Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Box (Investing for Getting Treasure)

Are you playing with hidden fates elite trainer box made from gold flacks print? This gold flacks print amaze you more and make choosy you. Besides that, celebrities and YouTubers endorse this ET box because it has more increasing value and popularity. So it has the right to stay popular as the celebrity of Hollywood like Tom Cruise.

The hidden Pokemon fates elite box is one of the most popular sets that have special cards of sets. The box includes everything you need to get started in the trainer card game and has some valuable cards. The ET box is worth over $200 nowadays and investing in this game is totally worth it. In this article, we will tell you what the worth value or ETB is or should you invest in it or not.

What Is Pokemon Elite Trainer Box

The Pokemon elite trainer box is a fantastic Pokemon trading card game that includes three rare cards. In addition, there are additional items available in this ET box, such as booster packs, pokemon trading card games, and many more. The idea of this TCG project was to bring people back into the game in another way, like in their childhood collection game time.

The items are packaged in a strong cardboard box with gold foil lettering on the outside of the box. Three rare cards and a special card featuring Pikachu design belong to a popular film series of detective Pikachu available inside the box. Furthermore, the Elite trainer box is a monthly box of training supplements tailored to your needs.

The company has already produced 58 Pokemon elite trainer boxes, and the newest one, the brilliant stars box, will come in February of 2022. In addition, some pro boxes have more advanced supplements that require membership with a personal trainer program that could lead you to how to play with it.

What is the Value of Investing in the Elite Trainer Box?

I can assure you of the worth value of investing in the hidden Pokemon fates elite trainer box. When I saw this ET box, this was so amazing with the colors, boosters, cards, and many more. In addition, the trading card game has spectacular GX cards with shiny effects cards. If you love Pokemon and are a fan of older generations of Pokemon, you should undoubtedly pick up this collection.

pokemon hidden fates elite trainer box
pokemon hidden fates elite trainer box

If you are interested in a monetary standpoint, you should also get this fantastic collection of ETB. This is because the value of hidden Pokemon ETB has risen. Currently, if you want to buy online from eBay, you have to pay around the $100-$110 mark, which is approximately $20-$30 in retail price.

The online eBay website is the best bet to get an elite trainer box. But, when the elite trainer box restocks on the website, it will all the gone in the next moment. Because retailers buy all the products and they sell out frequently.

Before the original reprinting of the elite trainer box, the sellers increase their price range. At the end of the stock, the printed box price will decrease automatically, profitable to the customers. If you succeed in purchasing one, you may be able to make some money keeping the box. However, the real value of cards is available inside the box.

Are you Getting Profit from Pokemon Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Box?

The elite trainer box has many chase cards, and it includes Glaceon GX, Mewtwo GX, and the most apparent shiny Charizard GX. The Charizard is the most valuable card in the box, and this card goes for over $600. If this card is about to be graded by a professional, then this card sells for over $1300.

pokemon hidden fates elite trainer box stores
pokemon hidden fates elite trainer box stores

Similarly, if you manage to pull other cards like Glaceon GX or Cynthia, these two cards have low sell, approximately $130, and if it graded, then the price would be higher in the future. A shiny Charmander card, for instance, can fetch you $40, with a graded version selling for over $130. Again, these cards are going for high prices, including Altaria, Garchomp, and Lucario.

Bagging these cards depends on luck, just like before. However, the odds of pulling one of these elusive cards (or more) are much better than pulling a GX card.

The Hidden Fate booster boxes include a guaranteed full art promotional Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos GX card, which retails for roughly $25. Thus, even if you pay more than $100 for an ETB, the value of the valuable cards alone makes the set well worth acquiring.

Even if you do not get the mythical Charizard, you can probably profit from some of the cards in the set. In addition, the set’s value will rise with any collectible as supplies run out, adding even more value to the collection.

What Comes in Hidden Pokemon Elite Trainer Box

The hidden elite trainer box was released on September 20, 2019, featuring Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres with exclusive promo cards. In addition, this elite trainer box comes with 10 booster packs alongside attractive Pokemon TCG accessories that you can get after buying this elite trainer box. So, what exactly is included in a Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Box? The box includes:

pokemon tcg hidden fates elite trainer box
pokemon tcg hidden fates elite trainer box
  • Pokemon 10 Hidden fates booster packs
  • An exclusive foil promo card is featured with Moltres, Zapdos, and many more.
  • 65 sleeves card is featured with the same as mentioned above.
  • Pokemon 45 TCG energy cards
  • A beginner to advanced level hidden fates guide
  • Colorful six damage counter dice
  • The legal coin-flip die 1 competition
  • Two acrylic condition markers and 1 acrylic TAG TEAM GX marker
  • A box with 4 dividers for holding everything and keeping things organized.
  • The Pok√©mon Trading Card Game Online code card

What Is the Difference Between Hidden & Shining Fates?

The hidden fates elite trainer box was released in August 2019, and shinny fates were released on February 19, and the remaining product of this shinny fates was released on March 5. The price of each product varies as the demand for the product increases, and products are in short supply. However, this shining fates product’s demand is less matched than hidden fates and possibly even exceeds it. But Hidden Fates launched, Pokemon is much more popular today than it was then. However, because of containing similar sets with the high demand, players consider shining fates have some serious potential. It depends on how you participate in the hobby for collecting appeal to make money for people.


In conclusion, the hidden fates elite trainer box is worth able for the investment. The box has many standouts cards that have a golden shiny effect. Luckily, it allows making a handsome profit from it after playing with these cards. This ET box approximately has ten booster cards alongside Pokemon TCG. If you are a huge fan of Pokemon, buy this ETB because it is worth your money, and money will become your honey. Whom you already have this ET box, please let me know in the comment.


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