Best Halo Infinite Weapons (A Complete List)

Halo Infinite has always been popular for its ultimate range of iconic weapons, and every weapon has its own strength and weak point depending on the situation or game mode. Some of the weapons are more overpowered, but every player has the same chance of getting the weapons during gameplay. So, to get the weapon, you have to keep your eyes peeled in multiplayer, as the guns are only present as pick-ups on maps in big team battles and in several arena modes.

In addition, you have the opportunity to select weapons from any of the FOB locations. Still, you may also discover special variants of targets and stronger weapons in missions. Moreover, its special ambiance, weapons, and graphics make Halo a legendary game. So here on this blog, we will walk you through all the ranked weapons. Let’s Start.

Best Weapons of Halo Infinite (10+ Weapons)

halo infinite best weapons
halo infinite best weapons

Halo Infinite features a surplus of amazing weapon’s that make the gameplay more enjoyable. Each weapon falls into one specific sub-genre of weapons, both of which have a vast collection of different functions. To obtain those killstreaks in Halo Infinite, you will have to learn which weapon’s are more powerful. So let’s discuss the top weapons in the game.

1. Needler

It’s not the Halo with no needler, as it is the traditional Covenant weapon that has stayed in the series since the first release of the Halo Adventure. But later, Needler comes up with the essential improvements. But since Halo 3, Needler has been altered to enhance its overall power on the battlefield, and now it is considered the most reliable weapon. Moreover, every needle causes 70 damage, so maintaining high-quality accuracy in aspiring down the reticle is a must with the Needler.

2. Pulse Carbine

The pulse carbine functions as a burst-firing plasma rifle and is mainly used by the Banished. It does not have any typical bullets rounds but instead has an energy that measures how much leftover power it has left. Similarly, the burst energy projectiles can follow their target & and inflict up to 1250 damage on impact. Moreover, it has a little zoomed scope for some long-range action, but it is the best perfect fit for the medium range.

3. VK78 Commando: Halo Infinite Weapons

VK78 Commando functions in a game as an automatic tactical rifle that deals with kinetic damage. It is an accurate weapon, which means it can inflict headshots on unprotected targets & homicide them immediately. Moreover, if you have ever used the Pokemon jargon, you could definitely say that VK78 Commando is the advanced BR75 battle rifle. The Commando fires a single shot frequently but with a low rate and works better as a long-range option, mainly with its 2x scope. Similarly, Commando needs patience & care to succeed because of its heavy recoil. In addition, the long-range rifle holds 60 bullets in the magazine & 20 in every separate clip.

4. Shock Rifle

Another weapon in the world of Halo is the Shock Rifle, which can be very hazardous in the right (or wrong) hands and comprises 12 shots in every clip. It also has three electrified rounds at a time that will cause a secondary shock effect to the inflicted enemy and other surrounding enemies. Moreover, the shock rifle result will cause extra damage, but it will also fall on the other enemies that are nearest to the area. In addition, it will also cause significant damage and is a reliable way to get multi-kills in tight areas or against grouped-up enemies.

5. CQS48 Bulldog

If you wish to get up close and personal, there is no better weapon than the CQS48 Bulldog. The shotgun gives out shocking damage up close and inflicts about 1,000 damage per shot. Furthermore, even with the headshots, you cannot record any immediate kills with it, but combining the shotgun with a melee hit is a definite takedown. If you are using the shotguns in Halo Infinite, then they will always be a little overpowered in multiplayer, and the trend surely continues in the game with the Bulldog.

6. Dueler Energy Sword: Halo Infinite Weapons

You can find the best weapon in the halo world. The energy sword was vividly introduce in Halo 2 as one of the most effective weapons. It is used to kill instantly with a diving motion to get near the enemies. In addition, there is an energy percentage linked to the sword that operates as an indicator of how long you can use the weapon. In contrast, some players favor the Gravity Hammer. Moreover, the energy sword takes the cake as the better melee weapon because the hammer may not slaughter an enemy when you strike.

7. S7 Sniper

Halo Infinite proposes a few long-range weapon options, but no one is near the S7 Sniper. Since the start, this typical weapon has remained a staple in the Halo universe. Moreover, each shot of the S7 Sniper wreaks about 1,000 damage regardless of where it strikes, unless it is a headshot. The S7 will drop the opponent’s Spartans with one shot to the head or two shots to the body. Furthermore, the weapon only has four shots in each clip, so don’t be a Thor and aim for the head.

8. M41 SPNKR

The M41 is a rocket launcher that brings a massive amount of chaos & damage with it. It is one of the most strongest weapons that work in Halo infinite & stands on top above all. Moreover, you only need little skills to save kills with the rocket launcher & make the weapon more incredibly useful & absolutely annoying.

Hence, it covers a vast area that can be a good & a bad thing. Enemies can be hit, even though a rocket does not create a direct band, but it also means that it is straightforward to kill yourself in the Game if you are not cautious. Furthermore, it can be found at several guns spawns with a 20 seconds timer before they are present. Thus, the M41 SPNKR rocket launcher is the best weapon of the Halo infinite, yet it has two rockets in a clip joint with an enormous amount of destruction.

9. MA40 Assault Rifle

Without the perpetual assault rifle, a halo infinite would be incomplete. The MA40 rifle is one of the best jack of all trades options available to Halo multiplayer players. It operates at a high rate of fire, has a 36-round magazine, and decent handling, creating a flexible close-range weapon. It does good by giving reliable damage at close and medium ranges due to its automatic firing. Moreover, it is weaker than other precision weapons when outside of its range. And does not create much destruction.

10. MK50 Sidekick

It has the ability to do fine chunks of precision destruction and has a quickfire rate. Moreover, it has a 12-round magazine and a high fire rate for a semi-automatic gun. And it is a great sidearm that’s perfect for finishing weakened enemies off. It can also act as a reliable primary weapon. So, it is less useful in that role in contrast to more focused options.

Top Multiplayer Weapons of Halo Infinite

kinetic weapons halo infinite
kinetic weapons halo infinite

Let’s discuss some of the major weapons that players use in multiplayer.

11. BR75 Battle Rifle

This weapon was first introduced in Halo 2 and immediately became a favorite among the Halo players for its accuracy and high damage output, contrasted with the MA40 assault rifle. Unlike the MA40, the BR75 is a burst rifle that aims for accuracy, particularly with headshots. If all three shots are linked to your target, the battle rifle wreaks around 390 damage. Moreover, the MA40 has a little zoomed-in “scope.” But the BR75 has the proper scope to be competent in the long-range. Thus, it depends on your style of play, as the battle rifle is usually chosen as a preferred starting weapon over the MA40 assault rifle.

12. Mangler: Halo Infinite Weapon

You can discover Mangler from the high-value Brute targeting the Balkarus. It is like a pistol-shotgun, creating a good pairing with a long-range gun in your other weapon slot. The Mangler can fire fast and has quite a large magazine. So, you can easily injure enemies quite effectively with this one. Moreover, Mangler can be very productive up close, but its shot spreads a lot when fired at anything more than the close side of mid-range.

13. Skewer: Halo Infinite Weapons

The Skewer is a high-powered spike launcher that will immediately kill anyone who regrettably finds themselves on the receiving end. It comes with the launch of the Banished in Halo Infinite. Furthermore, unlike the M41 SPNKR rocket launcher, the Skewer only has one spike fully loaded every time. Thus, it would help make the one-shot count, as you might not get any other chance with the somewhat long reload time. Moreover, it has a double zoom scope for long-range use.

14. Rocket Launcher

It works great if we need multi-kills in quick play arena matches and operates well against vehicles in large team battles. It is considered an all-around vicious powerhouse, so ensure that you do not blow yourself up.

15. HeatWave

You can use heatwaves if you are going for any Close-range fights. It can consistently execute enemy Spartans in just two shots by using the vertical shot pattern, & some fluky recoil helps you out, and you can toggle to the horizontal pattern for clusters of opponents.

16. Cindershots

It is the best anti-spartan grenade launcher, and it takes a little skill to get used to. Still, it can be deadly in the proper hands. When you get familiar with its projectile velocity, guidance, and bouncing, you will constantly land two direct hits and clear up the whole team in a quick play.


The weapons of Halo Infinite make the gameplay more interesting, and the game has so many different weapons that have their own strengths and powers. Moreover, weapons always provide you with an essential advantage in battle. If you use an M41 SPNKR against the enemy, they will beg you for mercy. Hence, we have mentioned all the top weapons in the game for you. So go through it and comment to us about your favorite Halo weapon.

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