Cancel FuboTV Subscription on Several Platforms-How Is It Possible!

For any reason, the process of canceling your FuboTV subscription is as simple as Netflix, Roku, or HBO Max. But if you really want to know how to cancel your FuboTV subscription?  Then, you have come to the right place where you will know the step-by-step instructions on subscription cancellation, whether you are on a 7-day free trial or paid monthly subscription. You may easily apply the below methods based on your device, such as Roku, Apple TV, iOS devices, etc.

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Basically, FuboTV is a well-known internet television service streaming in America. But the company’s main focus is on sports channels, with the vast range of sports coverage that offers more today than any other service platforms, along with the other features for news, movies, and TV series.

Moreover, you have a plus point that you can cancel your subscription at any moment based on your desire without any loss. So, let’s learn the methods of subscription termination in the following section.

Cancel Subscription of FuboTV (FuboTV Website/Roku TV/Roku Website/Apple TV/ Android or iOS)

There are multiple devices where you can access FuboTV to enjoy the streaming services. But you can also withdraw the subscription according to your wish with a few straightforward steps.

So, let’s see some of the platforms through which you can rescind the membership:

  • FuboTV Website
  • Roku TV
  • Roku’s Website
  • iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod)
  • Apple TV
  • Android Device
  • On FuboTV Website

Following are the steps for the cancellation of a subscription to FuboTV. So, let’s apply them:

  1. Initially, log in to your Fubotv account in the upper right corner and then select a profile.
  2. Tap on the current Profile beside the search field and click on My Account.
fubotv accounts
fubotv accounts

3. Now, click on the Subscription and Billing from the My Account.

Subscription and Billing
Subscription and Billing

4. Then, click the Cancel Subscription tab at the bottom of the page.

Cancel Subscription
Cancel Subscription

5. Click on the Complete cancellation tab to cancel or pause your subscription.

Complete cancellation
Complete cancellation

6. You may observe a new screen having the option of Redeem Offer or Cancel Subscription. Then, click             on the cancellation tab to complete the cancellation process.

Redeem Offer or Cancel Subscription
Redeem Offer or Cancel Subscription

7. Finally, a confirmation page will exhibit that you have successfully canceled your subscription, and tap              on the OK button to dismiss the page.

canceled subscription
canceled subscription

8. You can also give feedback after the subscription cancelation if you want to.

  • Withdraw the Subscription to Roku TV

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can you play ps5 games on ps4

Here are the below steps to cancel the paid or free trial FuboTV subscription to apply:

  1. Switch on your Roku TV and hit the Home button on your remote.
  2. Afterward, hang around the FuboTV app and click on your remote’s Star (*)
  3. Then, click on the Manage Subscription If the Manage Subscription is not shown up, restart your Roku device. You may also see an option of Remove Channel; if it is still not showing, skip to the next section.
  4. Click on the Cancel Subscription
  5. Again press the Cancel Subscription
  6. In the end, click on the Done Then, you get a confirmation message of the canceled subscription of your FuboTV.

Note: The above method will only work if you have bought FuboTV via a Roku account. Moreover, if you don’t get the confirmation message, then you can also check the Manage Subscription list on Roku’s website.

Additionally, you can also coordinate with FuboTV’s customer service for the confirmation of a canceled subscription.

  •  Cancel FuboTV on Roku’s Website

Here are the withdrawal instructions for a FuboTV subscription on Roku’s website:

  1. Access the Roku website and log in to your account. You can see the log-in option in the upper right corner of the window.
  2. After signing in, click on your Avatar icon, and a drop menu will emerge, and then click on the My Account.
  3. The next step is to select Manage your Subscriptions You can view this option under the Manage Account section on the lower left side of the window.
  4. After that, check a list of subscribed channels and streaming services on the My Subscription page and search for FuboTV.
  5. On the right side of FuboTV, tap on the Unsubscribe.
  6. In the end, click on the Yes Now, and you will observe that the button next to FuboTV has changed to Renew tab. If it does not seem, in that case, ensure to contact customer service of FuboTV within 24 hours.

Note: If you don’t observe the FuboTV in the list, it means you may not purchase your subscription via Roku. Hence you have to call the customer support of FuboTV for confirmation.

  • Cancel FuboTV on an iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod)

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Sometimes, you might want to withdraw your FuboTV on an iOS device regardless of any reason. So, you can apply the below steps straightforwardly:

  • Access the Settings app firstly on your device.
  • Click on the iTunes & App Store.
  • Tap on your Apple ID.
  • Now, choose your View Apple ID.
  • Click on the Subscriptions.
  • Under the list of subscriptions, search for Fubo TV and click on it.
  • Click on the Cancel Trial or Cancel subscription.
  • At last, press the Confirm.
  • On Android Phone

You can rescind your FuboTV subscription simply via a web browser or Google Play Store on an Android phone. So, let’s go through them:

  1. Initially, open your Google Play Store.
  2. Ensure to log in with the account that you need to buy first. If you have various Google accounts, then make sure to log in with the right one.
fubotv accounts
fubotv accounts

3. Click on the Payments & Subscription tab from the menu.

Payments & Subscriptions tab
Payments & Subscriptions tab

4. Press the subscription tab to view all your subscriptions.

press the subscription tab
press the subscription tab

5. From the list, click on the FuboTV and select the Cancel Subscription tab.

6. Now, your subscription is successfully canceled.

subscription Canceled
subscription Canceled
  • Rescind FuboTV on Apple TV

There are steps to terminate the subscription of FuboTV on Apple TV. Hence, you can easily follow them according to your ease:

  1. Firstly, navigate to Settings on your Apple TV.
  2. Secondly, click on Accounts.
  3. Then, click on the Manage Subscriptions option under the subscriptions tab.
  4. Now, click on Fubo TV.
  5. Finally, select the Cancel Subscription.

Note: During the free trial, subscription cancellation will cause the trial to finish instantly. At this moment, the subscription will not be renewed, and you don’t have to pay further charges.

Still, you have access to all paid features when you cancel the account until the end of your billing cycle. FuboTV does not demand your money back in the middle of a pay cycle to withdraw your account.

Thus, you have a Renew tab to the right of the listing on the FuboTV website. If you want to reactive your account before your billing cycle is finished, then you can also click that button to renew your account.

Wrapping Up

Concluding my topic with these words, FuboTV is one of the popular platforms to enjoy streaming services, offering more than a hundred different channels and live events.

But sometimes, it happens that you want to terminate the subscription regardless of any motive so that you can do it at any time on any device according to your wish.

Hopefully, the above methods of withdrawing subscriptions for various devices are quite fruitful for you. So, let us share your thoughts about describing the above techniques by commenting.

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