How to Change Airpod Name on iPhone/iPad/Mac/Windows

Do you guys have the habit of frequently changing the gadget names? Now you also want to change the Airpods name? Although Apple users wish to modify the name of their Airpods, they can easily achieve the task by following the guide. However, it is difficult to detect the airpods with their default name, so it will be helpful if you give a different name to your device.

Apple airpods are way easier to link with your devices. The interesting fact about airpods is that they can connect with non-Apple devices like Android phones. However, Apple gives you default names for the Airpods with the owner’s name, which may sound weird to you. But you don’t have to fret about it. These default names can be easily modified right through Bluetooth settings. Now, let’s move to the next section to discuss a tutorial to alter the name of your airpods on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

Reasons to Rename Airpods

Sometimes, the default airpod name just bores you, or whatever the reason for changing it. However, renaming airpods is not just about modifying or expressing your individuality. Sometimes, it becomes hard to detect your device as it gets mixed up with the other friends’ device names.

So to make it recognizable, users want to name their device after their choice. However, the differences in the gadgets also help if they get lost, as every earbud exterior is quite the same, so in this way, their names help to verify the identity of lost airpods. So let’s move to the next section to know how to modify the Airpods name.

Quick Steps to Change the Airpod Name on Multiple Devices

how to change your airpod name
how to change your airpod name

Airpods are the most popular gadget, thanks to their ease of use & best performance. When you link your airpods to a device, they are named “[Your name] ‘s Airpods” by default. But if you wish to change the Airpods name, then the process is quite simple; you can apply the below steps to modify the name of airpods on various devices.

1.      Changing Airpod Name on iPhone & iPad

So, lets discuss about renaming the airpods by using iPhone and iPad by applying the below steps.

  • First, take out your airpods from the case.
  • Second, launch the Settings app on your device and choose Bluetooth.
  • Third, click on the blue “i” icon next to your airpods in the devices list.
  • Then, click on the Name field and enter a new name.
  • Next, click on Done in the bottom-right of the keypad once you enter a new name.

Now, when you open to find the Airpods in your devices list, you will find your airpods in the list with the new name.

2.      Changing the Name of Your Airpod on Mac

You can also modify the airpods name by using a Macbook. So, apply the below steps to alter the name straightforwardly.

  • Launch the system preferences on your Mac, which you can do by tapping the Apple symbol from the upper left corner of your screen and choosing System Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap on Bluetooth in the System Preferences.
  • Now, pair your airpods to Mac; after that, in the Devices section of the Bluetooth page, and then right-tap the airpods name and choose Rename from the menu options. Then, right-tap on a Mac and press down the Control key while you tap.
  • Then, type a new name and tap on Rename again to verify your change.

3.      Changing Airpods Name on Android Device

Although changing the name on android is quite easier than on iOS. You don’t have to connect the airpods to mess with the name. You can change your airpod name on an android device by applying the below steps.

  • First, launch the Bluetooth Setting on your Android phone.
  • You can see various options on the Bluetooth icon. Now click on “Previously connected devices” to see a list of all the paired devices.
  • Next, find the current name of your Airpods in the list and then click on the Settings icon near the name.
  • After that, click on the Edit icon on the upper-right screen.
  • Further, type the preferred new name for your airpods. Click Rename to save the new name.
  • Last, ensure that your new name displays in the Bluetooth menu.

4.      Changing Airpods Name on Windows PC

If you are a PC user. So, it is also possible to change the airpod name from the comfort of your device. Let’s move to the steps.

  • First, you have to ensure your PC’s Bluetooth radio is toggled on and your Airpods are linked.
  • If the airpods are connected, then right-tap the start menu and hit Run.
  • In the run command, enter Control Printers and tap on OK.
  • Now, find your airpods in the devices & Printers menu, right-tap them, and hit Properties.
  • In the Properties window, hit the Bluetooth button.
  • Next, rename the airpod name at the top, and enter Apply > Ok to save the preferences.

5.      Changing Airpods Name via Chrome book

If you are a user of a chrome book, so it is also possible to rename the airpods from the comfort of your device. Let’s move to the steps.

  • Choose the Bluetooth option from the chrome book settings.
  • Then, click on the current name of your airpods.
  • Now, choose the Edit icon, type your preferred name & save the changes by confirming it.

What Should You Do If the AirPods Name Keeps Reverting?

A common problem most users face when changing their AirPods names is the name reverting to its default. It often happens after the Airpods are inserted back into their charging case or after toggling to another device. However, we don’t know the exact reason behind this, but to fix this issue, we have come up with a guide that will help you.

First, you have to try resetting your earbuds. A reset will give you an error-free connection between the Airpods and the device. A reset may remove all your data, including all the glitches that create problems. Here’s a quick step to reset the Airpods.

  • Open the settings > Bluetooth
  • Then, tap on the “i” option and click “Forget this Device.”
  • Next, hold the airpods setup button until it turns white.

If it also did not work, then try renaming your Airpods and adding a blank space after entering the name. Sometimes, this trick works.


Keeping different cool names of your Airpods is a fun way to do, and at the same time, it makes your Airpods name familiar among others. If you are not happy with the default airpods name and are keen to change their name, so you can read the above guide that will help you in renaming the airpods on different device.  Let us know what your favorite funny name you have ever set.

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