How to Change Traits Sims 4 the Smart Way

How to change traits Sims 4: do you really need it? It will help you decide! Whenever you want to switch over Sims traits while playing your Sims in Sims 4, you can determine personality and skills—assigning or adopting natural characteristics. It brings refreshed look to Sims characters with personality traits akin to real life. Moreover, adding characters to different Sims affects how you play your game. Changing personality traits can also have an everlasting impact without any capacity to amend the extended gameplay.

Ready to How to Change Traits Sims 4? Start Now.

how to change lot traits sims 4
how to change lot traits sims 4

Let’s get started with some in-depth guides for modifying your Sims traits with or without cheat codes. Then select whichever feature you like if you find something worth implementing!

Before that, what are the attributes, how many do each Sims have, and why can’t you change Sims traits? Explore some of these ideas.

What Traits Sims 4Doesits Character Exhibits?

Character Traits form the Sims 4 personality characteristics, attributes that allow you to amalgamate it from the Sims 3 and the Sims 2 Aspirations. Each Sims trait or feature directly impacts Sims’ behavior and emotions. It eventually affects the gameplay events and therefore expands the story narrative. Meanwhile, you find four diverse categories of Sims traits that make up the comprehensive system on how you can implement them in the gameplay.

  1. Personality encompasses hobbies, lifestyle, emotional behavior, social, and toddler.
  2. Death has the ghost trait while you can avail numerous bonuses like animal affection, high metabolism, domestic, dastardly, muser, business savvy, quick learner, essence of flavor, alluring, home turf, collector, entrepreneur, and gregarious.
  3. Moreover, rewards include aspirations rewards, toddler skills, inherited, character value, child aspiration, career reward, satisfaction reward, food mastery, temporary, mountaineer, and sage.

In Sims 4, How Many Traits Can Each Sims Character Adopt?

Traits significantly segment quite well amongst adults, teenagers, and children. Adults have three characteristics, while teens follow two attributes, and toddlers can avail of one feature. It is important to note that while adopting these traits, they are there for good. In other words, you cannot change whenever you like. That’s why you must abide by carefully selecting the trait you want in your Sims character.

Use the liberty of picking up three features for the adult character, two for teenagers, or merely one for children. As children grow up, then they will have more traits available to them. Furthermore, bonuses can go together with character aspirations.

Bonus traits are functional for one time that remains for good. Death traits get visible upon Sims character death, indicating one attribute per character.

Do You Really Want to Change Traits Sims 4? Here’s How You Can Do It!

sims 4 how to change traits
sims 4 how to change traits

Master the art of changing traits Sims 4 characters carry with these 2 tips.

  1. Without any cheat code, buy a re-traiting potion
  2. Apply cheat code to transform your Sims character’s undesired traits

Buy Re-traiting Potion Without Cheat code

Sims 4 integrates into its character development if you want to change traits. You can do this by applying a re-traiting potion to your character.

It is the one way to change your character trait without using any cheat code. If you have reached a deadline that seems left with changing it immediately, do it by purchasing a re-traiting potion. So, let your Sims perform some enjoyable activities then you’re ready to go further. For that, first, gather up 5000 Satisfaction Points. You can easily attain it.

Whims is one of the handy options that help you grab your collection points.

  • To activate the whims feature, you must navigate “Game Options > Game Play > show whims” andturn it on.
  • Now that you’ve acquired your most awaiting satisfaction point, you can head to the rewards store and exchange for re-traiting points.
  • As soon as you grab it from Aspiration Reward Store in-game, drink the potion.
  • Then it opens up the next pop-up screen to display the traits’ features. It lets you choose some or all the essential character traits you want in your Sims
  • However, remember that the potion will only work on the Sims character who purchased it.

Acquire Cheat to Change your Sims 4 Character’s Undesired Traits

What Everyone Needs to Know to Change Traits Sims 4 are free to cheat codes enabling you to activate your character features and attributes.

For applying that, you can use the 3 easiest possible steps to apply cheat codes in your PC, Xbox, or PlayStation 4 or 5 Console.

First, enable a dialog box to type and apply your Cheat Codes.

  • For PS4 or PS5 Console, press all 4-shoulder buttons like “R1, R2, L1, L2”or
  • Ctrl + Shift + C” on your PC.
  • For Xbox One & Xbox Series, press “RB, RT, LB, LT”.

Next, type “testing cheats on” in the Traits dialog box.

It will allow you to apply your cheating codes. Use one of the Cheat Codes because each code has its different function.

  • clear_traits =>You can erase all of your Sims present features and start from scratch.
  • equip_trait [traitname] =>Avail your favorite traits for Sims using it.
  • remove_trait [traitname] =>It allows you to remove any characteristics you don’t want in your Sim strait collection.

Apply Sims 4 Cheat Code in Cas Full Edit Mode to Change its Traits

  • Now, type “full edit mode” to apply the trait cheat code in the dialog box. It lets you change everything your Sims character aspiration, features, and complete appearance.
  • Then press hold” Shift + Click” to change the character attributes.
  • Select” edit in CAS.” It will let you create a Sims where you can access it with complete control to modify everything in your Sims
  • In the absence of a cheat code, traits seem always locked; therefore, you won’t be able to change them.

Your Sims character will now present with a refreshed personality. Now, you’re ready to give your Sims character a makeover by changing their age, gender, appearance, voice, and numerous other fun attributes.


Finally, I hope it helps you alter your Sims traits whenever you want in-game. You’ll notice character development as people evolve overtime. Essentially, facilitating an engaging and thrilling gaming experience encourages you to appreciate every moment.

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