How to Cancel Fortnite Crew Subscription

How to cancel Fortnite crew subscription? You’ll all be familiar with Fortnite if you are an action game player. Fortnite gathers the eyes of the public in a short period of time because of the digital items they provide. The popular singers of Hollywood also arrange live concerts in the Fortnite metaverse. Recently fortnite came up with a crew subscription that costs $11.99 monthly and offers 1000 v bucks plus a royal battle pass and much more.

Along with many entrants in the gaming industry, it’s hard to take place in such a competitive market when you have such tough competitors like PUBG and call of duty. Instead, back to the topic that some people have taken a Fortnite crew subscription. Maybe they want to cancel their subscription for some reason, but our work is to facilitate them in their query. Reminder if you cancel your subscription, it will last till the billing period ends. Cancelation depends on which platform you’ve taken the subscription to.

So in this article, we’ll cover how to cancel the fortnite crew subscription and express it in a way that is comfier for you, rather fatiguing.

Cancel Fortnite Crew Subscription on Your Xbox

Fortnite Crew Subscription on Your Xbox
Fortnite Crew Subscription on Your Xbox


If you are confused about the fortnite subscription to fortnite. Whether you want to cancel it from any platform, the choice must be yours. But the fortnite subscription cancellation method will be the same as others. But it’s not possible, and why does Fortnite not give you this luxury?

The answer is that fortnite is a service provider, and PlayStation Xbox is a machine that runs Fortnite’s engine. However, the functionality & terms of a machine could be different and demanding. I hope you can understand it easily in that way without further talking. Let’s check how you can cancel your fortnite crew subscription on your Xbox console. Follow these quick steps.

  • Open your browser and type in the search bar.
  • Sign up if you haven’t any account. If you have one, then sign in with that account.
  • At the top corner of the screen, there is an option (services and subscription) – click on it.
  • Then a list opens. Select manage shows next to the subscription list.
  • Then toggle right to turn off the recurrent billing.
  • Then follow on-screen instructions to turn off billing recurrent.

Why my Item Removed From My Account after Canceling the Fortnite Crew Subscription Via Xbox

Understanding a system in the first place will ease your work. There are two methods in Microsoft when you fine-tune your fortnite crew subscription. Turn off recurring billing if you want your items saved after canceling the subscription. This will let your v- bucks remain in your account as part of the earlier billing subscription. Nonetheless, you cant receive fortnite crew monthly payments in the future.

The other option is to contact Microsoft and ask for a full payment refund regarding crew subscription cancellation. However, this method will vanish items from your accounts like 1000 v-bucks and items purchased by these bucks either you can keep a royal battle pass with you. But 950 bucks will deduct from your account means a wallet with 0 v-bucks balance. In case when you got refunded by Microsoft, then it means your subscription got canceled. Maybe you go with the cancel subscription option instead of the recurring turnoff.

The company’s policies regarding cancel fortnite crew subscription could be different. But after cancellation, one can resubscribe to fortnite monthly crew packs subscription if they want. However, these two methods apply to Xbox via Microsoft.

Subscription Cancellation Method of Fortnite Crew: 4 Renowned Platforms

Subscription Cancellation Method of Fortnite Crew
Subscription Cancellation Method of Fortnite Crew


As we discuss the cancelation method in Xbox via Microsoft, then many peoples in the row who have PlayStation and other consoles. They also want to know the method of subscription cancellation on their consoles. So we think to discuss all the 4 famous platform fortnite crew subscription cancellation methods in one go.

1.     Cancel crew subscription on PlayStation

The process is pretty similar to Xbox, but some gears you find dissimilar hence follow the steps below.

  • At the browser search bar. Type in
  • After the page opens, log in to your account.
  • Then go to the subscription management icon on the upper side of the page.
  • Then cancel your subscription by turning off its button.

2.     Stop auto-renew subscription on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is handy and helps you in odd times because it fits your pocket. In addition, if you’ve taken your fortnite subscription on your Nintendo Switch and want to cancel formally, follow the process.

  • Go to the main menu of your Nintendo switch and open the
  • At the top right corner. Choose your account option
  • Click the subscription option from the subscription listing
  • Look around for a turnoff automatic renewal option and then follow the on-screen process and cancel.

3.     Cancel Fortnite subscription on Samsung phone

Compared to Nintendo, gaming on the phone is more comfortable and reliable. Phones are nowadays far more advanced for real-time graphic games. Instead, fortnite heavy graphic game works smoothly on your smartphones. Engaging In gossip, we forgot that we’re here to explain how to cancel a Fortnite crew subscription on your phone. Thus without wasting any time, let’s dive in.

  • Head towards your galaxy store on your mobile device.
  • Click on home
  • Select subscriptions, then choose fortnite from the list and cancel.

4.     Epic games fortnite crew subscription cancellation

Stop renewing your auto subscription on the most famous gaming service provider platform. Epic games by following the method below.

  • Go to the website account
  • Log in to your E- game account. Select the subscription option and open it.
  • Cancel your subscription by following the instruction shown on display.

Short Summary

The world is currently in the era of visuals, and people are more attracted to games& feel the utmost pleasure when they have control over the characters. In the current time, we’ll see it become conceivable. However, games-related companies have developed a unique business model by selling digital merchandise. People are eager to buy the crew packs and costume skins for their game characters which are formatted digitally.

Although fortnite introduced monthly subscription plans, people get bored with the game after a certain time, just like others. Those who take the subscription want to cancel it to move ahead and find other things. So, for your convenience, we have already explained how to cancel Fortnite crew subscription method on all 5 gigantic platforms. Reading it from top to bottom will definitely solve your query.

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