Does Gnome Wizard Most Powerful Wizard in D&D?

Are you a fan of D&D? Of course, you are; that is why you click yourself into here. But I believe in particular you root for the long-beard Gnome Wizard, aren’t you?

If yes, then you will be in for a treat. Because in this piece, you will find out whether your beloved Gnome Wizard can stand up to the test of the most powerful character in D&D.

So, stay with this article to find out if he can make it!

Who is Gnome Wizard Anyway?

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Anyway, back on the long-bearded wizard. He is among some of the most powerful characters in D&D. Though the age-old wizard speed is sluggish, it doesn’t add up when you are not engaging in melee, right? On the other hand, his potent Darkvision spell can do real damage in a few moments. Given that only anti-magic can save his opponents from it.

Powers that Make Gnome Wizard Invincible?

gnome wizard 5e
gnome wizard 5e

Many powers are worth mentioning. But here are some that make him the best of the best.

Delighted Dedication

Out of evocation school, they, Gnome Wizard, are one of the remarkable things in the game. They can live up to 3 to 5 centuries. If we compare humans and elves to gnomes. The difference is quite clear. Getting bored bugs humans in their life. Besides, elves have ample time to enjoy the beauty of the world. But as far as wizards are concerned, they worry about not getting to say everything and fail to do all they want to seek.

Gnomes talk persuasively, and they profusely offer opinions on various subjects. But on the other hand, they are incredibly attentive. They are fond of laughing, pranking, and punning. But that doesn’t let you think they cannot do any legwork. These wizards also share various professions, such as engineers, alchemists, and tinkers.

Bright Burrows

The wizards are used to living in the wooded, hilly areas. Their homes are underground. But do come out of their underground holes to enjoy the living world’s beauty.

Wizards who roam on human lands are primarily engineers, sages, and tinkers. Given their long lives, these gnome wizards can teach generations of a single human family. In this case, humans also hired them as tutelage for their children to better understand their various subjects.

What are the names of Gnome Wizards?

These wizards love to name themselves and others. Their names often begin with the relatives’ or ancestors’ variations, but some opt for new names. In their dealings with humans, these genomes used up to three different terms, including personal and clan names and nicknames.

  • Male: Alvin or Alston
  • Female: Tana, Susie, Alexandria, Oda, Zanna, and Jessica
  • Clan: Garrick, Oracle, Taren, Nigel, and Berne
  • Nicknames: Dagestan, Alex Slosh, and Fiddle

Gnome Traits

These gnomes have peculiar characteristics for different reasons.

  • The ability of the score increases the number of 2
  • Their age matches the same as humans, but gnomes reach the age of adulthood at 40. With their life expectancy of 350 to 500 years.
  • Gnomes can vary from good to evil. They are inclined to various professions, from sages to engineers and scholars. They can be a trickster and wanders.
  • They are minimal. Weighing 40 to 45 pounds with an average height of 3 to 4 feet.
  • These wizards walk with an average speed base of 25 feet.
  • Gnomes often live underground with an exceptional vision in dark conditions. They cannot see color in the darkness. Instead, only shades of gray are visible.
  • Gnome Wizards are knowledgeable, full of wisdom, and unmatched charisma to deflect any attacks.
  • The languages gnomes speak are gnomish. They can write and read it gnomish, which employs the script of Darwish. This script boasts a technical treatise and a catalog brimmed with knowledge of the surface world.
  • The commonly seen gnomes are forest and rock gnomes in the natural world or in the surface world. But some gnomes also can rarely see on the surface world. They are called Deep gnomes.

How to Choose Your Gnome Wizard

gnome wizard d&d 5e
gnome wizard d&d 5e

One can simply select a gnome’s character by picking out the deep gnome as an easy way to create a wizard.

  • The ability score increases with the dexterity score of the 1
  • As far as deep gnomes’ age is concerned, they lived short-span lives. Their growing pace matches that of humans, and the puberty rate is pegged at 25. With a life expectancy of 200 to 250 years. But they were hunted by the Underdark.
  • The alignment of deep gnomes contends that their survival hinges on not engaging in conflict with fellow creatures. They hold neutrality as their prime stance. They are averse to risk and do not hold any grudge against other people.
  • The size of deep gnomes is approximately around 80 to 120 pounds, with their feet 3 to 3 ½ high. Hence, they are ridiculously insignificant.
  • These fellows’ superior Dark vision has a radius of approximately 120 feet.
  • The stone camouflage gives them an edge to make them hide in rocky terrain with a quick stealth dexterity check.
  • The languages spoken by them are gnomish and under common. They fluently speak, write, and read them. The dialect of deep gnomes has a coarse baritone sound compared to their counterparts on the surface. However, most of them have next to little amount in common.


In this article, we have explained what gnome wizards are. How strong they are and can be in D&D. With their connection to other fellow creatures.

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