How To Answer Phone With Airpods on iPhone & Android

Do you want to know how you can answer a phone call via Airpods without picking up your cell phone? You are at the right place. Follow the below guide.

Technology has progressed effectively in the previous years, providing many tools and gadgets to us. The wireless technology provides independence from the twisting wires. As a matter of fact, the radio receiver earbuds are the most popular gadget nowadays.

The most popular wireless hand free in the marketplace is Airpods. However, it is a perfect resolution for wireless communication that is not tangled to any device and is very simple to use. You just have to attire the buds, connect with your device through Bluetooth and start to answer or make calls.

Moreover, there are a lot of things that you can do with these wireless earbuds. This post shares how you can receive phone calls through Airpods without picking up your phone. So let’s hover to learn about it.

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Significant Points

  • If you want to answer phone calls with your AirPods, you have to connect your AirPods and other devices through Bluetooth.
  • There are diverse methods you have to apply for different Airpods models.
  • You can use the Siri command to make and receive a call from your Airpods.

How do Apple Airpods Work?

Airpods are radio receivers or wireless earbuds that deliver hand-free statements that use Bluetooth connectivity with your phone, tablet, laptop, or other devices. Airpods can use to answer and cut calls, regulate volume, and start and pause music-deprived influences with your connected devices.

Though, the rudimentary function of any earbuds model is to connect with your desired able devices like your smartphone and laptop from Bluetooth expertise. However, many features of Airpods are contingent on your model of Airpods.

Similarly, the Airpods have sufficient offers for you; for instance, quality audio sound, spontaneous music, and call control come with a charging case and lightning charging aptitudes.

Moreover, the innovative models of Airpods are more up-to-date with technology that offers to operate with Siri command, water confrontation, sound annulment, and extended Battery life that depends on selected models.

How to Answer Phone Calls with Airpods Different Models?

If you have Apple Airpods, you definitely want to regulate its settings to attend to and decline the phone calls. But it would help if you remembered that different models are available in the marketplace. Also, all models work and function similarly, but that is not right.

Here we have shared different versions of the AirPods model that you can purchase with different features, functions, and prices.

  • Airpods 1st Generation
  • Airpods 2nd Generation and Airpods Pro
  • Airpods 3rd Generation and Airpods Max

So let us hover over how to respond incoming calls from your phone with different models of Airpods.

How to Receive Phone Calls Via Airpods 1st Generation?

Receive Phone Calls Via Airpods 1st Generation?
Receive Phone Calls Via Airpods 1st Generation?


The First Generation of Airpods was introduced in 2017, and they are still available in the market if you hunger to purchase them. Unfortunately, they will be stereotypically used and renovated.

However, if you have it and want to use them or don’t know how you can answer incoming calls so, do follow the steps to understand it.

  • Step 1: First of all, connect your Airpods with your desired device from Bluetooth.
  • Step 2: Now wear your Airpod first Generation. Then double press the multi-function touch button on any earbuds to attend a call. That’s it.

How to Answer Phone with Airpods (2nd Gen) & Pro?

Phone with Airpods (2nd Gen) & Pro
Phone with Airpods (2nd Gen) & Pro


The second Generation of Airpods and Airpods Pro are more progressive in technology and was introduced in 2019. They have additional incredible features like water resistance and premium audio than first-generation AirPods.

However, the 2nd Generation of Airpods is straightforwardly available in the market if you want to purchase it. Below are the steps we have collective if you want to airpod to answer incoming phone calls on your second Generation of Airpods.

  • Step 1: Connect your Airpods with the device you are using through BlueTooth.
  • Step 2: Then, attire your second Generation of Airpods and Pro. To receive a phone call, tap on the side button on any earbud. That’s it.

How to Answer Phone with Airpods (3rd Generation) & Max?

Phone with Airpods (3rd Generation) & Max
Phone with Airpods (3rd Generation) & Max


The third Generation of Airpods is the latest model of Apple Airpods and was announced in the year 2021. At the same time, Airpods Max was publicized in 2020. This newer model has three-dimensional audio, six hours of listening time on a single charge, and also 30 hours of listening time in a charging case.

Moreover, it also includes a perfect force sensor that controls music and incoming phone calls. So, if you like to know how to receive phone calls using the third Generation Airpods and Max.

  • Step 1: At first, join your Airpods with the device you are using through Bluetooth.
  • Step 2: Now, wear your earbuds. Then press the force sensor that you will see on the stem to receive a call.

Use Siri to Recieve the Phone with Airpods

  • To use Siri on the first Generation of Airpods double tap on your earbuds to activate Siri. Then wait for its chime. After that, command your request to answer the phone call.
  • Suppose you have the second Generation of Apple Airpods and want to receive a phone call using Siri. So, at first, set your AirPods by double tapping on any of your earbuds. After activating Siri, then command your request to attend the call.

How to Pair Airpods Pro to your Android

Before answering any calls, you will first have to pair the airpods to your android device. For this, insert your airpods in their case, then press and hold the button on the back of the case. A white LED light should begin blinking slowly on the front of the case. When you have done this, apply the below steps to pair the devices.

  • Open the drop-down menu on your Android.
  • Then, hold the Bluetooth button to access Bluetooth options. You can also do this via the settings menu if you would prefer.
  • Now, search for new Bluetooth devices under Bluetooth options.
  • After that, choose your airpods pro from the list of options.

If you have earlier connected the earbuds to an Apple device, ensure to go back to the device and select “Forget this Device” in the Bluetooth options. Remember that omitting this step will stop the airpods pro from connecting to your Android smartphone.

Restrictions of Using Airpods for Android Calls

It is worth noting that using airpods pro on Android gives you all the significant features. You will also be able to use Apple’s Siri assistant to make calls using only your voice. Although Siri is not accessible on Android devices, the earbuds will not identify the “Hey Siri” command. You will have to do that from your android phone directly.

Answering Calls on Android with Airpods

When your phone begins ringing, you can answer the call by using the force sensors on either of your two earbuds. Just click once on the sensor on one of the two earbuds to answer the call. Once you are done chatting and wish to end the call, press the force sensor once again.

Why Can’t I Answer Phone Calls on Airpods? Hacks

Phone Calls on Airpods Hacks
Phone Calls on Airpods Hacks


Sometimes we happenstance some glitches or troubleshooting when we receive phone calls from Airpods. Our team researched for you and found some reasons that caused troubleshooting to receive the phone calls.

Below the section, we have instructed some techniques and hacks you can smear to attend to or receive calls from Airpods.

·         Re-enable the Bluetooth on your Device

Try to turn on and then off the Bluetooth connection from your device. After that, check to answer a phone call and grasp if it’s working or not.

·         Crisscross the Volume of your Airpods

Occasionally the volume of your AirPods might be low-slung or mute, which can cause you to ponder that your device is not working. Try to tap the volume up button to raise the volume and then check to receive a phone call to see whether it’s working.

·         Reorganize your AirPods

Try to undo your Airpods from scratch, and put the earbuds in the charging case. Then close the case and unpair them with Bluetooth. After that, connect them again through Bluetooth, but the earbuds should keep in the case. However, this method is one of the most effective hacks.

·         Reset the Internet Settings

When the internet is not properly functioning, you might be grappling to answer phone calls on Airpods. If you encounter a comparable issue, try resetting your network connection settings. After resetting the internet settings, check to receive a phone call to see whether this technique works.

  •    Resetting Airpods

Resetting your airpods is one of the most efficient solutions. First, you have to unpair your airpods from your linked devices. Then, try to reconnect them from the start. To do this, you must open your Airpods Bluetooth settings on your iPhone & choose to forget this device. To reconnect, you have to bring your airpods near your phone, open the case, and pair your airpods.

·         Update the Software on your Device

Suppose your phone, laptop, or any other devices are consecutively an out-of-date version. In that case, it can probably originate the connectivity and troubleshoot to answer or receive the calls through your Airpods. So try to update your connected device to work appropriately.

Wrapping Up

All thanks to Apple’s establishment for this unbelievable merchandise like Airpods. in this technology era, wireless earbuds are definite for any use, like professional, personal, and more.

However, to answer and make calls when your hands are full or driving your car, the Airpods are one of the best solutions or products for anyone.

In this post, we share all the details on how you can answer phone calls with Airpods of different models. So let us know in the comment box whether you like this post.

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