How to connect Airpods to Mac? Find Out Here.

Don’t know how to connect airpods to Mac? Here’s the answer to your question in step by step guide. Connectivity is the major issue when connecting the Airpods to Mac or any other device because nowadays, everyone has airpods instead of handsfree, so it’s necessary to get connectivity most easily.

Millions of people are connecting the airpods to Mac. Ensure one thing before connecting that your Mac is updated to the recent version; sometimes, this can be the reason behind the connectivity issue. They are the convenient wireless headphones that are available in every Apple store.

How to connect AirPods for the first time

If the AirPods are not discoverable in the list of output devices, then they aren’t connected to your Mac. The process is quite simple to follow the few steps:

  1. Open the lid when Airpods are in the charging case; don’t remove the Airpods.
  2. Press and hold the button until the white light flashes. The button is on the back of the charging case.
  3. Great! Airpods are now in pairing mode. Click the apple logo on the Mac and go to system preferences, then Bluetooth.
  4. Airpods models should be displayed on Bluetooth devices. If it doesn’t show up, switch on and off the Bluetooth on your Mac. 
  5. Tab connect to pair the airpods. When the airpods are connected, the device will show ‘Connected’ and the options to set up Airpods.

If there’s any connectivity issue with MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, there are solutions to solve the problem.

Upgrade your Mac if needed because the airpods (2nd generation) need macOS Mojave 10.14.4 or later. However, AirPods Pro requires macOS Catalina 10.15.1 or later, and AirPods (3rd generation) requires macOS Monterey or later.

If the Airpods are showing in the list of Bluetooth devices but aren’t connecting, remove them from the list and try to connect them again.

How to connect AirPods to Mac if already used on iPhone

If users have used their Airpods with the iPhone, they will automatically pair to the Mac. It happens when the iPhone and Mac are matched with Apple’s Handoff feature and logged in with the same Apple ID. It rarely occurs, however, saves you time.

Find out the way to connect your Airpods or Airpods Pro to Mac:

  • Open the charging case when connecting to the iPhone.
  • Tab the Volume icon on your Mac in the menu bar at the right of your screen. If the icon of Volume isn’t visible, tap the Apple logo and go to System Preferences afterward sound. Users will find the option Show Volume in the menu bar at the bottom of the window.

It is necessary to take Airpods out of the case before connecting them. The list of output devices will be shown; if your airpods are shown, then connect them.

What if your AirPods don’t pair on their own?

AirPods don't pair on their own
AirPods don’t pair on their own

If your Airpods aren’t discoverable, a few things must be done. These steps are easy to go with, and anyone can do it on their Mac. Not all people have Mac in their hands, but those who have their own aren’t experts at it.

1. Charge the Airpods and ensure the battery is enough to use.

2. Go to Bluetooth drop-down menu in the menu bar and tab on Bluetooth Preferences. You can also visit the Apple menu and click system preferences after clicking Bluetooth.

3. Check that Bluetooth is turned on because sometimes the issue can be that too.  

4. Put the Airpods inside the charging case and open the lid.

5. Press the setup button on the back until and unless white light flashes.

6. Select AirPods from the Devices list and go back to the Bluetooth preferences window on your Mac

7. Lastly, tap Connect.

Troubleshooting AirPods & Mac Issues

You should be able to connect and use AirPods with a Mac using either the Volume or Bluetooth methods. However, if the AirPods keep failing despite other Bluetooth devices working fine with the Mac, you might want to reset the AirPods, which is the next step in troubleshooting.

It’s also worthwhile to check that Bluetooth is enabled on the Mac, and restarting it can sometimes be helpful as well.

Resetting the Bluetooth hardware module on the Mac can sometimes resolve Bluetooth issues if it doesn’t work at all.

Is it possible to switch between Mac and Iphone?

The AirPods chip makes it simple to switch between your iPhone and Mac as the sound source, although it may take some getting used to.

  • You can select the AirPods as the audio output on your phone’s audio screen, but doing so will cut off your connection to the computer.
  • Connect to your Mac through the Bluetooth menu as already did earlier to return to it, and you’ll soon be listening to and controlling its audio.

These two steps function as a quick and efficient system for switching between sound sources.

How to change Airpods settings on your Mac?

Make sure your AirPods are connected to your Mac before changing the settings on your AirPods.

  • Select System Settings from the Apple menu on your Mac, then click the AirPods’ name in the sidebar. You might have to look down.
  • Make adjustments to your AirPods controls because model options vary.

Final Wrap

Connecting your Airpods to the Mac is as easy as transferring the files to the drive. People find it way easier, and it can be done in many different ways. The advantage of Airpods is that they can connect with nonapple devices also, which are enabled by Bluetooth. Mac is an apple product, and Airpods are of Apple company, so it’s easy to connect them correctly.

Follow the steps mentioned above to get the answer to your question ‘How to connect airpods to Mac.’ Also, if you are facing any issues connecting with your laptop, click here to find the step-by-step guide.


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