Genshin Impact Change Password: How to Recover Lost Account

Are you locked out of your account since you cannot sign in to Genshin Impact?  The fact of hacked accounts is indeed very disturbing for every player. However, Genshin Impact Change password is worth noting features with eminent appearance bagging the Best Mobile Game Award in 2021. Mihoyo and Hoyoverse have grabbed millions of players in the distinguished Genshin impact game. So resetting your account password can let you enter the website login page, thanks to the insight into the exciting gaming environment.

How can you modify Genshin Impact Password for Desktop or mobile devices? If you’re curious about how to change your password or email credentials, go through all the details.  

Why am I locked out of my Genshin Impact Account?

There are some reasons you might be locked out of your Genshin Impact account, ranging from easy to more difficult. Visibly, you can be locked out if you enter the incorrect credentials too many times. Although, in this scenario, you should be able to reset your password. Except, when you registered your Account, you failed to link it to an email address you have to access.

Moreover, another unpleasant possibility is that your login details have been compromised, letting someone else access your Account and modify your security details. It almost goes without saying that you should never share your Account or your details with anyone else.

Eventually, whatever the reason behind your Account becoming locked, there are certain things you can do to gain access. Read on further to regain access.

change genshin impact password
change genshin impact password

(2) Methods for Changing the Genshin Impact Password

You can learn to use your Genshin account credentials to amend emails and passwords. It allows enabling players to maintain account access all the time.

You will find two ways to connect your Genshin account via email and password credentials. Desktop or mobile phones synchronize it. Use running Hoyoverse Account to login to proceed.

Why Is It Necessary to Change Password in Genshin Impact?

The following reasons can help you change your Genshim Impact account credentials to another password.

  • Lost email account access,
  • Used the wrong email address, or
  • Create a new account to reactivate the older email account.

Hoyoverse simplifies the mechanism of changing the password for Genshin Impact despite any specific reason.

how to change genshin impact password
how to change genshin impact password

How to Change Your Email Password in Genshin Impact via Desktop

Let’s get started with the essential one on your Desktop.

  1. Go through the official Genshim Impact Try to login to your account by feeding your account email and password.
  2. Next, go to “Account to navigate the Settings
  3. Login to your account again.
  4. Then navigate Account Here choose: Account Security Settings.
  5. Be ready to amend your email address with a correct email and select “modify link.”
  6. Then verification is the next step. To do that, send a verification code to the present email address.
  7. Submit the code after receiving it. Once you’ve verified it, you can then type your email address.
  8. The new verification code is incumbent to input to verify the revised email address.
  9. Then submit and complete the account verification process.
  10. Finally, you can login to the Genshin impact account using a new email address.
genshin impact password change
genshin impact password change

Change the Password for Your Genshin Impact Email Account Using Your Mobile Device.

An alternate way to access Genshim Impact can be through Mobile Phone.

  1. Navigate Paimon Menu when you are in Genshin Impact.
  2. Go to its Settings>Account>”Click to Proceed” next to User Centre >press Modify Link.
  3. It is time to verify the email address using the verification code to the subsequent redirecting webpage.
  4. Next, you can start on “Change” It lets you verify your email address, then click “Send Code.”
  5. Set a new password for your email id. Now check your email account to input the verification code. Once you have done it, then tap “Next.”
  6. Finally, log in to the Genshim Impact account email with your revised password.

How Can You Change Your Forgotten Genshin Impact Password?

It follows a similar process as you’ve learned above. If you lost or didn’t remember your Genshin password, try resetting it.

  1. To begin, first navigate Hoyoverse’s Official Website: <>
  2. Then select “Forgot Password?” that is present beneath the Log In
  3. Now input your email ID, then go ahead with its security verification.
  4. The verification process demands sending a code. Therefore press the Send Code”
  5. Next, it is time to enter the verification code you’ve received in your email account.
  6. Once you have verified it, it lets you update your password.

How Can You Recover Your miHoYo Account?

If you’re concerned about retrieving your lost Genshin Impact account, follow the steps in case your account didn’t interconnect with your email ID or any credential Social media account. Reviewing your account settings can be a helpful option while resetting your account password.

Account recovery can be a last resort if the Genshin Impact account cannot link with your email. Then, let’s get started with the following steps.

  • You can email the support center at with the “Account Recovery” subject line.
  • In return, you will get an automated generated email at your email id with the account Tretrieval
  • After completing your form, you can submit your form with your accurate information.

Sync Your Genshin Impact Mobile to Your Desktop

Genshin Impact is a well-synchronized gaming platform you can use on almost every compatible device. If you intend to switch your mobile Genshin impact, log in to another device like PlayStation and enjoy playing where you have left your gameplay. However, linking your device to the game can sometimes be complicated. Let’s begin with connecting your genshin impact gameplay from Mobile to Desktop PC.

  • Tap Paimon menu > Settings > Accounts > User Center
  • Then select the email option to verify your email account with its code to your email address.
  • Now, start playing the game once you’ve entered the code.

You can then open your desktop Genshin Impact email account once you have verified it. Initiate your effortless and compatible gaming experience on your Desktop.

Connect Your PS4 or PS5 Genshin Impact Account to Your Mobile Device

If you’re willing to connect your PlayStation Genshin Impact account to a mobile, look forward to how you can do it. Linking the PlayStation account always requires a newer email account as it is impossible to connect the game using an already existing Hoyoverse account for a desktop PC.

  • If you are using your PlayStation, start your game, then navigate Paimon Menu> options (three horizontal lines) on your console.
  • Then go to its Settings>Account> User Account > link Account option.
  • Now input your email address on the link account menu. Then send a verification code to register and verify the email ID.
  • Then check the linked account then verify the account via its code.
  • Finally, click “Link” to confirm the synchronization process. You can use a similar email address to continue progress while logging Genshin impact for Desktop PC or Mobile.

Tips to Secure Genshin Impact Account

Tips to Secure Genshin Impact Account
Tips to Secure Genshin Impact Account

There are a few tips that you can do to protect your Account so that it doesn’t get hacked by anonymous people.

Create a Unique password- always create a strong password comprised of capital letters, symbols, numbers, and lowercase letters. Never ever create a password similar to an email or passcode containing personal details like date of birth.

Connect Account- the second thing you can do is link the Account to your email, phone number, and username. Besides that, you can also link your genshin impact account to social media accounts.

Change Passwords often- the last thing you can do is modify your passwords often, this can surely make your Account secure, but it Is also unsafe to do if you are forgetful. But you can use the forgot password feature; it is far better than having your Account hacked by someone else.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    Why can’t you open your Genshin Impact?

It is important to note that you can’t sign in to the Genshin Impact account under server maintenance. It suggests that your game is under an updating mechanism that occurs around 42 hours and lasts 5 hours.

When you sign in again, Genshin Impact will reward you with almost 300 Primogems for the maintenance period. In the absence of server maintenance notification or trouble signing in to your email account, you can contact customer support at: <>.

In other availing options, you can run your game as an administrator by right-clicking the tile on your Desktop. Then shut down unnecessary apps that run in the background. You can even safelist your Genshin Impact in your Antivirus Software.

2.    Why is your Genshin Impact password not working?

If you face an issue of your favorite Genshin Impact not working or getting an error message while logging into your Genshin account. To resolve such a problem, you can change your password when you want to input account valid details when you want to login to your account. Change your password, then sign in to your Genshin account again. Then you might be feeding the correct credentials.

3.    How can you unlink your PlayStation account to GenshinImpact?

  • You can send an email to with “PSN Account Unlink Request
  • Then create a body content like “Hello! I’m emailing for Genshin impact PSN account unlink request“.
  • After 10 mins, you will getan email response. Sometimes, if you didn’t receive any response, then send it via another email account to unlink your account.
  • Go through the Genshin Impact support link that informs how you can unlink accounts. You can feed some relevant details like PSN account ID, its UID, Adventure Rank, PSN purchases, get 5-star characters, or acquired weapons.
  • Then you can wait for the process of unlinking your account until you receive the email response.
  • Finally, once you have finished unlinking, try relaunching Genshin Impact on your PSN.

That’s all there is to update your email account password with the essential information changing through PC or mobile phone.

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