Err_Network_Changed Error: 8 Ways To Troubleshoot It In Google Chrome

If you are getting an err_network_changed error message in your Chrome browser, it implies a problem with misconfiguration or your internet connection hurdles to loading your browsing page. Google Chrome can sometimes access the internet network, resulting in error notifications. Some of the ways are enlisted for consideration if you get this error message. Eventually, you must try the hands-on method to resolve your issue.

The underlying message that appears in the err_network_changed notification states any of the following implications:

  • The browser is unable to access the network,
  • The internet connection getting disconnected, or
  • Network setting changes that result in problems detecting your network.
  • Sometimes it recommends that you check for internet connection otherwise.

Ways to resolve your err_network_changed error

Ways to resolve your err_network_changed error
Ways to resolve your err_network_changed error

You can name any website that remains unaffected by this error, like Gmail, Facebook, Youtube, or the Google browser. But, you can’t access anything while receiving a connectivity error on your browser. So, that demands fixing it for an uninterrupted connection. Therefore, let’s turn our attention to fixing this err_network_changed error with some of the enlisted troubleshooting guides.

  1. Restart your modem
  2. Flush DNS or reset TCP/IP
  3. Re-enable Network Interface Card
  4. Clear your browsing data
  5. Use your Google DNS
  6. Deactivate the Proxy Settings
  7. Reinstall your network adapter driver
  8. Delete WLAN Profile

Restart your modem

Sometimes experts’ advice suggests using this option owing to a technical issue demanding you restart your modem. It helps in resolving the network issue quite efficiently. If you cannot resolve such a problem, let us proceed to the following method.

Remove DNS Settings or Reset your TCP/IP

The DNS settings are sometimes upset, and you need to flush them using a command prompt or reset TCP/IP.

  1. To access your command prompt, you can search for it in the search tab in the taskbar. Type “cmd,” then execute your command by pressing Enter.
  2. Type the following commands. It, of course, needs to be executed by pressing Enter after each command.

    what is err_network_changed
    what is err_network_changed
  3. Then, after having flushed your DNS setting, you can rest your TCP/IP settings using the following admin prompt: Then hit the Enter command as you type your commands.

    unable to access the network err_network_changed
    unable to access the network err_network_changed
  4. Then finally, you have to reboot your system to apply the changes to TCP/IP. Flushing your DNS helps configure an Ethernet error that does not support the invalid IP.

Fix Your Network Interface Card

Another significant way to fix your internet disruption error is through your Network Interface Card. It is sometimes imperative to re-enable the network interface card unsupported by the former settings. Try to disable your network interface card settings and then enable them again. Follow the given steps to address your issue.

  1. Open your run command box using Windows Key + R, then type ncpa.cpl to get the screen of the list of available Internet Networks.
  2. Now select your network that you want to re-enable facing the connectivity error.
  3. You can disable it then re-enable it to get your network connection within a few minutes after activating the configuration settings.
  4. You can wait until you get the IP address for your internet network. If the network connectivity remains, try to renew the IP configuration in the command prompt by following instructions.
  5. Finally, restart your computer to confirm if you have fixed your connectivity error.

Delete your Browsing Data & History

The next option is comparatively straightforward. You can clear up your temporary browsing history by using Clear Browsing Data in Chrome. It sometimes helps in refreshing internet settings without prior setting information into effect in case of error.

  1. For that, you can open up the Browsing Settings, then navigate the Browsing History. You can also opt for its shortcut [Ctrl + H].
  2. Next, “Clear Browsing Data” always appears on the left side of the history tab. Click on it to delete your browsing history.
  3. Browsing history entails several options that eliminate the confirmation of the time of browsing data. Select “beginning of time” under the head of Obliterate the following items. It encompasses
  • History of your browsing data,
  • Download history,
  • Cookies and other websites with plugin data,
  • Cached images and files.
  • Autofill form data and passwords for comfortable website access stored on the browser. It is for reducing the repetitive typing effort for data entry on websites.
  1. Next, click on the clear browsing data, then wait until it finishes its process.
  2. Restart your computer after having closed your Google Chrome. Then check your Google Chrome to confirm if it fixed your issue of err_network_changed. If you still have it, head forward again for the next option.

Change your Network setting using Google DNS

Google DNS is another option to change the network setting following the Change adapter options. Finally, at the right of the taskbar, Network Icon enables the Network Settings for connected internet. To do so, let’s follow the steps.

  1. Right-click on the Network icon that opens up all the available networks on your computer.
  2. Then click “Open Network & Internet Settings.”
  3. Click on “Change Adapter Options” in the app settings menu.
  4. Go to its configuration Properties by right-clicking the Change Adapter
  5. Next, check for Network properties like WiFi or Ethernet. It further opens the option of Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). Tick this option, then navigate its
  6. Select “Use the following DNS server addresses in the General tab.” Input the following DNS addresses for Prefered DNS server like [] and Alternate DNS server type: []. Check on ‘Validate setting upon exit’ afterward.
  7. Then, confirm your changed DNS setting by clicking “OK” at the bottom of the Windows.
  8. Finally, to check if the system resolves the error, restart your computer for not loading browsing pages.
  9. Close every opened tab in Google chrome as you reboot your system, and you may be able to fix it. For instance, if you didn’t Google Chrome or Youtube video not loading error, it indeed fixed your loading issue. A notification like ‘An error occurred, try again later’ may not appear for some time now.

Disable Your Network Proxy Settings

If any of the above methods seem unfunctional, try to disable your Proxy Settings that work for Wireless or Ethernet.

  1. Press Windows + R, then input inetcpl.cpl’ to open up the Internet Properties.
  2. Then navigate ‘Connections’ in the Internet Properties. Then choose the option of ‘LAN
  3. Next, untick the option of ‘Use Proxy Server For Your Lan‘ under the head of Proxy Server. Then, check ‘Automatically Detect Settings‘ to ensure automatic configuration for connecting your internet.
  4. Confirm your modified settings by clicking ‘OK‘ then reboot your computer.

Reinstall Your Network Driver to fix the err_network_changed error

A network adapter can be another helpful way to fix your network error. Reinstall your network adapter drivers for that reason. Device manager is the gateway to reinstall your driver.

  1. Press Windows + R, then run your ”devmgmt.msc’ command in your Run prompt Window.
  2. In the device available list, locate your network adapter, then expand its network list. Then look for your specific network adapter.
  3. Right-click on the selected network adapter, then click uninstall. It will ask for your confirmation. Select ‘Yes’ for confirmation; otherwise, click ‘No.’
  4. Finally, restart your computer, then connect your network again.
  5. If you find a problem with the reconnection, driver software cannot automatically install from the website. You then need to install it manually from the official website of the Manufacturer.
  6. Install it, then reboot your system. Hopefully, it will resolve your err_network_changed network error in your Google Chrome browser.

Troubleshoot the err_network_changed error by removing WLAN Profile Settings

The last option to fix your error is through Wireless LAN profiles. You can access your network setting for WLAN in the command prompt.

  1. Input “cmd” in the taskbar search tab. Then input “netsh wlan show profiles” in the command prompt and press Enter.
  2. Type the given command in the command prompt that helps delete all WiFi profiles.

    chrome err_network_changed
    chrome err_network_changed
  3. Now, repeat the above command for all Wireless profiles and then connect using WiFi once again.

Final Thought

Finally, wrapping up our thorough discussion, we successfully tested each method to troubleshoot the network setting error. Hopefully, it will help you resolve your network setting error using the above guide. However, feel free to contact us if you have any queries to let us know in the comment section available for your review.


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