8 Unknown Amazing Facts of Elizabeth: The 7 Deadly Sins

Do you know about the 7 deadly sins of Elizabeth? If you don’t know, let me know the 8 different facts about Elizabeth Liones that will amaze you. In contrast, the seven deadly sins show the seven overpowered band of characters that show after the name. Elizabeth is a princess in the world of the seven deadly sins. They reunited after 10 years of separation without the efforts of Elizabeth (Princess of the Kingdom of Liones). Meliodas and the rest of the Sins were on the loose, and she set out to find them to save her kingdom. While on her quest, she learned more about herself.

Furthermore, the fans of the anime know that she is a real Goddess who was Meliodas’s lover & punished him by following the first holy war. But here are the many things fans have missed since it is so easy to get distracted by a show that features dozens of holy knights and hundreds of magic abilities.

8 Shocked Things About Elizabeth in 7 Deadly Sins Fans-book

7 deadly sins elizabeth
7 deadly sins elizabeth

The following 8 amazing things fans do not know about Elizabeth Liones in the best anime show “the seven deadly sins” were released on Netflix. According to the fans, the most memorable character from the show is Elizabeth Liones; she seems like heroin in an action fantasy anime. So, let’s have a look at the main character of the show.

  1. Elizabeth Reincarnations Number Over 100

Liones is the main character in the latest season of “The 7 Deadly Sins” anime, and is actually the 107th incarnation of a Goddess named Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Meliodas have been cursed by the Supreme Deity. And the Demon King, causing them to lose the memory of their past lives with every reincarnation. Upon gaining their memories, they die within three days, always before Meliodas.

The way Elizabeth looks, her voice, her personality. And even her name is all predetermined, so she will be easily recognizable in the future to Meliodas when they cross paths.

  1. Elizabeth Was Born in Danafor

As you know, the Elizabeth Liones is a prominent figure within the Liones Kingdom. She was actually born in the Danafor Kingdom. And born right after Liz, Melodies’ former lover, died in her defeat against Fraudrin. Since he destroyed her birthplace, Meliodas was forced to bring her back to Bartra Liones. Although she was not related to any other members of this Lioness, she’d have a great life and be treated like royalty.

  1. Elizabeth Yummy Food Is Apple Pie

elizabeth 7 deadly sins cosplay
elizabeth 7 deadly sins cosplay

Elizabeth Liones’ favorite food was revealed in an official 7 Deadly Sins fan book to be apple pie. While she was running the Boar Hat after Meliodas’s death, she served apple pies to her customers. In the movie Prisoners of the Sky, the Sins made an apple pie to celebrate Bartra Liones’s birthday. After spending so much time with her adoptive father, Elizabeth likely developed her love for apple pie after spending so much time around him.

  1. “Rusty Knight” Was Her Former Name

Nothing is intimidating about Elizabeth Liones. In the first episode, however, she was wearing rust-covered armor when she decided to leave the palace in search of Meliodas. And the Seven Deadly Sins, which created rumors that she was a wandering “Rust Knight.”

A few soldiers tracked the Rust Knight to the Boar Hat. Still, Meliodas did a good job securing Elizabeth’s safety, ensuring that the rumor of the Rust Knight would continue for generations.

  1. Elizabeth Uses Her Hair to Cover One Eye in 7 Deadly Sins

She noticed a change in one of her eyes when she first tapped into her Goddess powers, turning it from a normal blue to an orange that marked her as a Goddess. She felt alienated from the rest of her family. As a result of the change, even though she didn’t know the reason behind it. As a result, she covered her eye with her hair.

There was a shock in the fan community when it was discovered. That the seemingly harmless style choice was actually a way to hide one of Elizabeth’s biggest insecurities. In the aftermath of her memories returning, she proudly showed both her eyes to the world, unwilling to hide who she was from anyone else.

  1. Elizabeth Changed More Outfit Than Other Character

princess elizabeth 7 deadly sins
princess elizabeth 7 deadly sins

In animated series, the cartoon-type characters don’t often change their clothes. And they almost wear the same outfit for the other series as well. In the seven deadly sins, the characters have more than one outfit. And all the outfits have a unique appearance of armor, but Elizabeth has been seen in many more outfits than other characters.

When Elizabeth enters the kingdom, she appears in a skintight jumpsuit before adapting the boars’ hat uniform. Later, she wore clothes from the Druids. And then she entered into the second holy war wearing the ensemble that Merlin made for her. Even compared to Gowther, who wears anything he can get his hands on, Elizabeth’s wardrobe just doesn’t match up.

  1. Elizabeth is an Arts & Crafts Fan in 7 Deadly Sins

Fans of Elizabeth know she can put an outfit together. But many do not know that she is an avid arts and crafts enthusiast. She gives Bartra many things she makes herself in a fan book, including silverware, a horse leash, and a suitcase.

Although Elizabeth Liones hasn’t had the time to create more gifts for her father (since she’s been so busy saving her kingdom), fans haven’t seen her craft in action yet. However, as the Second Holy War nears its end, she might soon find herself with a lot of free time.

  1. Elizabeth is Not a Good Cook

There is huge comedic relief in the series from Meliodas’s terrible cooking. And he runs a pub that sells enough drinks to keep it full but only serves food fit for pigs. As a result of Meliodas’ death at the hands of Estarossa, Elizabeth temporarily took charge of the Boar Hat, where she kept guests happy even in a world overrun by Demons.

Her description of one of her pies as “apple-ish” was the first hint. That her cooking was just as questionable as Meliodas’s. But when she served Golgius some homemade soup, it was further confirmed. He did not hesitate to retaste the drink after taking a tiny sip.


In conclusion, Seven Deadly Sins is one of Netflix’s most popular anime shows. It has a wonderful cast with an amazing story. In this show, the most famous character is princess Elizabeth, the princess of the kingdom of Liones and adopted by the Bartra Lioness and raised by him. The article describes Elizabeth’s character and the unknown facts about their life. And whether she likes it. If you know much more, be a part of our article writing journey on Elizabeth and share in the comment box.

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