How Social Media Helps The Human Race

It will be foolish to doubt the huge importance of social media on the human race. What was once just a thought in a smart and dedicated person’s brain has now become a phenomenon that is received well by many in the world. In fact, when we say many, we mean a lot! And by a lot, we mean more than half of the world’s population! Yes, that is true; social media is used by more than four out of the eight billion people living on the crust of this planet. However, by any means, that will not be the most shocking figure about social media. The most surprising figure is the amount of time we spend on social platforms. According to research, that figure amounts to a couple of hours give or take. Taking out the hours for commuting, working, sleeping, and other necessary chores, one will not face difficulty in deciphering that social media takes a pretty significant chunk of our lives!

Considering how big of an impact social media is having on us, it only makes sense that we often find ourselves talking about it. While some of us like to have dinner table discussions on the top social media platforms in the world, the rest of us like to indulge in topics that are of a bit more philosophical nature like the impact of social media on the human race. In the case that you belong to the portion of the population we mentioned last, trust us when we say that you are at the ideal web page as we will be delving deeper into what effect social platforms have had on us. In specific, we will be looking into their positive impact.

Keeping In Touch

Remember the times when we used to say bye to our friends from universities like we were never going to see each other ever again in our lives? After all, students in American colleges came from all parts of the world and there was no way any of us had both the time and money on our hands to go visit every one of our classmates in the future. This is why it was assumed that it was goodbye forever.

Fast forward to now and things have completely changed. We can talk to each other no matter how far away we are. Social platforms such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp allow us tovideo call, message, and call anyone at any time for free. And that is not it. Even if we do not directly want to communicate with all our friends all the time to know how they are doing, we can simply know more about their current state of being through the 24-hour stories many social media platforms allow. Just know that to upload stories or video call friends, you need to have top-notch internet. We would, in our humble opinion, advise going for Xfinity internet. Xfinity ensures reliability as well as speed in connection.

Versus Oppressive Regimes

There is no doubting that social media is super beneficial for all sorts of things related to generating more awareness about and organizing campaigns. Let us just take the example of Russia at the moment. If social media did not exist, none of the average citizens of Russia would have known what kind of atrocities their government was committing in Ukraine. This is because all news stations and press are restricted by the government and anyone who tries to report against the interest of the authorities is punished either by the shutting down of the media house or even by criminal proceedings against the key stakeholders in the media house. Fortunately, because of social media, now Russians have access to what is happening in Ukraine and they can take action against happenings.


Another advantage of social media has to be the education that we can gain out of it. We get to see amazing quotes from great people all the time on social media that enlighten us. Alongside, we also see a lot of videos on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook through which we learn more about ourselves as well as the world around us.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, by now, you understand why social media is still praised by many even after scandals like Cambridge Analytica.

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