How to Download Twitch VOD Videos and Clips Both? is a streaming video platform for video games in real-time. It receives more than 38 million page views and over 20 million players per month. On Twitch, you can watch or live-stream the game as well as learn strategies from other gamers.

Game enthusiasts will often mention Twitch VODs. Then, what is VOD? It contains both past broadcasts and highlights. A one-time broadcast can only be saved for 14 days at most. The storage time increases to 60 days for Turbo members and subscribers. In the meantime, VODs are stored in FLV format, which cannot be worked on mobile, console devices, etc. Our Twitch videos need to be downloaded in MP4 or MP3 format via Twitch VOD downloader for various reasons.

We are going to learn how to download Twitch VODs & clips videos in this post. Consequently, you will never have to worry about the inconvenience of online viewing or the requirement for heavy bandwidth.

Download Twitch Vods
Download Twitch Vods

Download Twitch Videos with Professional Desktop Software 

  • Twitch Download Mac
  • Twitch Download PC

How to Download Twitch Videos on Mac? 

Cisdem Video Converter for Mac will satisfy your needs regardless of whether you have no experience or are pretty used to an online Twitch VOD downloader. This software features a user-friendly interface and numerous advanced features. There is a single main window where all the tools are displayed. There is no need to spend much time looking for its hidden features.

How to Download Twitch Videos on Windows?

Many Windows Twitch VOD downloaders are infected with spyware, adware, and aggressive toolbars. Additionally, they depend on FFmpeg to save content, which slows down download speeds. The Twitch Leecher is an exception. Twitch videos can be downloaded in thousand of small pieces, making the method safe and completely different.

How to Download Twitch Videos Online?


In my opinion, will be my first choice for free Twitch VOD downloaders online. You can download Twitch videos without problems, thanks to its well-organized and straightforward interface. All you need to do is paste the URL of the VOD. You will be redirected to a new page to select the output format. Choose one of the formats, right-click on the link, and choose Save Link As.

It is an essential yet valuable online tool to download Twitch VOD videos straightforwardly. Different formats can be inserted, including MP4, WebM, 3GPP, audio, etc. In the field above, you should enter the URL of a Twitch VOD or clip > click the “Download video” button > select the quality and format > start downloading the Twitch VOD or clip.

I included on my list since it has more features. YouTube, Vimeo, CNN, Youku, Yahoo, CNET, etc., can be downloaded from the web-based service. As well as converting Twitch to MP4, MP3, OGG, MOV, etc., you can download Twitch VOD or clip in a few seconds. You can download Twitch VOD or clips in just a few seconds by pasting the URL.

How To Download Twitch Vods
How To Download Twitch Vods

Download Twitch VODs and Clips on Mobile Devices?

  • Twitch Download Android
  •  Twitch Download iPhone

How to Download Twitch Videos on Android?

Android users can download Twitch videos for free using the 4Vid video downloader. In addition, this free app helps you download Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, VK, etc., videos from the video links. There will be a limit on 4vid downloads from now on, but not on 4vid Pro. But the Pro version needs costs $0.99. You can download it in your phone from the Google Play Store.

  1. Go to Twitch VOD and copy its URL.
  2. On 4Vid, paste the link and click the download button. Twitch videos are viewed in a web browser.
  3. You can now easily download Twitch VODs on Android.

How to Download Twitch Videos on iPhone?

The best Twitch videos downloader for iPhone is VLC for iOS, which offers unlimited features, among other programs. It can play all videos, movies, and shows in most types without conversion as a media player. The app also allows users to download Twitch clips and VODs, but few people know about this feature. There is a new version of VLC for iPhone available from the App Store.

  1. Click on the link that you would like to download and copy the URL.
  2. Open VLC on iPhone. VLC’s icon is located in the left corner of the screen. A new menu will show up.
  3. Choose the Download option and paste the Twitch link in the address bar in the upper right.
  4. Lastly, begin to download Twitch VODs or clips on the iPhone.

How to Download Your Twitch Videos Directly?

In short, regardless of whether you’re a Regular Broadcaster, a Partnered, or a Turbo Subscriber, the validity period for saving Twitch videos is 14 days to 60 days. Fortunately, there is a beautiful feature that you can download your broadcasts and highlight to a personal computer for keeping them forever. You are unable to download Twitch videos from other streamers, which is a considerable inconvenience.

  • Log into your Twitch channel. Hit on your channel name at the top right corner of the website. A drop-down menu appears. You should select the Video Manager option. Alternatively, you can access the option from your channel profile page.
  • You will see all your archived broadcasts. Choose the one you want to download and click the Download button. Someone would see a Begin Download link. That’s the same thing. More extensive videos will give the wording Preparing Download, rather than Begin Download.


Q: Can I install Twitch Leecher for Mac or Android devices?
A: The answer is no. Twitch Leecher is merely accessible on Windows 10/8/7. Some wholesalers will use keywords like Twitch Leecher Mac or Twitch Leecher Android to get you to click and download their software. Be sure not to fall for it.
Q: Why can’t I download sub-only Twitch videos?
A: Subscriber Streams serve subscribers, VIPs, and moderators. To comply with Twitch’s Terms of Service and preserve streamers’ content, Twitch Leecher modified its codes and stopped downloading sub-only videos since the release of version 1.8. Meanwhile, the earlier versions would not download those protected content and would return a 410 error.

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