How to Cancel Roblox Premium (iOS/Android/PC)

Are you wondering? How can you cancel a Roblox Premium Subscription on different devices? Then no need to worry; if you no longer want the membership, stick with this page to see the multiple methods and additional ways to apply according to your convenience.

Although Roblox is mostly free to play, its paid subscription is available on different platforms. That awards you with its game currency, Robux, and only premium items and boosters on a monthly basis.

Still, if you have decided to take a break from paying or playing, you will be glad to know that you can cancel it anytime. Thus, see the multiple ways in the following section and also see if you can terminate the membership of a deceased person.

A Quick Guide for Terminating the Roblox Recurring Subscription

If you don’t want to continue playing Roblox, you can terminate it. But be aware that every platform has a slightly different route for the cancellation of a subscription and also does not offer a feature that permits you to rescind the entire account.

Moreover, it is better to cancel the subscription before the renewal date to avoid further charges. Hence, move to the next part to see the step-by-step method and use it according to your needs:

Cancel your Roblox Premium Membership using iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

The tricks for withdrawing the subscription are well suited for all the devices mentioned in this section. So, follow the straightforward steps to achieve your desire:

  • Initially, launch the Settings app on your iOS device.
  • Click on your Name tab.
  • Tap on the Subscriptions tab.
  • Press on the Roblox Subscription.
  • Finally, click on Cancel Subscription.

Through Mac: Eliminate the Paid Roblox Subscription

Here is another method of terminating the Roblox paid subscription that is through Mac, which is quite simple to apply:

  1. Firstly, open the Apple Store app.
  2. Click the Sign-in button or your name at the sidebar of the bottom.
  3. At the top of the window, click on the View Information tab. Login in if it asks.
  4. Scroll on the page until you see the Subscriptions tab.
  5. Then, click on the Manage tab.
  6. Click on the Edit tab beside the Roblox subscription.
  7. Tap on the Cancel Subscription tab.

Using the Browser (PC): Cancel your Roblox Premium Membership

Another way of rescinding the premium membership is through accessing the browser. Hence, follow the below steps:

  • Sign in to the Roblox account where the membership was bought.
  • Now, on the upper right side, click on the gear icon.
  • Then click on the Settings tab.
  • Open the billing tab.
  • Tap the Cancel Renewal button.
  • Until the subscription is completely canceled, follow all the prompts.

Rescinding the Paid Subscription via Android Device

Apply the given instructions for withdrawing the Roblox premium subscription using an Android device:

  1. First of all, Sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Click the My Subscriptions tab at the left.
  3. Press on the Roblox Subscription tab.
  4. Click on the Manage tab.
  5. After that, click on the Cancel Subscription tab.
  6. Tap on the Yes tab on the confirmation pop-up.

On Xbox One: cancel your Roblox membership.

On Xbox One, Roblox Premium memberships are not accessible. It means there is no way to deal with Roblox memberships on an Xbox console. So you have to switch to a different platform to make these changes.

What if you get the Extra Methods to Cancel the Roblox Premium Subscription?

It doesn’t matter if you can’t cancel your Roblox subscription. Here are some additional ways for this purpose. Hence, to terminate the premium subscription, avoid using the account for an extensive period.

If a user does not use their account for an unlimited time, the firm will automatically terminate their paid membership.

Another way is by using the option to upgrade in the options menu. So, to use this option, go to the upgrade page that appears on the app or website. Then, tap on the hyperlink to get to that page and tap the cancel button.

However, be careful while choosing this option. If you select “upgrade” instead of “cancel,” then your membership will be extended rather than terminated.

What if you can’t see the Roblox Cancel Membership Button?

Normally, it happens when creators sign up for their account for a Roblox subscription through mobile, and the cancel button is not visible. You may have subscribed formerly, as it is fairly famous for playing Roblox on phones. This way terminates the Roblox cancellation feature. That’s why you will not see the Cancel Renewal button at all.

In those cases, the Roblox paid membership is done through your mobile platform that manages the payments. Hence, using iOS shows the Apple membership, while it is a Google Play Store subscription on Android devices. So you need to know where to go, as these will renew automatically until they are officially canceled.

Is it possible to cancel the Dead Person Roblox Premium?

What if your friend or relative has died and he had the membership purchased? So it is important to hang up the premium subscription; otherwise, charges will continue to be deducted from the user’s account even if they are dead.

Also, it would be complex to get information regarding the account, email, mobile number, or forms of payment. In that case, there is an alternative to eliminate the Roblox premium membership.

  1. Look for the login credentials of the dead person on the phone or computer they have used.
  2. Go to the platform’s login page to see if the deceased person saved his credentials or the user id that may be recovered as saved in the browser automatically.
  3. After that, to terminate the deceased individual’s premium membership, send a request to the platform’s customer support center. Also, mention your relationship with that person in the request.
  4. Send the request through email.
  5. Wait until the service team replies to you before taking action.
  6. Share any information you know about the deceased person’s account on prompting so that they assist you in eliminating the subscription.
  7. Moreover, you also need to produce the deceased person’s death certificate to prove that the account holder is no more. Because the organization is highly cautious about its customers.
  8. After the verification and confirmation, the company cancels your paid subscription and informs you through email.


1: Can you Purchase Roblox Membership for One Month?

Ans: You can buy it from Roblox Mobile App available on the Windows and Amazon app stores. But remember, memberships are nonrefundable, so if you want to cancel the Roblox Premium subscription. Then you can do that before the renewal date to avoid further charges.

2: Is it allowed to transfer the Membership to another Roblox account?

Ans: No, it is not allowed to transfer memberships, and possessions like Robux and items are non-transferable. So, ensure you are signed in to the correct account when purchasing a subscription.


Hopefully, now you get to know all the methods regarding terminating your Roblox paid membership and also the answer to a few queries. If you still have any queries, you may contact the Roblox Support team and also stick with this page for updates. Hence, share your views on how much all the above information is for you by commenting.

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