How To Be The Imposter In Among Us Every Time

If being familiar with this mysterious game, then you probably know what it feels like when one is an among-us imposter every time. Although you also want yourself to be an imposter each time, don’t you – However, this game is all about crazy deception. Though there are many aspects of this game that make it even more fun but being an imposter tends to be the best part so far.

If you are good with suspicious activities, this game perfectly suits you. Instead, there are two roles either you’ll be a crewmate who performs simple tasks or an imposter who kills crewmates. According to a survey, there is only a 10% chance of becoming an imposter though you end up being a crewmate instead.

Moreover, 10 players can play this game in a given time, and it’s hard for you to become an imposter consistently. But we have some hacks which will help you make this dream possible.The fun part of being an imposter is that you fool your friends as crewmates and kill them without letting them know you are the Imposter.

In this article, we’ll be going to cover techniques that somehow grow your chances of being an among-us imposter every time.

100% Working Tricks Always Make You an Imposter in Among-Us

Tricks Always Make You an Imposter in Among-Us
Tricks Always Make You an Imposter in Among-Us

After studying too much and get-together with various among-us players, we gathered some useful information. However, These are some tricks that probably work with every among us users and have a success ratio of 100%.

1.     Change your Among-USUsername

You might be thinking how that’s linking with this, but it works 100%. Many people share their views on among-us discord and other social media communities that it often happens that whenever a user changes his username, he’ll become an imposter. However, if you still get confused, then why not try it on your own – Likewise, follow the process of changing a username underneath.

  1. Open the game and click on account at the left middle of the screen with the game character on top.
  2. Tap on change name, type any unique name in the section and tap Confirm.
  3. You are all good to start your game, and you’ll surely be an imposter this time.

2.     Make your own lobby

You won’t believe I have done this trick 3 times simultaneously and got a spot of Imposter every time. However, all the tricks told here may not work for some people, but it works most of the time. Therefore, to create your own lobby simply look for the procedure down below.

  1. Launch your game application and click on Create Game under the host option.
  2. Follow the on-screen instruction and choose your best settings, like how many imposters you want, how many players, etc.
  3. After entering the lobby, wait for all the players. Maybe it sounds cheesy, but you need to light the game character’s skin color by going to Wardrop inside customize option.

What I get from this trick is that choosing a light color for our character gives the game algorithm a peaceful gesture. Maybe the game itself reverses the gesture and makes you the Imposter.

3.     Walk round and round to be an imposter

The among-us game is designed in a way that it makes an imposter to those who it feels look suspicious. However, roaming round and round to the laptop in the lobby signals the algorithm that you might be the best choice in terms of being an imposter.

I have done this trick 5 times, and every time I became Imposter. That’s what my perception is though there could be several reasons also.

4.     Change servers

Changeservers multiple times to reach your goal of being an imposter. Changing server means playing with different regional players like Asia, Europe, and North America. This trick often works and often not, but unlike other techniques, it also has the potential to make you an imposter.

So make your work done by changing your server over and over. Hence, follow the simple steps to change a server

  1. Tap a globe icon at the bottom right of the among-us main menu.
  2. You’ll see 3 options North America, Europe, or Asia. Select any of the regions and start your game.
  3. After practicing it 5 times, you’ll definitely get achievement in 4 out of 5.

5.     Apply winning imposter colors

Apply the same skin color as the winner’s imposters with the high scores because the among-us algorithm gives those certain skin types the most spot of imposters than others. However, these colors are yellow, green, and white.

  1. So tap on Wardrop when you’re in the lobby at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. Then in the color section, tap repeatedly on these 3 colors. I know it sounds stupid, but it works. You’ll see yourself as an imposter when the game starts.

6.     Stand in the middle bottom of the lobby

This could be a myth for many people, but it always works in my case. However, it is the easiest trick so far. All you need is to stand in the middle-bottom of the lobby and wait until the games start. You might be thinking are you joking though it’s the truth – But it works often.

7.     Increase imposters count

In the current update of Imposter, you have the option available you can have up to 3 imposters at a time. However, set your player count as 10 or Imposter as 3, and your chance of being an imposter increases. How can you set up your imposter count – follow the steps underneath to know that.

  1. Open your game and go to the settings.
  2. Tap the game icon at the right of the other options.
  3. Increase the imposter count by pressing the + option at the right of the imposter section. You are all done.


Is it possible to become an imposter every time?

Unfortunately, no such function is officially available on among-us of being an imposter every time though some tricks were explained in the article work most of the time.

All the tricks in the article above are worth it or not?

all the tricks taught above are experienced by many users. According to our survey, 100% is the success ratio of these tricks. Although, if any of the tricks aren’t doing well, apply the new one.

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