Discord PS5: Get a Useful Guide with Single Click

Do you really want to use Discord with PS5? That is not possible because a console does not allow to use Discord natively. But, the absence of Discord with the console is soon ended through the recent partnership announcement with Sony Interactive Entertainment for later series. Until then, you still have the option of voice chat and messaging to use the world’s most powerful console with your friends. But the only issue is that service installation is impossible to access easily. So, no need to worry; now you are on the right page where you learn the usage methods of two platforms in two ways.

Formerly, players formed parties and invited their friends on PlayStation to use the voice feature of the PS Network. Though, Discord is making its way to consoles, which make it easier for PS players to form a society for their favorite games. So let’s move to the following section to see the details regarding Discord and PlayStation5.

Can you Download Discord on PlayStation5?

Currently, you cannot use Discord on Playstation5 because the console does not support it. But with PS4, players can utilize the app’s text chatting through the console’s web browser. Though, PS5 lacks such a browser and is unable to access the program like PS4. PlayStation is predictable to be the partner with the platform, as Discord is rising in popularity. Till then, you can take advantage of the available tricks to use Discord on PlayStation5.

How to Use Discord with a PS5?

PS5 seems unexpected for its predecessor, as it does not have an internet browsing feature. Though, it does not stop the users from accessing links on PS5. Therefore, PS5 users are invited to use PlayStation Network and PlayStation Party Chat, where you can send and receives messages from other players in this manner. Well, these messages may contain website links that may open easily; however, PS5 does not have the feature of accessing the browser. So, move to the below section to see the techniques:

1.      Use Discord with the PlayStation5 via Sending Message

is discord on ps5
is discord on ps5

Follow the below steps to see the method of using Discord to send a message:

  • Open PlayStation on your console and choose a friend to whom you want to message.
  • Send them a Discord link as a message.
  • Choose and open the link.
  • Sign in to your account when you arrive at the official Discord website.
  • Now, start chatting with your friends on a voice channel.

Note: You can also type in text as usual, but the voice chat is a better option when you are active in-game. So, go to the next section, the method for voice chat.

2.      Use Discord with the PS5 via Voice Chat

discord on ps5
discord on ps5

Here is a suggestion for the players that use a compatible headset as you cannot speak to others without a microphone. Hence, if you want better audio quality, you can also connect PS5 with a PC or other devices like a USB headset, optical cable, MixAmp, and a PC. Here, we are discussing the connection method of PS5 with MixAmp specifically:

  • Initially, hook up your PS5 to the MixAmp through an optical cable and then open the PS5 settings
  • Navigate to the Sound
  • Choose an Audio Output
  • Now, pick the Digital or Optical out option from the list.
  • Then, on your PC, open the Discord tab on your browser.
  • Go to the Discord’s settings
  • Tap on the Voice & Video
  • Now, select the Input Device option from the dropdown menu and pick the MixAmp
  • After that, in the Voice & video settings, set the Output Device to Default.
  • Connect your headset to the MixAmp and test out the connections.
  • If everything sets well, then you may easily enjoy the audio of both PS5 and PC on your headset.

Note: MixAmps are reliable; although it is expensive, but it allows you to connect two devices simultaneously. Moreover, you don’t need to have kept opening links like in the first method by selecting messages.

Though, Sony is working to link up with Discord for later versions for other features, while PlayStation5 does not currently support Discord. Hence, both above ways will work but not for an extended period.

How to Connect your PS5 Network Account with Discord?

when is discord coming to ps5
when is discord coming to ps5

A great gratitude to Sony Interactive Entertainment for amalgamating with Discord as part of the latter’s Series- H round. Now, you can connect PlayStation Network with Discord, so go through the instructions:

  1. In the beginning, open the Discord and move to the User settings.
  2. Then, click on the Connections
  3. Now, tap on the PlayStation icon.
  4. Log in using your PlayStation credentials.

Now, the app optimizes the best possible result after Discord arrives officially on Sony’s console. Thus, the Discord web version which you want to use currently is for PC users with the help of a mouse and keyboard. Because the PS5 controller is slower and does not substitute the latter control scheme well.

Furthermore, if you want to make sure that everyone can see your game activity while playing, then ensure the Display on profile and Display PlayStation Network as your status are chosen in the Connections settings window.

Comparison of Discord and PS5 Party Chat

As compared to Discord, PlayStation Party Chat is not flexible, but it still has a place for PlayStation5 users. Where you can join and meet up with your friends instantly, and players can also make friends by using this service. However, Discord can do better with PlayStation Party Chat in the following ways:

  • Discord is more Accessible

Party Chat is only accessible for PlayStation consoles, while Discord is available on both PC and mobile devices. Moreover, you can use the same profile with the same ease on any platform.

  • PlayStation has Low Features than Discord

Discord riches in features like media embedding while PlayStation is not. Moreover, you can send images with Party Chat but not GIFs and stickers from the keyboard.

  • Discord has more Users

Compared to Party Chat, Discord has more users because t is a free platform to use and also accessible on more platforms.

  • It is a Cross-Platform

If you want to play with a friend on a PC, but you are on PlayStation5, still Discord allows you to retain the communication, but PlayStation Party chat is not cross-platform.

Final Words

There are several PlayStation apps that players can use on their consoles, but Discord was not compatible with them in the past. So far, you can apply workaround tactics for Discord and PlayStation5. But you will find the app much easier to access soon due to the partnership of Discord with the Sony company; then, players can avail this feature for later versions.

So hopefully, the above details are quite handy regarding the using methods of Discord and PlayStation and easily accessible to enjoy the game. So, also let us know your views about the article in the comment box.

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