How to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers (4 Ways)

Speculating how to charge Nintendo Switch controllers? As you have noticed, charging up the Joy-Cons immediately is not apparent. But here, you will get the answers that you learn right here!

The main Nintendo Switch console is different from other consoles in many aspects, such as the handheld gaming feature, which gives the vibe of a Game Boy, and the connecting feature with the TV. So it is up to the gamer’s choice which they will follow.

You may have observed the two mini controllers with a regular Nintendo console that are actually Joy-Con Controllers. These are like the fantastic drivers in a console that you can use wirelessly or can be attached to play it in portable mode with the Switch.

So the conclusion is that without a pair of Joy-Con Controllers, your Nintendo Switch is going to be boring. Hence, you can see the different charging techniques and the method of charging a Pro Controller in the below section.

The Four Best hacks to Charge Joy-Con Controllers

You won’t be aware of the battery drain if you use the Joy-Con Grip as your primary Nintendo Switch controller. But coincidentally, there are some other ways that you can use to charge it that are as follows:

  1. Attach the console with the Switch.
  2. Use a Charging Dock.
  3. Charging Grip.
  4. Charging Case.

1.      Attach the Switch to Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers

how long do nintendo switch controllers take to charge
how long do nintendo switch controllers take to charge

The simplest way to charge the Joy-Con Controllers is that you don’t need any extra cables, accessories, or shelf space as described in the given steps. So, let’s go through it:

  • Initially, attach the Joy-Con Controllers with the Switch to each side of the console until they click. A notification will appear on the screen showing that they are connected.
  • Make sure that the power outlet is connected to Switch’s dock or AC adapter. Also, it connects the adapter’s plug to the USB- C port on the bottom of the Switch or places the Switch in the dock.
  • Now, set your Nintendo switch into Sleep mode by pushing the power button placed on the top side. Make sure that the Switch is not fully powered off; otherwise, it will not charge the Joy-Con Controllers.
  • Nintendo will take approximately three and half hours to charge it entirely, so hang around till then. However, if you want to see the charging percentage, then you can see it by hitting the Joy-Con icon on Switch’s main menu, and you can see the current charging level.

2.      Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers: By Joy-Con Charging Dock

Based on your preferences, use a charging dock. Hence the process is relatively easy, and you don’t want to leave your Switch turned on.

  • Plug up the included cable into the USB port on the Switch’s dock.
  • Set up four Joy-Con Controllers on the dock and ensure the lights are red on the top. When they turn green, it indicates that the controller’s battery is full.

Charge your Joy-Cons while Playing

Here are the few steps that you may apply if you want to charge Joy-Con while playing:

  • Initially, take a Nintendo Switch AC adapter and plug it into the wall so that cord reaches the spot where you are playing, and plug the USB-C end into the port on the bottom of the console.
  • Now, join the Joy-Con Controllers and starts gaming. As long as the Switch is charging, Joy-Con Controllers are also charging.

3.      Charge Nintendo Switch Controllers: Joy-Con Charging Grip

how to charge the nintendo switch controllers
how to charge the nintendo switch controllers

You need a Joy-Con Charging Grip if you want to play on the television while the Joy-Con Controllers are powering up.

However, its shape is like a standard Joy-Con Grip but can attach to your Switch dock to keep charging the controllers even if they are in use. Hence let’s see the below steps:

  • Utilize the incorporated cable to link the Charging Grip to the Switch’s dock. After that, on the top of the Charging Grip, open the small slider and put in your Joy-Con Controllers before closing the slider.
  • Now, you can play; your controllers will charge as you use your Switch.

4.      By using a Charging Case

Like the portable USB chargers, the S- Charge is a Nintendo Switch charging case which includes its battery backup. It can be used to charge the Switch, and it is attached to the active Joy-Con Controllers. Hence, go through the step-by-step instructions regarding this case:

  • Use the S- Charging case and hit the power button placed on the left side.
  • Now, connect the Switch with Joy-Con Controllers by lifting up the flap, then close the flap on the top of the charging case.
  • Press the Joy-Con icon on the Switch’s home menu to move to the controller page. It will show you that the controllers are connected to a power source.
  • Now, you see the S- Charge has a double battery capacity of the Switch itself. This way, you can continue charging for hours without having trouble with the case battery.
  • Make sure to turn off the S-Charging by hitting the power button for a few seconds while not using it. Otherwise, it could be dead if you need it next time.

Do You Want To Know: What The Steps For Charging A Pro Controller Are?

If you are playing Nintendo Switch docked with television, then it is better to use a Pro Controller as its battery life is good. However, you still need to charge it after 40 hours of playing.

Hence, using a USB cable is the quickest and easiest way to charge the Pro Controller. Just plug the USB port on the front of Switch’s dock by an included cable.

  • An orange light will light up on the top of the Pro Controller when you plug in. It takes more or less six hours to fully charge. The light will go off once the battery is full.
  • While it is on charging, you can continue to use the controller, although the cable is too short for this purpose, so you have to use some setups.
  • There is no need for Nintendo Switch Controllers to be docked for the Pro Controller to charge. While waiting for the controller to recharge till then, you are free to remove it and play in handheld mode.


Running out of juice while playing on the console might frustrate you. But on this page, you will get to know multiple tricks to charge Joy-Con Controller even when you are playing. So it seems good to know that if you are now quite handy with the controllers through this guide.

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