How to Change Signature in Outlook Via Desktop & Mobile App

Getting more professional in sending official emails requires an authorized signature with the designation. Therefore, you can add or change your Signature in Outlook as an incredible option for automatic signature inclusion concerning your email recipients. You can easily integrate all pertinent contact information without any strenuous typing effort whenever you send your email.

The following article will surely enlighten you on all the essential information on how you can comfortably change your Signature in Outlook esp for the Desktop & Mobile app.

how to change email signature in outlook
how to change email signature in outlook

How to Compose Signature in Desktop Outlook

It is quite a handy option to automate your Signature at the bottom of a composed email if you don’t want arduous effort every time you type your email for official use. To spare your time, you need to create your default signature. It will then appear at the footer while composing a new email to send an email you want appropriate contact information.

To get started on the procedure, follow the given steps.

  1. Launch your Desktop Outlook, then navigate the “File” tab in the Main Menu.
  2. Then search for “Options” to get the comprehensive list of Setting Options.
  3. Click “Mail” from Navigation Pane to change your Mail setting in your Outlook Options.
  4. Then click on the “Signature” button to enter its Configuration Setting.
  5. Select “New” to compose your personalized Signature in the Signature & Stationary Window. Here you can name your Signature. You can conveniently create a signature for official or personal use emails with multiple signature inputs.
  6. Now, compose the contact information you want to feed via a simple editor in the edit pane. It offers a variety of font styles or images importing options. If you’re going to insert an image or handwritten Signature, you can easily do it.
  7. You can now set” New Messages” or “Replies/Forward Messages” to customize your signatures for new or forward messages under the head of Choose Default Signature. It lets you select Signature for new compose or forward messages, respectively.
  8. Finally, click “OK” to confirm your Signature Settings; once you have finished editing your Signature.
how to change signature in outlook
how to change signature in outlook

How to Change Your Edited Signature in Outlook Email Messages

While you want to compose your new email, the signature embedding is by default visible at the footer of your email message. You can opt for the Signature given in the signature tab and switch whichever you want to use in your email.

  • Select Messages> select Signature from Include section>select your desired Signature from Drop-Down Menu.
  • It will automatically change the Signature in your Outlook Email Message.
  • Now, it is ready to integrate your customized Signature when you edit your email message.

Edit your Signature once you have composed your email via the following method.

Use Edit Pane to Modify Your Composed Signature

If you intend to compose your message with a modified signature, then do it like this;

  • Go to Messages from Main Menu >Signature from Include section >Select specific Signature from the drop-down menu.
  • Then choose the Signature you are willing to edit from its pane “Select Signature to Edit,” Then amend it via the Editor Pane at the bottom Window.
  • Finally, click “OK” once you have finished your signature editing to save your modified Signature.

How to Add Images or Logos to Your Signature

For official email messages, adding up images or company logos to your Signature is one of the essential options, following the given steps.

  1. Compose your new message.
  2. Then select Signature> Signatures. Then click the “select signature to edit” button where you want to add an image or logo.
  3. Next, select “image icon,” search for your specific image, and click “Insert.”
  4. Choose the Size tab to resize your image. You can lock the aspect ratio to keep the image proportion intact. You can even resize it by right-clicking the picture.
  5. Finally, click “OK” to save changes to your Signature once you have finished resizing your image.

How to Insert Your Signature Manually

You can opt for manually inserting our Signature in the absence of automatic signature placement at the bottom of the email message.

Select the Message tab>Signature>Select the Specific Signature from the drop-down menu. In case of multiple signatures, choose from your created signatures.

how do i change my signature in outlook
how do i change my signature in outlook

Change Your Signature in Outlook Mobile App

Outlook mobile app offers a similar way to create or modify your email signature as a Desktop app. However, the desktop app has a more flexible editing option than the Mobile. To get started on adding or editing your Outlook signature, follow :

  1. Tap on your Mobile Outlook app to open it.
  2. Next, go to its Settings in the main menu at the top-left corner of the screen.
  3. Then, scroll down to navigate “Signature” in the Mail
  4. Now, compose your essential entered Signature via an on-screen keyboard in the Signature
  5. Finally, tap “Done” to finish writing it at the top-right corner of the screen.
  6. It is now ready to integrate at the footer of your email whenever you want to create a new message.

You can even configure distinct Signatures for each account in case of using multiple email accounts. For that, automatic signature visibility some what depends on the email account in use.

Final Thoughts!!!

Not all email applications provide a complete mechanism to integrate signatures into professional email messages. Outlook desktop and mobile apps make it straightforward to create signature inclusion in your professional look.

To recap our presentation, Outlook separates itself from rivals with an efficient affiliation of contact information for formal or business communication outlook.

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