Does My Computer Have Bluetooth [How To Check It?]

Bluetooth is an electrifying advancement in technology that allows a user to send data among devices unfluctuating without a wireless connection. But to take advantage of this feature, users essential distinguish whether their computer or mobile device has Bluetooth support.

Suppose your laptop and desktop have built-in Bluetooth aptitude. You can connect any compatible device (mouse, keyboard, webcam, headphones, and others).

If you wish to distinguish does your device have Bluetooth, you are at the right place. This post will tell you how to check whether your PC has a Bluetooth feature.

How to Check Does my Computer have Bluetooth Capability?

How to Check Does my Computer have Bluetooth Capability
How to Check Does my Computer have Bluetooth Capability

Bluetooth connectivity is basically a common feature in most devices. However, not all computers and phones device originate with Bluetooth.

Even though a person buys a newer model that tends to have Bluetooth, some older models do not. However, it is a straightforward way to check whether your PC has Bluetooth or it does not.

If you want to know whether your Windows, Mac, and Linux computers have built-in Bluetooth connectivity, do contemplate reading the guide below.

How to Check if your Computer (Mac) has Bluetooth?

Most of the modern Mac models (iMacs and MacBooks) have built-in Bluetooth connectivity features. Consequently, a user using an up-to-date mechanism is probably fortunate to have Bluetooth in this condition.

If a user wants to make sure so, follow the steps below.

  • First of all, start your Mac device.
  • Navigate to the Apple menu that you see at the top left side.
  • Select the System Information option from the menu list.
  • Here search for the Bluetooth option.
  • Then choose it to discover what your device has and where.

Does my Linux Computer Have Bluetooth Capability?

Does my Linux Computer Have Bluetooth Capability
Does my Linux Computer Have Bluetooth Capability

Suppose you are using a Linux PC or Laptop and want to make sure it has a built-in Bluetooth feature. So, you can straightforwardly find out.

Below we have shared the steps that work on desktops and laptops.

  • Open your Linux desktop or Laptop device.
  • Now open the terminal and type any one of the succeeding commands.
Isusb / grep Bluetooth
Dmesg / grep -i blue
  • After that, press the enter tab.
  • If you encounter a list showing the name and manufacturer of a Bluetooth item, it means that your device has Bluetooth. 
  • But your device has no built-in Bluetooth feature if you encounter a blank line.

NOTE: Always keep in mind that some of the Linux kernels do not support Bluetooth modules. The interrogation we have shared above not works on the older version of the Linux hardware.

How do I Check if my Windows PC has Bluetooth?

How do I Check if my Windows PC has Bluetooth
How do I Check if my Windows PC has Bluetooth

Suppose a user has a windows computer device and wants to know whether its device has Bluetooth aptitude. Track these below-mentioned simple steps to see.

  • Open your windows desktop or laptop device.
  • Tap on the windows icon that you see at the bottom left side of your device’s home screen.
  • Now click Device Manager option from the pop-up menu list.
  • Here look for the Bluetooth option. If you find it, it means your device has an in-built Bluetooth feature.
  • If you do not see it, your device does not have Bluetooth capabilities.

NOTE: These steps will slog on both desktop and laptop devices.

Keep in mind that the only situation where the steps mentioned above do not apply is if a user has reconstructed Windows by themself. And not used Bluetooth since setting up everything.

Furthermore, it might not necessarily appear in the Device Manager if a user has not installed all the obligatory drivers.

In this situation, users have to consult the manufacturer’s official website if they purchased the computer device. However, if a user developed it, look over its hardware specifications.

Summing Up

When someone wants to link a wireless mouse, headphone keyboard, or any other wireless device to their computer. At first, they have to make sure their computer device has built-in Bluetooth proficiencies.

In this guide, we have tutored our onlookers on whether your Mac, Linux, and Windows laptop and desktop devices have an inbuilt Bluetooth feature.

Thus, stake your opinions in the below comment box on Bluetooth.

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