How to Enable and Configure Push to Talk Discord Feature in 2021?

We know who uses the push to talk Discord feature because the VOIP calling application for known gamers invented for seamless communication during the game. We got a Discord server, and we constantly communicate with my team members using it.

Discord instantly rose to be among the most used chat services by gamers around the world. The VOIP service featured gaming and was constructed upon a lot of Slack’s principles. While the group chat is super straightforward, you can do higher advanced stuff like building custom channels and set up your text commands.

If you play multiplayer games with buddies over Discord, you already grasp that things can get hectic real quick. When playing games including voice chat, the main difficulty is that one friend with the cheap headset ruins it for everybody else. Mediocre headsets pick up a lot of background noise that conflicts with the team’s communication. This also occurs with people who are using the internal microphone of their PC or laptop. It suggested that Discord produces high-quality seamless voice calling without issues.

Discord Push
Discord Push

What is Push to Talk in Discord? 

We will break this down in easier words for novices confused over PTT and traditional communication methods. For instance, the function PTT is a famous term in the gaming industry, where gamers have to press a keyboard to use voice chat.

By default, you need to configure or allow Push to Talk in Discord manually. Then, you can follow the voice channel and enjoy a seamless communication line.

Discord Push To Talk Not Working In Game
Discord Push To Talk Not Working In Game

How do enable Push to Talk in Discord?

Enabling Push to Talk on Discord desktop or mobile version is simple, and follow the lead for further instructions. We suggest the readers update the software to the newest version for a smooth experience.

  • Start Discord application on Mac OS or Windows, or Linux. The user interface does not switch on desktop-class programs or web applications.
  • Enter user settings found at the bottom of the screen, and click on the gear icon.
  • In the settings segment, you got “Voice & Video” and press on it to view more options.
  • Inside the V&V settings, you can locate the option called “Input Mode” and choose “Push to Talk.”

That’s it, and you have successfully changed “Voice Activity” to “Push toTalk.” Finish the program from the computer, and then restart it to apply the changes. We were using a desktop and connected an external microphone, and the settings apply to inbuilt hardware and external hardware. If the Discord microphone doesn’t work, then set microphone preference in the audio manager.

Discord Push To Talk Not Work
Discord Push To Talk Not Work

Enable PTT in Discord on Smartphone

We cannot neglect mobile Discord users because 70% of my current audience is on mobile. We cannot negate the fact that the majority of my Discord members communicate using a compact phone. It would be an injustice for mobile communicators to leave them behind and focus on the desktop-class consumers only. Enable me to display you how you can enable Discord push to talk on Android, iOS, and other devices.

  • Fire up the software, and swipe left on the screen to reach view more options. Then, please tap on the gear icon located at the bottom, and I’m talking about user settings.
  • Scroll down until you find the settings Voice & Video, and tap on it.
  • The first function is Input Mode, and then click on “Push to Talk.”
Discord Push To Talk Not Working
Discord Push To Talk Not Working

How to configure Push to talk on iOS Device

Several registered users don’t know how to configure since PTT is not a famous option. We want to display iOS device owners to configure the Push-To-Talk on iPhone and iPad.

  • Join any Discord server voice channel.
  • Now, hit on the gear icon located top-right corner of the section to begin the process.
  • Tap on “Input Mode” to change the mode.
  • Now, choose Push-To-Talk from the options and click on the selection to confirm changes.
  • Double-check “Input Mode” for the Push-To-Talk option, and then tap “Close” to end the process.
  • Press on the Push-To-Talk button highlighted at the bottom of the screen to speak and communicate with the team members.

You don’t have to apply the settings entirely in Discord and change the settings according to the requirements. Though, we want to remind the users that they need to keep the screen backlight to use this function. The voice will go through only when you click the button on the display.

Discord Push To Talk
Discord Push To Talk

How to turn Push to Talk Key in Discord

We already suggested that AAA title games provide a PTT function, and they set one key by default. You don’t have to create issues while playing in an intensive match. Normally, players set T or K, which clashes with games like Players Unknown’s Battle Ground or Counter-strike Global Offensive. It is essential that you set permanent key binding and make sure it doesn’t clash with Apex Legends or other games.

  • Press on the user settings gears symbol found at the bottom. We have already shown you the above solution.
  • Press on Voice & Video, and then choose Push to talk in the input mode.
  • Below, you can find the option “Record Keybind.”
  • Click on the record Keybind and carefully select a key on the keyboard.
  • You can ever reset it by pressing on the same option and re-entering a new key from the keyboard.

Also, turn the Keybind on Battle Royale because it can interfere at some point in your match. We suggest setting the key based on multiple games because we play Apex Legends, Counter-strike, PUBG, and other FPS games. For the safe side, we recommend considering various games while setting the key for PTT.

Bottom Line

If you play a lot of online gaming, there’s no purpose why you wouldn’t need to spare the friends of your background noises. So push to Talk is a must-do with all microphones, with an internal speaker/ microphone combination, or any other type of headset that doesn’t have good noise cancelling. Absolutely, it will take you a while until you restrain yourself to keep the Push to talk key pressed while speaking but do it for the team.

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