How To Charge Apple Watch Without Charger: 5 Drudges

The Apple Watch is the most convenient modern-day smartwatches, packed with many tremendous features. However, with numerous features, when we extensively use it, it originates rapid battery draining. What would you have to do when you forgot to bring the apple watch magnetic charger with you outside the home? This article will describe some hacks that tell you how to charge your apple watch without a charger.

Key points

  • All the alternate hacks and tricks do the job of charging your apple watch, but they are recommended to use as a last option.
  • The hidden port is used to diagnose, adjust and construct your apple watch software if you have any problems.
  • The red-light bolt tells you that your watch battery is tracked out.

Is there any Probable Hack to Charge my Apple Watch Without a Charger?

Probable Hack to Charge my Apple Watch Without a Charger
Probable Hack to Charge my Apple Watch Without a Charger

You will see a striking red bar when your iWatch Battery is low. It is signifying that the Battery has to be stocked up. Always possess the proper tools to charge your apple watch and avoid to charge overfilling your gadget. You can use the accurate equipment to charge it if you don’t have the Charger for some reason. The hacks are not rigid, but they can complicate for beginners, so don’t worry. You can still charge your Battery without it.

However, there are several exceptional substitutes that you can apply to fill up an Apple Watch when you don’t have a charger.

  1. Use the hidden port
  2. Power strap
  3. Use the iPhone charger
  4. Power bank
  5. USB adapter

1.      Use the Hidden Docks to Charge Your Apple Watch

If you have an Apple watch and the battery life is dead of it. To charge your iWatch, you can use the hidden port you can grasp at the opening hock of the bottom band. When you uncluttered it, you will see a small cap is raised. After eliminating this cap, a six-pin port is revealed, but this hidden port seems to assist no determination.

However, some users discovered in 2015 port of the iWatch could be used to outspread its battery life without a charger. The investigators disclosed that using this port to charge the watch was 6 to 7 percent faster than the average Apple Watch charger.

But when the Apple corporation distinguished about this fitment, they stopped this development. Because due to the protection concerns that it would damage their product. Correspondingly, Apple did not want people to overheat and get the electrical stimulus.

Moreover, after discovering this addition, the Apple establishment obvious for a wrist charging battery band has ended a little advancement.

2.      What about Power Strap to Charge Apple Watch Battery?

Another exceptional hack for filling up your iWatch Battery was eventually formed by a corporation (TOGVU). This company made a power strap battery band Batfree in 2019 that can charge your Apple watch battery on your wrist when you wear it.

However, many people pre-order these power straps from the Kickstarter because they project a limited quantity of charging bands. The Kickstarter corporate sponsored and dispatched these straps.

The fact that these straps launched in the market quite a few months ago are nasty. But the server has not updated for chargers, and people who have placed the pre-demand have correspondingly not acknowledged that and repayment.

TIP: A company (Reserve Strap) as well makes bands that charge the watch without wire while wearing it on your wrist.

3.      Can I Utilize my iPhone Charger to Charge the Battery of my Apple Watch?

iPhone charger is another alternate method you can apply to fill your Apple watch if you don’t have an iWatch charger.

You are only required to connect your iPhone charger to your iWatch by persisting it onto the wall outlet. Instantly charging begins as the watch is turned on. So, it is an excellent option if you are in urgency and your iWatch is at no charge.

4.      Operate the Power Bank to Charge Apple Watch without Charger

You have another hack (power bank) that you can apply to fill up your iWatch Battery or any other Apple gadget. Nowadays, you can frankly find a companionable portable battery pack that you can convey everywhere in your bags.

Moreover, these portable battery packs come with connectors appropriate for Apple devices. You have to just connect the power bank cable to your iWatch charging pin port, which will recharge your watch device. Also, these power bank chargers will charge any device pretty profligate than the standard Charger.

5.      Can I use the USB Adapter to Charge my Apple Watch

You are in a hurry, and your Apple Watch Charger is missing, so the excellent update for you is that you can refill the Battery of your Apple watch with a USB adapter of any laptop, MacBook, or Pc. So, connect the USB cable to your running laptop or MacOS, and then connect the other end of the cable to your Apple watch. Now you will see that your watch will start charging right away.

Using the USB cable as an alternative to a standard charger makes it easier to operate. Meanwhile, this method may take more time to refill the Battery than when you use the native apple watch charger.

TIP: When your Apple watch is connected to your Airpods via Bluetooth, both of your gadget’s battery percentage appears on your iWatch.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: Can I charge my Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time?

Ans: Yes. It is an easy task to charge your iPhone and Apple watch with a charger at the same time. Put them in a place that permits Qi wireless charging. Then the inducing Charger will carry power to both gadgets simultaneously. Similarly, you can buy a stand that forms to charge an iPhone and Apple watch together.

Q2: How to check the remaining Battery of my iWatch?

Ans: if you want to see the enduring power of your Apple Watch, do follow these simple steps.

  • At first, tap and hold on to the bottom of the screen.
  • Then swipe up to open the control center.
  • Now you will see the percentage at the top of the screen.

Wrapped Up

The Apple watch has become very popular among people. Because of its incredible features, such as step recording, ECG monitoring, and sleeping track, fascinate people to use the device all the time. For practical use, the watch fully charges at all times.

These hacks can help you to charge your Apple watch battery without a charger. So, tell us in the comment section which method you apply when you don’t find your charger.

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