How to Change Xbox Gamertag (5 Easiest Methods)

Badly want to change your Xbox Gamertag & wish to kick out your old identity? So do not worry. We will walk you through how to change your gaming identity & So you can feel fresh with a brand new Xbox gamer tag. The game tag is the person’s identity in the game as it will show on your Xbox account or in-game. You can either choose your own real name or whatever you want. We all know that the username is essential in a video game. If you have an awful username, it will negatively impact the other players. So that’s why it is crucial to change the username.

Moreover, Microsoft allows you to change the Nametag free for the first time, but if you change it again, it will cost you some amount, which we further discuss in the blog. So let’s move on to know the process of changing the Gamertag.

What Do You Understand by Gamertag?

A game tag is a particular name that you give to yourself in the world of the game, and you can also alter it when you do not like your current game tag. The game tag aims to display your identity in the gaming world. Moreover, a good name helps you grow your friends, who assist you in leveling up. Hence, a gamerpic usually shows a person’s Profile, and a name tag emerges on the right of the gamerpic.

Furthermore, creating an account for your Xbox Console will automatically provide you with a game tag. So, you will be able to share your Nametag with other players. After using the game tag, you realize that now it is time to modify the username. So you can do it. We will assist you in changing your game tag on different consoles.

how to change gamertag on xbox app
how to change gamertag on xbox app

How to Change the Xbox Gamertag ( 5 Ways to Change the Nametag)

After the initial signup, Microsoft allows users to change their Xbox game tag; the Gamertag on Xbox shows your online presence in the game and makes you feel like you’re a part of the gaming world. Microsoft lets you alter the game tag free for the first time. If you again want to modify the name tag, it will charge you a fee. So let’s move to discuss the process to change the Xbox nametag. Now let’s jump below.

1.      Change Your Xbox Game tag With Xbox App on Windows PC

First, we will learn to alter the name tag of Xbox by using the application on Windows PC.

  • Open the Xbox app in windows 10 by login o your Microsoft account, password, & email address that is linked with your game tag.
  • From the top corner of the App’s home screen, So discover your gamer pic & choose it.
  • Next, you have to choose the “Customize” button from the upper of the profile screen.
  • After that, hit the “Change Game tag.”
  • Then, enter the text you want as your name tag & click on Check Availability.
  • Additionally, you have to select the Gamertag you wish to use & hit the “Change Gamertag” button to make sure of it.
  • Afterward, the name will be changed & Xbox will display the new name to the players.

2.      Change Your Xbox Gamertag Username Online

You can also alter the name tag online. So follow the below steps that will assist you in changing the name online. Let’s discuss the steps.

  • First, you have to open the Xbox webpage and log in with the Microsoft email account, a password that is linked with your game tag.
  • Then, type the new name tag you desired in the text box & tap on the “Check Availability.” While changing the name, keep in mind that the username must contain at least 12 characters & does not start with the numerals.
  • Afterward, if your screen shows you that “name is not available, “ use another one.
  • On the next page, preview the changes to how your Nametag will display across the Xbox services.
  • Moreover, if your preferred game tag is already taken so, don’t worry. You can also use suffixes and different symbols to make a game tag unique. Similarly, the system itself adds the digits next to your name tag.

3.      Change Xbox Gamertag Via Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One Gaming Console

Now, here we will discuss how to change the name tag with the Xbox series & the Gaming Consoles.

  • First, you have to hit the Xbox button on your controller to view the guide.
  • Then, select Profile & system tab and then choose the game tag.
  • Next, you have to choose My Profile> Customize Profile & after that, choose the game tag.
  • Afterward, under selecting the new game tag title, go into the new Gamer tag you wish in the available text box & tap on the “Availability Option.”
  • Preview how your name tag looks on the Xbox accounts from the next page.
  • If you are satisfied with the new game tag, tap the Change Game tag.

4.      Change Xbox Game Tag Via Xbox 360 Gaming Console

Let’s discuss how we can modify the Nametag by using the Xbox 360 Series.

  • First, you need to open the Xbox 360 console & then move to the Social. Next, select the login or log-out options.
  • Afterward, click on your Profile to sign in, go to the settings, & click on the Profile.
  • Next, you have to click on the “Edit Profile”> Gamer tag > enter the text you wish to place as a new Gamer tag.
  • Then, press “okay” to complete the name tag & save the changes when entering the preferred game tag.
  • If text is displayed on your screen like “username is already taken,” then try to change it again, or you can add some symbols next to your username.
  • After completing the command, press “yes” to use the new game tag in the gaming world.

5.      Change Your Xbox Nametag by Converting Offline Profile into a Gamertag

Before starting this method, ensure that you have a Microsoft account available that is not currently connected with another name tag. Moreover, note that your Profile’s gamerscore moves to your Xbox profile if you apply this method. Let’s move to the steps.

  • To convert the offline Profile into a game tag. First, you have to log in to the Profile you wish to transfer from an offline profile to a game tag.
  • Then, hit the “Guide” button on your controller to view the mini-guide.
  • Afterward, go to the Settings & select Profile.
  • Next, you have to choose the join Xbox Live. Then, enter your name with your Microsoft account details like email & password.
  • Validate the information & other Privacy Settings.
  • Then, review the Microsoft Agreement and press the “I accept” button.

What to do if You have already changed my Gamertag before?

Microsoft allows its users to alter their game tag free for the first time, but if you change it again, it will charge $9.99. Moreover, you have another alternative to changing the name tag for free once again by creating a new Microsoft account. So let’s move on to the steps to set up a new account.

  • First, you have to tap on the gear icon from the left of your Xbox app menu.
  • Then, tap on the sign out to move to another account. Next, choose the sign-in
  • After that, tap on the Use a Different Account despite your old account.
  • Then, select No account?

Create New Account on the new window.

  • To make a new account, fill in all the essential information.
  • Then, sign in to the new account & choose the new game tag.
  • Note that if you make a new account, the games bought on your old account do not take over to your new game library.

You can successfully change your name tag with the new Microsoft account without paying any fee. So choose wisely whether to make another account or pay the fee from an old account for changing the name tag.

Final Words

Change the Gamertag on Xbox is simple, so you do not have to worry about it. We have compiled all the methods for you that will assist you in changing the Nametag. Moreover, you can change the name tag for free for the first time, but Microsoft charges $9.99. So be careful while selecting a gamer tag. So try out the above methods & inform us about your most convenient method.

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