Drop Pin: Discover Ways to Use on your Google Maps Location

Are you searching for a route map for your location? Then Drop Pin is one of the easy-to-use navigational apps that Google introduced to get to your destination using a transitional map. What if you are looking for a location without information about its address or exact destination? What if you have gotten off track on the road network? Then I’m sure you need a guide on how to get your way back to your desired destination.

Drop Pin on Google Maps: What You Need to Know

Getting a comprehensive overview of Google Maps lets you get to your destination with a thorough description of how much distance and time it will take from your departure point to get there. You can even get a review of the nearby monuments or indicators, along with the mode of transportation that is most feasible for you. So traveling in your vehicle or taking public transit, Google Maps will undoubtedly keep you informed about the appropriate direction to take in the shortest amount of time.

If you do not find almost any location, you can enter your address via the search bar on Google Map. It is sometimes quite possible, considering there is no exact address. In addition, you may need the drop pin to save your location on the underlying map. Therefore, it is pretty simple to get your address, thanks to the drop-in option.

How to use the Drop Pin feature on Android and iOS Devices?

Let’s understand how to drop your pin using the Android app. The process takes no laborious effort and requires a similar step for whichever device you intend to use.

  1. Open your Google Map and search for your location.
  1. As soon as you get your location, try to zoom in on your map in your vicinity to get the place clearly.
  1. Then you can tap and hold the desired place where you want to drop your pin, so long as the pin appears under your fingertip guide.
  1. It is now ready to use the pin to gather the directions from your detected location to the dropped pin destination.

It is noteworthy to remember that you can drop your pin once at a time on the Google Map. Next, if you click on the same pin again, it will replace your older position. You need to log in to your account to save your drop pin. Be wary of grey pins with navigational information at the bottom of the screen. The blue navigation icon can be helpful to open the navigation page. It further directs your location as soon as you input your location.

How to use Drop Pin via Desktop App?

Now, let’s learn to apply it to your desktop app. It is a relatively straightforward method as people don’t conveniently find it, so the details are in the subsequent section.

  1. Open up the Google Map. Then look for the address you want to locate on your Google Map.
  1. You can scroll and pan around your specific location so that you can find a suitable spot.
  1. To drop your pin, you can press and hold on to the location you want to estimate on your navigational map.
  1. As you pin your location, you get its navigational direction at the bottom of the screen.
  1. Finally, tap on the navigational icon to get detailed directions and other related information while adding labels to your saved locations.

The subsequent section will get into a concise discussion on how useful it can be for you if you’re its constant user.

Unfold Beneficial Features for Dropped Pin spots

Saved dropped pins help get location consideration if you want to go later as per your preference. You can even label the desired point with the name you want to put in from the oval options on the pins. Then, clicking anywhere in the navigational icon will open up the pane with more details on the selected location. Later on, it will be available in your saved areas, where you can find your places.

Save your location in Drop Pin

Once you have saved your location, the built-in feature lets you get the options to enlist it in a category like Favorite, Want to Go, or Starred Places. You can even add more options to the predefined list. Next, you need to navigate to “Your Places” in the main menu. It segments into Public, Private, or Shared locations with other users. Grouping your enlisted location is yet another exciting option where any group member can pin and save their vacation or visited spots.

Connect your Mobile Drop Pin to your Computer

The Google Map navigation feature helps keep your devices interconnected by sending the saved location or dropped pins from desktop to mobile. First, connect your Google account, integrating all Google-created apps in synchronization. Then, using your mobile app, you can send it using your Gmail account, Google Map, and text messages synchronized with your Google account.

You can share your dropped pin locations in the following four ways, especially on the Desktop Google Map.

  1. Google generates an automatic short link to share with others. You can copy and paste it to whomever you want to share it with others.
  2. Facebook icons are an option to share a location directly within the network.
  3. The Twitter icon also offers to share locations via its posts.
  4. HTML codes are another way to embed a map on a website page. If you use a shared menu on Android or iOS devices, the embed option might be nonfunctional.

Label your Dropped Pin location

It offers the option of adding labels to your saved location if you want your customized location name. It will then be integrated with your Google account and appear in the Map feature.

Remove the Google Maps Drop Pins

Having learned how to use a drop pin, the concluding segment requires no more explicit detail. However, if you want to remove it at any time from your Google Map, then beware of its simple indication. Instead, you need to click on the Cross [X] icon on the top page of the location textbox. You can even delete your drop pin on your desktop by clicking on the map or pressing the Cross [X] button available at the bottom of the information box.

Now, I intend to wrap up our discussion, which began with its brief overview and ways to use it on different devices. Its benefits incorporate a user-friendly experience for Google App users worldwide. Therefore, I hope it will be fruitful information you can gather to access your Google Map App.

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