How to change your age on TikTok? Comprehensive Explanation

Why does Tiktok captivate its users so much?

One of the most frequently asked questions on TikTok is how to change your age. Tiktok, the most popular social media app, brings together users from all over the world with its exceptional video-sharing capabilities. Its loyal users can produce, share, and explore short videos on a single app. Get your comprehensive collection of song snippets or sounds transformed with special effects and filters on your personalized videos. Young Tiktokers are enthralled by such extraordinary acts and tremendous skills they witness. Many young people have become emerging stars as a result of this app.

Blessings are always accompanied by the need to safeguard them with suitable means. The same is true for social networking platforms. People enjoy watching and sharing various video clips. With it comes the obligation to protect our children from unlawful content, spam, and other forms of misappropriation. Tiktok, like any other social media platform, places limits on its minor or underage population. Age is a critical consideration when sharing relevant content with users.

how to change your age on tiktok 2022
how to change your age on tiktok 2022

Recent restrictions on Age change on Tiktok

Tiktok has recently updated its privacy rules for those under age 16. It is pretty common for people to sign up for almost every app or other website with an inaccurate date of birth. It might be accidental, or the signup might get bugged, preventing users from entering an accurate birth date. Consequently, with the effects of such an implication, many other social media platforms’ accounts got suspended or blocked for being underage.

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act governs the penalties for misappropriating information or films. Individuals who misrepresented themselves could be blocked or deleted from the social networking platform. Tiktok, more than any other social media site, is very attentive to such challenges. With the new age restriction on Jan. 13, 2021, Tiktok imposed stringent privacy settings on accounts under 16 years of age by default. The massive ban on underage Tiktoker came into effect with this amendment in privacy rules.

What implies it on Titktok users?

What does it mean for those Tiktok users who want to change age? Tiktok allows kids of at least 13 years old to join up for an account and adults of at least 18 years old to send gifts to their favorite creators. Younger than 13 years of age can’t sign up for the account. In other circumstances, Tiktok will monitor it to prevent youngsters from sharing movies on Tiktok. It frequently violates the Child Protection Act.If you are still interested in upgrading your age or birthday on Tiktok, you should know that it is not a straightforward process. You must contact Tiktok support to update or change your age on Tiktok. You will be able to connect and reach the Tiktok Support Team.

Why can’t you change your age on Tiktok?

Tiktok retains control over changing the age to prevent minors from accessing adult-only Tiktok features such as texting, Livestream broadcasting, and earning coins. Some members of the younger generation use it to take advantage of the extra features. As a result, the TikTok organization was left with the option of disabling it to prevent such further capabilities. Adults who join up for Tiktok for the first time may lose their accounts if they enter a false birth date. They discover the Tiktok restriction during the procedure, despite meeting the minimum age requirement for specificfeatures.

how to change your age on tiktok without making a new account
how to change your age on tiktok without making a new account

How does Tiktok allow you to change your age?

Changing user profile details or pictures could be much easier to deal with it. You can change it without any delay. However, changing the essential requirement for signing up to your Tiktok will not let you slip out of surveillance that easily. It is no longer possible to change your age via app control. Now, the support team closely monitors it carefully. So, if you want to change your age on Tiktok, then here it goes in the process. Let’s learn the challenging way to change your age on Tiktok.

  1. First, launch your Tiktok app to access the profile in the lower right corner.
  2. The icon of Ellipsis (three dots) appears in the top-right corner.
  3. Now, scroll down to the bottom of the Menu to search for “Report a Problem.”
  4. As for reporting your problem, you need to mention the category. Tab the “Account and Profile.”
  5. Tab “Editing Profile” to change the profile. Then go to the “Other” tab.
  6. Tab “Still have a problem” to mention your problem to the support team in the text field. You can say you need to change your age on your Tiktok account as the current date could be inaccurate. You can provide your ID card verification or Passport to specify the exact age later. Then you can tab “Report” to send your request to the support team.
  7. You can get a response from the support team via the email associated with your Tiktok account. The support team will ask for a National ID card or Passport verification for your age in the process. Student ID or any other form of identification for teenagers could be troublesome in the confirmation. So, be careful to mention your verifiable document. As soon as you send your ID, they will hopefully update your Birth date.

Contact Tiktok support team

Verifying the accuracy of the facts supporting the update or changing age will take a few days. You will have to wait for updates as the updating always lies in the hands of the Tiktok Team. If you can’t access your account, send an email to the support team at infocontact@tiktok.comto request the modification of account information.

Register fresh TikTok account with updated age

What are the alternatives for anyone who does not meet the requirements of the support team? Eventually, if you cannot update your age on Tiktok using the above approach, your only alternative is registering a new account with the correct birth date. Unfortunately, you will have to start all over again to gain followers. However, you may backup your videos or data on your hard drive and easily upload all of the videos from your original account to the newly formed account. Being honest about your age is advisable when signing up for a Tiktok account.

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