations after the targets they’re matched to are going away.

I have practiced Today in Destiny’s beneficial Content Vault page to combine these up, and from what I can determine, there are 16 exotics and 12 catalysts tied to behaviors that are disappearing. There is kind of a range here.

A journey may graze one of the planets, rather than that circuit being integral, like finding a beacon on Titan for the Latest Word quest when the main commission is in every Tangled Shore, so it’s potential that support.

But remarkable is uniquely tied to things that are going continuously, like the 100% Mars-based Sleeper Simulant quest or any of the attack exotics. So those will have to remove, either managing to Rahool with the new cipher system, to Xur, to being a stochastic environment drop, or to having its quest redesigned completely. Xenophanes is the ultimate comfy weapon.

It’s a computer gun that shoots explosive rounds, performing it feels more like a grenade launcher, and it completely deletes everything apart from managers. Groups of trash mobs? Dusted. Majors? Chunked. High-value targets? Dumpster. Xenophanes is fun and easy to use, and while it’s not top-tier, it’s by no means bad against bosses. You can use it practically everywhere and have a pleasant time.


Q: What is the rarest gun in destiny?
A: Gjallarhorn is possibly the most well-known exotic hardware in “Destiny.” Bungie Exotic hardware is the rarest and coolest-looking syringes in “Destiny,” the popular shooter from the creators of “Halo.” Each one has its own unique perk, devised to help you in clever ways other pieces can’t.
Q: How do you get exotic engrams fast?
A: The best way to earn Exotic engrams in Destiny 2 is to compete in high-level activities. Each major content release, and the succeeding seasons, add more activities that compensate for high-level gear. The more of these activities you develop, the more chances of winning an Exotic drop.
Q: Can you still get Redrix's Claymore?
A: Recently, Bungie published only 8750 members who had Redrix’s Claymore. (Redrix’s Claymore, by the way, is being eliminated in division four. If you’re one of the several who has it, you’ll still be able to use it, but you can’t earn it beyond period three.)

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