How to Link Discord on Xbox

Ask any gamer who will tell you how significant communication is in the game. Keeping that in mind, the connection of Discord on Xbox One, especially in in-team games will be a major edge for your team to coordinate or dodge any attack on your rivals through communicating with Discord.

In this article, we will tell you how to use/link Discord on Xbox One to UP your game in this competitive realm.

What is Discord?

Some of you who are not familiar with what Discord is?

Discord, launched in 2015, is a widely-popular messaging platform where people can easily communicate with their friends and families without any interruption. Discord is regularly used by people above 13+ for various works which require coordination.

Enter Xbox

How the integration of Discord on Xbox will make your game experience engaging?

The account of Discord when linked to your Xbox console will inform your friends about your game activity, connection with them, and much more.

Recently, to integrate Discord on Xbox, the console has a new internet browser with the name of Microsoft Edge. The latest internet browser with many awe-inspiring features, including Discord.

This will enable players to chat with ease with the help of the Edge browser. Though Discord and Xbox are not official partners to operate with each other. However, Microsoft Edge is working as a medium between them.

Discord on Xbox

Anything you play on Xbox is simultaneously visible on your Discord profile is considered one of the major edges of Discord on Xbox. This will allow your friends to connect with you through a shared server to play games together.

There is one, however, drawback of Discord on Xbox. That is the features of Discord on Xbox are, unlike on PC, are limited.

Likewise, on PC you can have a conversation with the players on both messaging and voice chat. However, you cannot avail of these features on Xbox yet.

discord on Xbox
discord on Xbox

How to Connecting Discord on Xbox

You can connect to Discord in two ways, via Xbox or PC. Linking your Discord to either of the devices is fairly simple.

On Xbox One

Before linking the messaging app to your console make sure you have downloaded the app of Discord.

Follow the steps now:

  1. Switch the Xbox One on
  2. Open your Xbox Live account
  3. Go to the Systems tab through the Xbox on the controller
  4. In the Settings Press A with your cursor
  5. There, go down to the Account tab to press A when choosing Linked social accounts
  6. After in the panel of Discord, press A on the Link
  7. Press A to start the connecting process.
  8. Yes, the pop-up to share information with Microsoft
  9. The next procedure will give a code of six-character with the instructions to connect to Discord
  10. In the messaging app, go to the Connections and select Xbox One

Enter the code

Your console account is now connected with your messaging account

Discord on Xbox X/S

  1. Switch on the Xbox and log in to the Xbox Live account
  2. Go to the menu through the Xbox button
  3. In the Profile & System option, tap A when choosing your profile there
  4. Go to the My Account
  5. After Link social accounts from the cursor in the Accounts by pressing A
  6. Press A in the Link option just under the Discord
  7. Enter your Discord credentials and press the button of start on the controller
  8. Press A in your controller on the Authorize option
  9. Your accounts are now successfully


Double-click on Discord to open on the computer

  1. Go to the user setting
  2. There go in the connections
  3. Left-click on the symbol of Xbox which is present at the top side of the windows.
  4. It will put up the default browser screen on
  5. A pop-up will be visible, click Yes, which asks for permission to access your console account by Discord.
  6. Both accounts are now linked.

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