How Old Is This Phone: 6 Ways To Find Out

Are you buying a second-hand phone? You might be curious to figure out how old is this phone or wondering its manufacturing date. Regrettably, it is not upfront to sort out this issue. However, it is easy to find out when the mobile was launched, but finding when the mobile was manufactured is entirely another thing. It is probably possible that the mobile you are purchasing or using was produced a year after it was launched.

Every smartphone is made with different criteria. So, you can check diverse methods to see how old your mobile is. Let’s check the details to know more to sort out this issue.

Why is it Important to Know the Phone’s Age?

However the phone’s release date is well known, but the phone could have been manufactured months or even after the release. There are different reasons why you may want to check how old this phone is.

  • It may give you insight into how secure and powerful your device is. Old phones are generally less secure as compared to new smartphones.
  • The phone’s age is essential in determining the resell value. However, the new models will probably fetch more money if you want to sell your phone.
  • One of the most important factors is that your mobile battery life reduces with age.

How to Check the Age of Phone: 6 Different ways

How old is my phone

There are many ways to find out how old your smartphone is. You can check it on your buying receipt that you get when you are purchasing your mobile. Moreover, you can also quickly find out any mobile device’s age by checking the details.

Here are the methods to find your mobile device’s age easily, so let’s see the details.

1) Find the Oldness of your Phone via Device Settings

You will find the production date of your smartphone settings application. But it remains different from brand to brand. In some of the phones, they have a clearly noticeable production date. While in some smartphones, you will see it in the phone’s serial number.

So, let’s see the steps to check the production date of your smartphone:

  • You have to open your smartphone and tap on the settings.
  • A list will pop up on your smartphone screen.
  • Now select the About mobile.
  • Then you will see the serial number of your handset device.

Device settings

If you are using the iPhone, the third digit of the serial number tells you the year of your iPhone’s invention. At the same time, the fourth and fifth digits of the serial number initiate the week of that year.

Meanwhile, if you are a Samsung user, the fourth and fifth digits of your phone’s serial number reflect the month and year in which your phone device production has been completed.

2) Discover the Manufacture Date of Your smartphone

If you are looking for how old your mobile is. You have to check the box in which your smartphone was packed. In many devices, the production date will be written on the box.

When you are unboxing your mobile, you notice that there is a white label on the box. A symbol or barcode is printed on that sticker, and the production date of the mobile is also concealed on the sticker.

Despite the fact when searching for the production date on that box. You have to make sure to match the IMEI number and that the number written on the sticker or label is the same; if both numbers are the same, the income that the device’s production is accurate.

However, the manufacturing date is incorrect if the numbers are not matched. In that case, you can try another option to find out.

3) Try Chipmunk Website to Check Age of your phone

The online tool (Chipmunk) server offers you to find out the production date and week of your smartphone. This third part tool is convenient to use, and you can access this website on your windows, MacBook, iPhone, and Android mobile.

Here are the steps you can follow to use the chipmunk application.

  • First of all, you have to open chrome on your device.
  • Now type Chipmunk in the search bar.
  • Then you need to type your phone’s serial number into the input area.
  • After that, tap on the let the informative zine.

Chipmunk website

  • Now a new window page will be seen on your device screen.
  • Here you see the production of the week and the year of your device.

4) Use Manufacturing Code 

Another hack to check the age of your smartphone is trying the manufacturing codes. But this Hack has a problem because it can work on devices with OEM (original equipment manager) specific and model specific. However, when you enter the code, the manufacturing codes will respond on many devices.

Follow the steps to find out how much older your smartphone is.

  • First of all, open your mobile and navigate to the dialler
  • Here you need to type and dial any one of the codes(*#197328640#*) or (*#*#197328640#*#*) or (*#0000#).
  • After that, the Service menu will open on your screen.
  • Then tap on the menu version information and click on the hardware version.
  • Now you will see the exact manufacturing date of your smartphone.

5) Check Phone AGE BY IMEI

If you are interested in knowing your smartphone’s activation date, there is another option to check your Phone’s IMEI number. To do that, you can use an online application or another method. So here is the guide you can follow to see your Phone’s IMEI number.

  • At first, open your phone and navigate to chrome.
  • On the search bar, type IMEI and enter.
  • After that, the IMEI tool will open on your phone’s screen.
  • Now type your Phone’s IMEI number and tap on the select check
  • Enter or fill the captcha to go next.
  • Then select the Warranty check. Now, you can see the activation date of the device.

NOTE: This tool (IMEI) also gave you instructions like your phone’s warranty status, model number, and brand production date where it is manufactured.

6) Investigate the Person whom you Buy your Mobile

Another option for you is to identify how old your mobile is. You can ask the person or shop retailer whom you purchase your phone. The retailer will keep the records of sold products. So, it is easy for you to pull up their records. When you investigate the seller, they might ask you for the receipt or other information they use to find the records of when you purchased your smartphone or any device.

What to do when These Hacks Don’t Work?

Alas! You are in a problem because these hacks are not working on your mobile. However, Google is everybody’s best friend. So, it is good for you to navigate to google for help on how old your mobile is. Do follow the below guide to find out.

Try the Google Dashboard: Googli Friend

  • Log in to your Google account by typing the email and password.
  • On the top right side, you will see your profile. Tap on that.
  • Here you will choose the google account.
  • On that page, you will see an option data and privacy tap on that.
  • Here Roll down and click on the google dashboard.

The google dashboard tells you your smartphone’s registration date, activation date, and many more pieces of information.

How To Check the Manufacturing Date of iPhone

how old is my phone

If you are an iPhone user, It is suitable for you because there are several ways to check your phone’s age. So, if you want to check the manufacture date of your iPhone, see the phone’s serial number in your phone’s settings application.

In the upward section, we already tell you the steps you can follow to see the serial name. We also share the representation of the serial number on the iPhone device.

Another way to check the manufacture date of your iPhone is by using the online tool Chipmunk. You can follow the upward guide in which we already shared how you can use it to know the manufacturing date.


Q1. Can I Check how Old my LG Phone is?

Of course, you can easily see when your LG mobile is manufactured. First, Install the LG mobile info application from the app store. After downloading the application there, you can see the manufacture date.

On the other hand, there is another way you can use to check the age of your mobile. Use the IMEI checker application to know about that. We have already shared how you can use this (IMEI) application.

Q2. Do You Want to Check the Phone’s Manufacture date?

You can see a sticker on the box of the Motorola mobile where you will see the symbols and production date of the mobile on that label.

However, there is an alternate way to check the manufacture date on the Motorola mobile. So, open the setting on your device, then check your phone’s serial number. In the upward section, we have instructed all details on checking the manufacture date in your mobile settings.

Q3. How to identify when was this phone activated?

You can check the activated date of your phone in different ways. You can dial *#06# on your phone to get its IMEI number or open settings > About phone (or My Phone) to check it. Go to info on your browser, and click Warranty & Activision STATUS on the page. If they support your brand, you’ll see their confirmation.

Wrapped Up

Do you have any doubt about how old is your Smart Phone? Don’t look here and there. Just use any of the above methods to clear your doubts. Let us tell which of the above methods fixed your problem in the comment section. Moreover, you can freely tell us if your suspicions are not cleared. We will help you out.

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