How To Clean iPad Screen to Revive in an Original Look

How to clean the iPad screen? If you are an iPhone lover, then probably you’ll be more into the stuff of iPhone products like the iPad. However, you often notice that the iPad screen looks dusty and dull as time passes though you don’t want your device to look the same.

Moreover, the screen is the thing that affects first, and if there is a crack in your iPad glass protector or on the screen itself, it allows the dust particles to go in. Hence, some issues you might see on your iPad screen after it gets old are dust specks, grease streaks, etc.

In this article, we’ll discuss different methods of cleaning an iPad screen, so stick with us till the end because we are about to dive in.

Quick Steps on the Cleaning Process of An iPad Screen

You’re maybe wondering how you’re going to clean it. All you need is some cleaning products before getting into the process, such as soft lint-free cloth, microfiber cloth, dry cloth, isopropyl alcohol wipe, aerosol sprays, etc. Follow the step-by-step process underneath.

  1. Turn off your iPad before cleaning and gently apply a dry cloth to the screen to ensure that all the dust particles on the upper layer of the screen should be removed.
  2. Spray water on the screen and clean it with soft lint-free cloth, including the edges.
  3. Then you need to apply 70 to 75% of the isopropyl alcohol wipe. What it does is it’ll remove excessive dust particles from inside the screen.
  4. Afterward, spray aerosol on the iPad screen all over and wait until it vaporizes.
  5. In the end, clean the iPad screen with a microfiber cloth, and you see your device shines like the moon.

This is a simple method of cleaning your iPad screen. However, if you want to know more stuff related to it, then continue reading on.

How To Clean iPad Screen with Natural Products

There are peoples out there who don’t want to buy any cleaners. Instead want to clean their iPad on their own without applying any products. We’ve got your back then because we’re about to disclose some hacks that’ll surely help you clean your iPad screen without using any products except a piece of microfiber cloth.

How To Clean iPad Screen with Natural Products
How To Clean iPad Screen with Natural Products

This will also disinfect your screen and protect you from germs. Apply these strategies to clean your iPad screen organically.

  1. Take a MICROFIBER CLOTH and smoothly rub it onto your iPad screen to get rid of dust, then spray water and rub again to remove the remaining particles from the screen.
  2. Apply a quarter spoon of LEMON SYRUP to the screen and gently clean it with a microfiber cloth by covering the edges and wait till it dries. The lemon syrup has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, disinfecting your screen from germs and giving it a natural shine.
  3. Instead of lemon syrup, you can also use VINEGAR as an alternative. However, it’s not good for disinfecting stuff but a better cleaner than vinegar.

In my opinion, both are good so applying both is better rather than applying only one.

Easy 4 Cleaning Tricks: To Revive Your Original iPad Look

We’ve all been in that situation when we buy a new iPad. It looks completely different a month later. However, you don’t need to stress yourself about anything. There are a couple of awesome cleaning hacks for pretty much every device out there. It requires some minutes, and your device looks like it’s coming right out of the box.

So, if you also want to know how to do that, then keep reading.

1.     Use Paper to Clean Your iPad Screen

The simple piece of paper that can be found on any house is what you are looking for. Paper is the cheapest way to clean your iPad screen and get rid of existing scratches. All you need to do is rub the paper on your iPad screen, and you’ll come to see the scratches disappears magically. But remember one thing that only uses paper for glass screens instead of plastic or liquid crystal displays.

2.     Use A Lint Roller to Clean Your iPad Speakers

The speaker is the most important part of your device though it is also known as the magnet that attracts dust. However, cleaning them is crucial though you won’t clean them with a dust towel or microfiber cloth. In this case, the lint roller will be your best friend. Just roll it over the speakers, and it’ll get all the dust off. Moreover, it’ll enhance your speaker’s sound quality.

3.     Clean your Headphone Jack with An Interdental Brush

The headphone jack was considered the most problematic area of your device. Therefore, cleaning it without damaging any delicate details inside your headphone jack can render it completely useless. However, you can do all this with the help of an interdental brush.

The interdental brush is just the size of your jack and removes all the dust gently though you can find it on big stores like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc. Make sure to turn off your device before cleaning.

4.     Replace Your Old Screen Protector With A New One

A glass screen protector protects your device in many aspects, but it’ll get rough and look unsuitable over time. Although changing it is the best option so far. However, the method of applying a screen protector is as follows.

  1. Remove the old protector from your iPad and gently clean it with isopropyl alcohol.
  2. Bring the screen protector as closer as you can to the screen by holding it along the corners.
  3. Line up the whole screen protector. I usually line up around the touch ID or the fingerprint sensor, then line up the cutouts at the top.
  4. After lining up, drop one end onto the iPad, making sure that it’s still kind of aligned, and then drop the other end. Then put your finger down the middle of your iPad and move it all the way to the top.

After applying the new protector, your device looks neat and new.


Q:1 What should I do to get rid of iPad inside screen dust?

Ans: However, if there is minor dirt inside your screen that could be wiped off after cleaning the device, if it’s deep into your iPad, go to your apple store and let the technical staff handle it instead of practicing it yourself.

Q:2 Can you use eyeglass cleaner to clean your iPad screen?

Ans: Absolutely not. Eyeglass cleaner damages your iPad screen’s protective coating.

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