Fair back-end developer hourly rates in today’s market

Every website and app needs back-end developers to ensure that the code behind the colorful UI is working as it’s supposed to, but you need to pay a fair market back-end developer salary if you want to attract the right staff. In this article, we’ll look at the back-end developer hourly rate for various countries so you can pay your developers what they are worth. 

Average back-end developer salary per country

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what back-end developers earn in different countries. You may notice that rates vary dramatically, but skills rarely do, so if you may want to consider offshoring to a country where development rates are cheaper. 

  1. The United States

The United States is a large country, and rates can vary from state to state. In a place like Tampa, a junior back-end developer might earn $30-$37 per hour, while middle developers charge $38 to $47 per hour. Senior coders can make $44-$57 per hour. However, in Silicon Valley, senior developers can earn anywhere from $73 to $100 per hour for their work, while junior programmers will charge $55 per hour. Specialties or special skills can also elevate that number. A full-stack developer can earn up to $80 per hour at mid-level, for example. 


A backend software developer’s salary in Toronto will be similar to that of the US. Junior developers will earn around $20 – $34 per hour, but their salaries will go up to $53-75 dollars as they become more adept at coding. Canada tries to keep rates low in their bid to become an attractive outsourcing hub for North America. Developers are in the same time zone and share a similar culture as the US. So even though costs are comparatively high compared to other outsourcing markets, it may be worth the expense. 

  1. Mexico

Mexico is an impoverished country, but they have reinvented itself as a tech hub of note. Developers are incredibly affordable. A back-end developer’s average salary may be around $17-$30 for a mid-level developer, making it very affordable for most companies. 

  1. Australia

Developer rates don’t really differ between cities in Australia. So expect to pay the same amount for a developer in Perth as you would in Sydney. The average junior developer earns $34 per hour, while a senior developer may earn up to $62 per hour. 


According to Payscale, the average software developer salary in New Zealand is around $25.18 per hour or $66,371 per year. Junior developers can expect to earn around $16. Senior developers can charge up to $41 per hour. 

  1. Germany 

Germany is a popular IT destination in Europe that can cater to small and medium businesses as well as large enterprise-level companies. Junior back-end developers can expect to earn around $16 per hour. While mid-level pros will ask $23 to $40. And senior developers can earn up to $65 for their work. 

  1. Poland

The Polish IT industry has done exceptionally well. Junior back-end developers will make around $10 per hour for their work, while senior-level coders can earn around $30. Polish IT skills are highly developed and in demand all around the world. While their rates are low, their work is exemplary. 


Ukraine has been a leader in modern outsourcing, with more than 4000 tech firms in the country. In Kyiv, a developer can earn around $5.5 as a junior, while middle-level programmers can earn up to $24 for the work. Senior coders will get around $26.5 for an hour’s work. 

  1. Egypt

Egypt is another popular outsourcing hub. Earnings are modest, with developers charging around $5 as beginners. And around $25 for seniors in places like Cairo or Alexandria. The time zone difference may be difficult for some to navigate through. 

  1. China

In China, back-end developers can earn around $12 per hour for their work and $25 as seniors. Chinese developers are in high demand because of their strong work ethic and commitment. Still, cultural changes can sometimes make it difficult for companies from the US/UK to collaborate with teams in China. 


Now you know what to expect in terms of a reasonable back-end developer salary, you can start recruiting or offshoring your back-end development project with confidence. 

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