How to change Instagram icon: Learn for iOS compatible devices

On occasion, with the recent introduction of Apple iOS 14, iPhone users had a fantastic chance on how to change the Instagram icon. However, it is planning to launch a similar feature in Android mobile.  This offer is also available to Android users. Instagram has recently released a feature for changing your installation icon. The exciting new feature allows you to modify your icons.

Instagram: Advent of Traditional Icon on its Birthday

Instagram icons have an attractive illustration of a classic camera embedded in a circle. The square surrounds it with a dot inside; it says the narrative, “Feel free to capture your memorable moments.” In the blink of the camera, click to remain in the hearts of your loved ones for good. I’m sure you might be pleased to get the opportunity to personalize it. Then here is an option for you to change the Instagram icon style the way you want it.

As we all know, Instagram is the creative vision of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. It was only available for iOs-compatible devices when released in the United States. Instagram, a photo and video-sharing social media platform, recently celebrated its eleventh anniversary in October 2021. Instagram experienced a peak moment in 2012, with over one million downloads as it expanded to Android phones. You can find it among the top trending and most used social media apps. Facebook attempts to keep its users engaged with its feature of taking photos. You can share it, comment on it, or message your contacts to let constant updates with the social network.

It introduced the innovative feature of customizing its icons to keep users interested in their personalized settings. It furthermore fascinated its loyal users with numerous logos, from its pre-launched “Codename” emblem to its most recent standard amalgamation of pink, orange, and blue. You can look at it using the settings menu tools for your iPhone and Android.

how to change Instagram icon
how to change Instagram icon

How Can You Change Instagram Icon?

Here is the easy-to-follow step guide for changing it on iPhone mobile. Let learn the step to change the icons on an iPhone mobile. The first step to changing your Instagram logo to a traditional polaroid camera is just a few steps away. You can access the secret menu via the setting page—that is where you can also find the message in the main menu.

  1. Navigate the Instagram icon available on the mobile screen. You must make sure to have the updated version of Instagram once you have done it.
  2. Go to the settings menu on the profile page. You can tap the menu to appear the Settings option in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. You can drag down the screen until you receive the birthday burst or cupcake icon that says “Celebrate with Us” emojis.
  4. Then tap the “Add” automatically once, a pop-up window appears to add the new Instagram icon to your home screen.
  5. You can select the icons of your choice. It unlocks the hidden Icon for Instagram and adds it to your home screen. Check the select option afterward.
icon setting
icon setting

In addition to the details of how to change Instagram icon, you can find the burst of confetti that appears on the App icon page. It reveals 13 logos, including Classic, Classic 2, Current, Original, Code name, Twilight, Sunrise, Aurora, Pride, Gold, Dark, Light, and Very Dark.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

What can you do if the change Instagram icon doesn’t work?

It can usually happen! If such is the case with changing your Instagram icon, you can turn off your mobile. Restarting it can solve your issue. You may notice the change in the Instagram icon from the old to the newly selected one on the mobile screen.

What should I do if my Instagram icon changes?

You can experience such issues of Instagram icons not changing or unresponsive changes. You can consequently try to update your Instagram software. The new updates of Instagram will let you experience the Icon switching feature smoothly. You can update it at the Apple App Store. You can select your desired app then scroll down to the free app section to download it. Search your Instagram, then tap it to its latest version update.


In conclusion, I should express my appreciation for the users’ ongoing adoration for this feature on this platform. Instagram has claimed that it aims to make it a permanent feature or to extend its duration. However, it is remarkable that the Instagram app celebrates its ten-year historical triumph and thanks to its billion users for their unwavering support over a decade.

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