Google Meet Grid View (How to Fix the Issues)

We were always irritated during the meeting as we could not see the profile or video of every individual, but now the extension of the google meet grid view makes it possible for us. The primary purpose of this feature is to make it easier for teachers, students, and office workers to their daily meetings. It provides two essential elements that everyone needs in a professional meeting. First, you can see all the present panel members on a single screen, and the other is to manipulate the layout. Moreover, sometimes it causes problems but does not worry about the issues. The blog will help you guide about the solutions of the google gr-id view.

What is Google Meet Gr-id View?

Grid view is the chrome feature that allows participants to video in equal size in a grid form for a meeting. Before it, when we used to attend the meeting, it would only show you the profile of 4, but this meet grid made it easy to show us every individual’s profile on a single screen. This extension is free for everyone, and you can also download it from Google Chrome. It will allow a button of a grid layout in a google meet.

How to Resolve the Google Grid View Issues

When you experience that your meet grid is not working during a conference. Here are some methods which will help you in solving the issue.

google meet grid view not working
google meet grid view not working

Solution 1:  Ensure the Extension is Installed Perfectly

Occasionally, the grid view does not work, and a problem occurs during the meeting. It is sometimes because of the extension as it is not installed successfully. Here are the steps to solve the issue.

  • Go to the google chrome
  • Then, select the three-dot icon, explore the more tools, and choose the extensions.
  • From the extension page, a check is there google met or not.
  • If you do not see the grid extension, install it again.

Solution 2: Ensure the Update of Extension

When you install the new version because the previous version of google meet grid view stops working, try to update the extension to solve the problem of google grid. To install or update the extension, you must delete it and install the latest version. The guide will help you to resolve the issue.

  • Go to the google meet. Go to the grid option on the right top when the screen is shown. Then, select the grid.
  • Next, you will see the new extension f the grid view. Move until you see the “Official Release.”
  • Then, enter the link of google chrome.
  • It will install the new extension in the menu bar.
  • Next, go to the extension page on Chrome to remove the previous grid.
  • Again start the meeting, and It will work fine after the procedure.

When the above methods do not work, you need to try the other extensions. You will find other similar extensions from Chrome.

Solution 3:  Re-enable And Disable the Extensions

You can easily enable or disable the extensions from web browsers. Follow the steps to remove or enable the extensions.

  • Choose the menu from the right corner of Chromes. Then select the “extensions” from the more tools option.
  • You can also type chrome:/extensions into the search bar or address bar.
  • Then, the browser will show you the list of extensions you have already installed.
  • Next, click the delete icon and select the extensions you want to delete.
  • If you want to remove the extension for a limited time, select the grid view in the box of “Enabled.” if you have done that, then restart your web browser.

How to Install Google Meet Grid View

Through chrome extensions, we can install the grid view on desktops. The extension lets you see the meeting members in a grid on a single screen. It makes it easy for teachers and students to access grid view from their student accounts as it is already installed in their accounts. Here are the steps to install the grid view options from Chrome.

Google meet grid view
Google meet grid view
  • Go to Chrome, then navigate to Next, you have to select the extensions at the top.
  • Type meet grid view in the search bar, then enter.
  • Select the add to chrome button next to the grid view.
  • Choose the extension, and then it will rearrange the camera views on the system.
  • When the chrome extension is installed, it will show in the upper corner of the window.

Using the google meet gr-id view

When you are done with the installation, now it’s time to use the extension of google. Follow the steps to use the extension.

  • Go to the meeting and join the google meet.
  • Then, you have to switch on the grid view option by clicking on the grid icon.
  • From the settings, select your preferences what you want, like only show participants with video, highlight speakers, include yourself in the grid, and enable grid view by default, or you can enable screen capture mode.

Activation of Google meet Grid View on Tablets and Mobile Phones

The grid view feature is not available for smartphones, but still, people can use these features on phones by two approaches. First, they can use it by the web browser on their smartphone instead of the app. You can now enable the desktop mode or by request desktop site in the browser. Then, enter the google meeting and change the layout setting as you did on the desktop.

The next possible approach for gr-id view is participating in a meeting using the google meet app. If you enabled the “tiled” layout option on the desktop, ask them to share their screen with the meeting members.


Google meet grid view is a fantastic feature that helps business people and teachers interact with their audience quickly. It shows every individual on a single screen for a conference. Sometimes, people blame the extension is not working correctly. So, this blog explained the possible solutions to the problem. Let inform us which solution is most suitable.

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